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Polyester And Nylon 1 Lb Spools Of Thread Polyester And Nylon 1 Lb Spools Of Thread
I am a wholesale company that carries all sizes and styles of thread. Anywhere from tex 27 to embroidery to monofilament to tex 800. We have literally every size and style... If you are looking for a certain thread, let me know and I will hook you up. I have the best prices in the USA... Buy a larger quantity and the price gets even better. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH OTHER COMPANIES -
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LB Leopard Series LB Leopard Series
The LB Leopard series realizes fast electricity-return with its breakthrough technology. It also boasts a short flash duration, emphasizing the characteristics of high density and high intensity work. The exclusive color temperature control technology makes such a fast and high-power flash able to maintain stable and ideal color temperature values. It is an irreplaceable lamp for high-class marriage photography, fashion photography, child photography, photography education and other high standard and high-class photography. The LB series is one of the most significant products of Guangbao flash. GuangBao Other Price Terms: FOB Payment Terms: T/T, L/C Certification(s): CE
[Related Categories: Supplies and Equipment ]
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LB Fabric Filter LB Fabric Filter
Main technical parameters: Other Price Terms: FOB Shanghai Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
[Related Categories: Filters ]
[Related Keywords: Lb, fabric, filter, fabric, filter ]
3 Lb Disposable Aluminum Foil Pan 3 Lb Disposable Aluminum Foil Pan
Specifications: Disposable aluminum foil 7 round take-out pan, new, disposableAgiantpackaging Other Price Terms: FOB  LA Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: 60
[Related Categories: Disposable Tableware ]
[Related Keywords: 3, Lb, disposable, aluminum, foil, pan, disposable, aluminum, foil, pan ]
Lint Remover LB 288 Lint Remover LB 288
Specifications: Lint Remover LB288 Use Dry Battery 60pcs/CTN 38x48x67CM/CTN Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
[Related Categories: Clothes Shavers ]
[Related Keywords: Lint, remover, Lb, 288, Lint, remover, 288 ]
Plastics Stretcher--400 Lb Capacity Plastics Stretcher--400 Lb Capacity
Specifications: Two pole in and with pin * hollow inside * without logo * ideally suited for fire protection * convex underside has built-in runners for easier access to handles * compatible with most head immobilizers * 400 lb capacity * size: Long 1850 mm, wide 450 mm, thickness 20 mm, brace height 25 mm. Weight 6.65kg; * packing details: Paperboard box,1 piece/box. * color: Red, yellow, blueness, white. * inside: Two bamboo pole in. * with pin. * material: LLDPE OEM Payment Terms: T/T
[Related Categories: Medical Supplies ]
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Biobrade LB Biobrade LB
Specifications: We are a Sri Lankan company engaged in Manufacturing & trading of industrial raw materials mainly to the Coatings Industry, Plastics & Rubber industries, Garment Washing industry, and Food & Confectionery industry. We represent many multinationals such as Lee Chang Yung Chemicals of Taiwan, Aarbor International of USA, TS Chemicals of UK, Formosa Plastics Corporation of Taiwan, Hanwha Chemicals of Korea, Schechuan Lomon of China & Degussa Colorants of Germany to name a few. Our company initially started as an Enterprise in the year 1996 and developed in to a Private Limited Liability company in the year 2003 by a Group of intellectuals getting to-gether. Our company is a well respected Organization that has a technically qualified staff, where each dept is Headed by Chemistry graduates from our Universities, a PhD (Chem. ) from Osaka University and the newly established natural product division is Headed by a Professor of a Leading University in Sri Lanka who obtained his PhD in Canada and has over 50 patents to his credit for the research in Natural products. We also manufacture Enzymes for Garment washing, & Rosin Size for the Paper Industry. Our enzyme product range consist of Neutral Cold Cellulase Powder Enzymes, Neutral Hot Cellulase Powder Enzymes, Alpha Amylaze Liquid Enzyme, Acid Cold Cellulase Liquid Enzyme, Acid Hot Cellulase Liquid Enzyme, Anti Back Staining Agents (Powder & Liquid), Cataionic Softener, Silicone Softener, Pigment & Binders. Please let us know whether if you are interested in our enzyme products for give you more details.
[Related Categories: Enzyme (Ferment) Preparations ]
[Related Keywords: Biobrade, Lb, Biobrade ]
Comfort Lites 7 Lb Folding Lounger Comfort Lites 7 Lb Folding Lounger
Specifications: Sleek desing lounger, very unique lines folds and stacks for easy transportation.... Great for the beach, camping, pool, deck, patio, sports events
[Related Categories: Folding Furniture ]
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Complete Seasoning 4/6 Lb Complete Seasoning 4/6 Lb
Specifications: Complete Seasoning. Used on all types of meats and salads for cooking, marinating, and all around seasoning.
[Related Categories: Spices & Seasonings ]
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27 AWG Copper Wire 10 Lb Spools Factory Spools 27 AWG Copper Wire 10 Lb Spools Factory Spools
Specifications: We have roughly 2500 10 lb spools of this wire. Phelps dodge Applications: Voice coils Encapsulated solenoids Light-duty armatures Field coils Description: Thermal class 130 Simplifies manufacturing processes. Varnishing and taping often eliminated. Bobbins may be eliminated. Promotes fast, automated winding methods. Solderable without pror insulation removal.
[Related Categories: Bare Wires ]
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Magnetic Lock (1100 LB Holding Force)=Door Monitoring & LED Magnetic Lock (1100 LB Holding Force)=Door Monitoring & LED
Specifications: RE: Model FAS-PML-2101 (Holding Force 1100 LBS) FAS is a Miami based company specializing in the import/export/distribution of Security Equipment including Magnetic Locks, Gate Operators, Access Control, and Surveillance Equipment. We promise excellent customer service, very competitive prices and quality products. This FAS mag lock is LOADED WITH FEATURES!! Please notice our extra features when comparing to other brands. Extra FEATURES include DOOR MONITORING and Timer LED! Installation instructions and mounting hardware included. Brackets sold separately if needed. We also distribute Mag Locks with holding forces of 330 lbs., 400 lbs. Weather Proof, 550 Lbs. and 1300 LBS Weather Proof. Features: -For access control systems with high traffic doors requiring fail-safe operation. -This lock contains no moving parts and are maintenance free and durable. WE HAVE HAD 0 RETURNS ON THIS MODEL! Specifications: Model No. 2101 (1100 Lbs Holding Force!!!!) Magnet size (mm) = 266x73x40mm Armature size (mm) = 185x61x16mm Holding force = 1100 Lbs/500 kgs Voltage/Current =12V/500mA,24V/250mA Voltage tolerance + - 10% Door monitoring =YES Extra Feature! Timer LED = YES Extra Feature! Weather Proof = No Relay Dry Contact Rating = 500mA 24VDC/AC Unit weight (Approx.) =5.5kgFAS Magnetic Locks Certification(s): CE ApprovedSupply Ability: Fully stocked in Miami Florida
[Related Categories: Locks ]
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Impact Modifier Lb - 22 Impact Modifier Lb - 22
Specifications: PVC Impact Modifier MBS Resin (For Transparent Applications) Brief Introduction MBS resin is tercopolymer of methyl methacrylate(M), butadiene(B), cinnamene(S), mainly used in the process of rigid PVC. Physicochemical properties White amorphous powder with excellent chemical stability and thermoplasticity. Quality Criteria Index/Product Name LB-22 LB-521 Appearance White powder Granularity(throughout efficiency of 20 mesh(%) 98 Volatile component(%) 1.0 Apparent density(g/cm3) 0.25-0.50 LB-22, LB-521 are mainly used in rigid PVC films, sheets, profies, pipes to improve their impact strength. LB-22, LB-521are formulates to provide optimum clarity to film and sheet. Storage, Packing & Transportation Packed in airproof plastic bag, then in woven bags with quality certificate, the outside of bags is marked with brand, company name, net weight of products, lot identification mark. Avoid insolation, drench. Stored in cool and draughty place, shelf life: One year.
[Related Categories: Chemical Additives, Auxiliary ]
[Related Keywords: impact, modifier, Lb, -, 22, impact, modifier ]
Lb Motorcycle Line Lb Motorcycle Line
Specifications: Lb motorcycle, scooter, and atv line, if you are looking for the next honda, kawasaki, This is the line to become a dealer or distributor. We are looking for world Wide coverage so email for information. These are the finest quality and workmanship With the lowest prices from china.
[Related Categories: Motorcycles ]
[Related Keywords: Lb, motorcycle, line, motorcycle, line ]
Motorcycle Platform Lift 1000 Lb Cap. Air/Hy Motorcycle Platform Lift 1000 Lb Cap. Air/Hy
Specifications: 86 1/2 inch long platform plus a 26 inch removable ramp, width on this one is 27 inches. When fully raised height is 30 inches and lower to 7 1/2 inches. Has wheels and can be rolled about. Also has anchors for stationary use
[Related Categories: Motorcycle Accessories ]
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