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Keyword "Jetfuel"
Petroil Refinery Incorporated(01/02/2012)

Petroil Refinery Incorporated was founded in 1887 by team of Professional petroleum oil consultants, refinery experts and geological experts and Enginners.They brought a strong background in international Banking and finance and strong background on international trading, petroleum refining etc. Petroil Refinery was created to meld this experience and background into a unique petroleum oil Refining, trading, export, enterprise of petroleum oil products worldwide.

Petroil Refinery Incorporated is a Multinational petroleum Refinery Company with offices in Europe and America (UK & USA) and Branches or representatives and Joint Venture Partnership Operators worldwide.

Since its founding, Petroil Refinery Incorporated has developed a strong financial base, forging financial arrangements with several world class trade finance partners. Petroil Refinery refines, trade petroleum oil products from our refinery through a Joint Venture Partnership with qualified petroleum oil trading company,agents,brokers and resellers worldwide.

Our Principle business activities are the refining of petroleum oil products which we import from Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and export and market them as refined petroleum oil products such as Jetfuel,M-100,D2,LPG,LNG,Bitumen,CST 180,CST 380,AGO,Aviation Kerosene etc through a Joint Venture Partnership with qualified petroleum oil trading companies worldwide.

Petroil Refinery Incorporated [United States]
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