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Keyword "Jet Fuel"
jet fuel jet fuel
we are  the suppliers of jet fuel  and we are ready to welcom any new buyer in are company
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 We are mandate to an end seller company in russia, We are constantly seller of petroleum products

 of russia origin such as D2, CST OIL, MAZUT, LPG, REBCO.JET FUEL, UREA, BITUMEN, DIESEL ETC. We have reliable seller that can supply without failure in accordance with our procedure and shipment schedule.If you are interested in doing business with us reply us so that we can forward our standard soft offer and procedure, We look forward to have a good business relationship with your company, you can rech us with this
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Jet Fuel (JP5, JP8, JP54, Jet A, Jet A1, TS1) Jet Fuel (JP5, JP8, JP54, Jet A, Jet A1, TS1)
IMPORTANT: If in any way the Buyer\'s Party does not meet requirements or fails to any contract and/or the deal, the Buyer will be black-listed in the ICC and all of the Refineries. The refineries share the same database, so if you are black-listed by one you will not be able to deal directly with any of them in the future (meaning; black-listed by one is being black-listed by ALL). Also ALL deals are overseered by the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) who also regulates these transactions.
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