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Keyword "Iron Oxide Red"

jinhe [China]
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YiXing SunChem Co.,Ltd.(10/11/2013)

  about  Yixing SUNCHEM Co. Ltd. is located in the Zhangzhu town industry area, was established in October 2000, which covers an area of more than 15000m2, It is a professional iron oxide  development company. Our annual production capacity is 10,000 tons for iron oxide pigment. With a strong development and technical research level, and high quality,we have won a good business reputation at home and abroad.
  Yixing SUNCHEM Co., Ltd., takes science and technology as the lead,innovation as the breakthrough,and quality as foundation We want to put our career into stronger and bigger development strategy. Our business philosophy is "integrity, professionalism, quality and service."

   Quality guarantee
SUNCHEM takes serious attitude to control the product quality. Our company quality testing center has established a high quality product examination and research & development team. We also has DATACOLOR processing tintometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer and other a serious of analytical facilities and instruments.
Based on ISO9001:2000 international quality system, we has formulated a set of complete quality control procedure. Comparing to the standard sample, the ratio of our products is as follow:DE=0.8, tinting strength scope is 100 5%. Each lot of product must pass through the workshop laboratory and the quality testing center dual examinations, in order to guarantee the shade, tinting strength and various physical and chemistry indexes keep pace with the standard sample. 

   1、Paint, Ink, Coating
   Application scope: various kinds of finish coat, primer, printing ink, coating,inside and outside wall coating, powder coating.

   2、Building materials coloration
   Application scope: various kinds of colored cement, encaustic brick, floor tile, encaustic tile, all over the body plate, schindylesis medicinal preparation.floor coating, terrazzo, marble.

   3、Plastic coloration
   Application scope: the plastic track and the athletic field, masterbatch,plastic coloration and blown film the membrane, plastic trough, barrel, shoes material, and shoe sole coloration.

   4、Paper making
   Application scope:the colored packing paper, the cigarette filters tipping paper, the calico paper, the colored cardboard and so on.
   Besides, it also can be applied to Rubber, leather, compound fertilizer, matches, metal polishing, animal fodder, friction material, spinning and weaving, industrial art, cosmetics, and medicine

YiXing SunChem Co.,Ltd. [China]
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Tianjin Guangfengyuan ImpExp Trading Co., Ltd(03/26/2012)


1. Pigments: Iron Oxide Red, Carbon Black, Lithopone, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Chrome Oxide Green
2. Additive: Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium (CMC) for food and industry. Citric Acid Anhydrous for food.
3. Acid:   Oxalic Acid, Formic Acid, Phosphoric Acid (Food Grade), Glacial Acetic Acid ,
4. Alkali:  Caustic Soda Flake and pearl
5. Detergent raw material:  Sodium Hexametaphosphate / Calgon Sodium Tripolyphosphate, carboxymethylcellulose sodium (CMC)
6. Wax&Fat : Paraffin Wax

Tianjin Guangfengyuan ImpExp Trading Co., Ltd [China]
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[Related Keywords: Paraffin Wax Email:ananniebaby(at)hotmail(dot)com, caustic soda, formic acid, oxalic acid, Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium . Citric Acid, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, lithopone, CARBON BLACK, Iron Oxide Red ]
Tianjin Jinxiang Chemicals Co ., Ltd(07/01/2011)


Tianjin Jinxiang Chemicals Co., Ltd.,which is one of the largest raw chemicals manufacturers and exporters in China, our products related to organic and inorganic chemical raw materials, pigments and dyestuffs, mainly used in paints & coating industry, rubber industry, leather industry, etc, focusing on developing the overseas market, our products have been sold to Southeast Asia, EU, South America, Middle East, etc.
For many years innovation, our advanced production skills, perfect inspection method, excellent product quality and good after-sales service has awarded high reputations from our clients all over the world.......

Tianjin Jinxiang Chemicals Co ., Ltd [China]
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Shanxi Jinfeng Huaye chemicals Co.,ltd(09/06/2011)

 Qingzhou Huaqing Chemical Co.,Ltd.is located in Qingzhou city,Shandong province,China.We supply more than 30 kinds of different chemical products such as carbon black,iron oxide red,titanirum dioxide,chrome green,caustic soda,accelerator promoter,zinc oxide,etc.The products are widely used in rubber,plastic,paper,paint,glass,textiles,printing and dyeing industry. All our goods are produced by first class equipments with stable quality control system and stocked in modernized warehouses, which attracted all over the world customers!  

Shanxi Jinfeng Huaye chemicals Co.,ltd [China]
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