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Sell HPI 1/8 Hellfire RTR Sell HPI 1/8 Hellfire RTR
HPI Racing has added a completely new 1/8th scale truck to its market leading monster truck line up. The new Hellfire is designed from scratch with only one goal: maximum performance in all conditions! No compromise - the Hellfire is not a converted buggy or tuned up monster truck. It is purpose built to be faster and give better handling than any other competitive truck. A high level of attention to detail is paid in every area. HPI designers strove to increase performance, reduce maintenance and simplify chassis adjustments. The result is a new definition for "performance truck". Optimum Agility and Handling Hellfire features all-new suspension and steering geometries specially designed for best performance with big truck wheels and on rough terrain. A very low center of gravity gives increased responsiveness and better chassis balance.
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Sell HPI RS4 RTR 3 EVO, BMW M3 GT Rc Nitro Car Sell HPI RS4 RTR 3 EVO, BMW M3 GT Rc Nitro Car
Product Features Full-time 4WD provides great handling on any paved surface Dual chamber tuned pipe and one-piece cast manifold Adjustable body posts let you fit a variety of HPI bodies Pre-cut foam bumper keeps everything protected Arrives ready to run, with hobby quality radio system installed Product Description Just when you thought HPI Racing had taken its Nitro RS4 3 as far as it could go, here's another spectacular update aimed at newer nitro touring car enthusiasts. The new Nitro RS4 3 Evo RTR is packed with plenty of features designed to get you on the street faster than ever. This is a nitro fuel powered radio control car. It requires fuel, glow driver, and a starter pack sold separate.
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Sell HPI Savage X SS 4.6 Sell HPI Savage X SS 4.6
The Savage X SS 4.6 is our most powerful and toughest Savage ever. Following the tradition of past SS models, the Savage X SS is one of the few build-it-yourself monster truck kits on the market, aimed at R/C enthusiasts who enjoy the process of building and customizing their truck. Standard equipment includes the powerful K4.6 engine with pullstarter, along with an exciting list of new features and updates that make the Savage X SS capable of handling the toughest beating you can throw at it. The powerful Nitro Star K4.6 engine pumps out 2.9 horsepower from .28 cubic inches for a top speed of 44 mph and enough power to do wheelies on command! An anodized billet aluminum head keeps it cool during extreme off-road driving, and standard features include true ABC construction using a long-life chromed sleeve, an 8.5mm composite carburetor for high performance and improved high temperature tuning, and a pullstarter for easy starting. The engine is mated to a high performance polished tuned pipe and high flow tube header to help maximize power output. The entire drivetrain is equipped to handle the K4.6 power. Cast alloy differential cups with steel pin guides are now standard on the front and rear of the truck, delivering unmatched durability and extending the standard maintenance interval of the diffs. All of the internal diff gears are now shimmed for precise mesh, and we even shim the outdrive bearings and input shafts for extra precision. Heavy duty diff shafts, cup joints, drive shafts and dogbones are used for maximum strength and durability. And, a hardened steel spur gear with a matching ventilated racing clutchbell have been added for the ultimate in drivetrain strength, right out of the box.
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Sell Hpi Savage 25 Rtr Limited Edition Sell Hpi Savage 25 Rtr Limited Edition
Get your hpi savage 25 rtr limited edition w/3 speed Ready to run/need to breakin engines 4 tanks of fuels Branded new factory sealed.
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