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Antique Solid Gold Pocket Watch By Union Horlogere Antique Solid Gold Pocket Watch By Union Horlogere
Specifications: This solid gold pocket watch appears to be made in France or Switzerland in about 1900. The front cover and the two back covers and the case are solid gold. They are all stamped.585 which I guess means 58 percent gold. Both covers have a serial number of 78172. The front and the back have fancy engravings, and on the front is a fancy engraved symbol with xxv in the middle. On the face of the watch it says union horlogere and underneath that it says bienne geneve. The button for the bells does work correctly if you wind it to hear the bells ring. I am also unable to gently pull out the knob/stem to set the time. I do not want to force it for fear of damaging it, but there is clearly no evidence on the outside of it ever being dropped or bent. To look at the outside and stem and inside at the face, the only imperfection I can see is a slightly bent minute hand. The front cover does open correctly with a push of the button and the crystal in front of the face has no scratches. The diameter is about 2 1/4 inches and thickness is just over 1/2 inch. It does weigh over 4 ounces on my scale. A jeweler did open it in front of me and with very light force on a large gear he got it ticking for one minute.
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