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Computer Tech Sdn Bhd(07/06/2014)

We are a company that deals with all kinds of computer parts and tools with a cheaper price and delivery anywhere in the whole.


Computer Tech Sdn Bhd [Malaysia]
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Etowld Foreign Trade Company (11/15/2011)

   We are a foreign trade company specialized in selling server accessories. Our parent company has set up the offices in Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong. It also sets up agencies and establishes a good sales network all over China. With the development of the parent company in Shenzhen, our company was found in Chongqing as a subsidiary company. We mainly engaged in server accessories of HP, IBM, SUN, and CISCO, LENOVO, such as memory, fiber cards, hard drives, network cards, power supplies, switches, routers, and full line products.



    We are distributing the world’s leading brands with the best price.


Etowld Foreign Trade Company [China]
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[Related Keywords: server accessories, Hard Drives, memory, power supply, fiber card, network cards, sun, IBM, HP ]
Gulf IT Asset Reclaim(04/27/2011)

Gulf IT Asset Reclaim is a commercial organization dealing in the sales of used computer equipment. We at GULF IT AR sell reliable, USED COMPUTERS. We are based in the Gulf free zone and share the facility of duty saving with our customers by offering them reliable computing products at unmatched competitive prices.
Our focus and strategy:
Three things sum up our entire business focus:
1. Competitive price deals.
2. Faultless and working equipment.
3. Our large available stock.
We focus on price leadership strategy by lowering our costs at every stage of the supply chain. From procurement and purchase to cost reduction by locating our self in the world\\\'s busiest free zone business hub, we strive to offer you all products at the lowest possible rates.
Moreover, every ex-stock product that we sell is tested by our own hardware specialists at our facility in the UAE.
Finally, we make sure that most of the high demand products are always available ex-stock from us so you can always visit and see the products yourself in order finalize the deal.
How are we different?
GULF IT AR provides unlimited lucrative opportunities for IT sellers. You can turn products offered by us into huge profits for your self because we offer lowest rates in the market. In addition, rest assured that your investment is safe because you are not dealing with a mere brokerage house just reselling everything on as-it-is basis. We sell complete solutions, which means, that we take pains in making sure that the equipment sold by us is in immaculate working condition. Our quality control department checks every product before shipping.
What is our target market?
Products offered by us are especially suitable for wholesalers and retailers in developing countries dealing in  Used computers.
When it comes to best rates, reliable tested products and bulk deals GULF IT AR proves to be your best business partner. Feel free to visit our warehouse at UAE to have a first hand experience of our products.

Gulf IT Asset Reclaim [Pakistan]
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NurTech Technology LLC(04/25/2011)

NurTech Technology, LLC, was established in 2006, our company is built on trust, integrity, strong family and business values. We are a privately owned small business, located in Beltsville, MD.

We specialize in providing end-of-life services for the disposal and resale of electronic and computer equipment. In 2006, NurTech Technology business started off as an Asset Management of recycled goods, our company has grown and expanded.

In 2008, we established our license for electronics recycling and evolved in recycling business. We operate a 12,000 square foot facility. This houses our recycling, technical and administrative team. We are an environmentally sound company that cares about the Environment. Our team consists of dedicated employees, who also cares about out earth and want to do their part to keep our earth green. This is what makes our company strong and constantly growing. Here at NurTech Technology our team of experts is very flexible, attentive responsive and “Quality Work” is our number one goal.

Here at NurTech Technology, we offer great options to our clients, who believe in “Recycling the Right Way” and who are environmentally sound. We strongly believe in keeping all information provided to us strictly confidential and have high measures of security surveillance. In order to ensure this, our facility has 24 hour remote monitored alarm system, 24 hour camera surveillance and motion detectors throughout the facility.

As we look at our future, building strong relationships with our clients, having and valuing our team of experts. NurTech Technology is on its way of becoming one of the leaders in the recycling industry. The key to our success lies on our abilities to apply our values to our business and to provide our clients with what they need to help keep their confidentially intact and keep the earth green.

NurTech Technology LLC [United States]
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