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E-1 Lubricantes(05/13/2011)

 E-1 Lubricants has been founded in 1975, with a factory of 11.000 m2. Currently, we are the undis-

puted leaders in lubricant oils production and development in Europe, with a wide product range for
the automotive, industrial and agricultural sectors. Lubricant oil production is around 12,000 tons
per year.
Historically supplying Spain and Portugal, E-1 Lubricants consolidated its products and brand in
the Iberian market some years ago, we then started to distribute our products around the world and
currently have satisfied clients in Africa, Asia and throughout Europe.
Using the latest technology E-1 Lubricants is a company which today produces lubricant oils,
greases, aerosols, additives, brake liquids, antifreeze and cleaning products; products which have in-
creasing importance in modern society.
The company’s philosophy has always been to satisfy our customers’ needs producing and distribut-
ing products that comply not only with the customer’s own requirements and expectations but also
the legislation which governs them.
E-1 Lubricants has just one aim : “continuously improving all areas of the company’s operations
with the objective of increasing customer satisfaction”.

E-1 Lubricantes [Spain]
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