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Keyword "Gearboxs"
Parts of Engines, Clutches, Gearboxs, PTO and Cabs Parts of Engines, Clutches, Gearboxs, PTO and Cabs
We supply engine spare parts, clutch spare parts, injection pumps, gearbox spare parts, cabin pare parts, turbos, electrical elements, water pumps, pistons, cylinders, crank shafts, flywheels, connecting rods, filters, axles, chassises, trim, fuel lines, propeller shafts, brake devices, valves, steering devices and suspension devices.
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1975 -1990 Used Engines, Gearboxs, Suspensions 1975 -1990 Used Engines, Gearboxs, Suspensions
Specifications: Specifications: We supply most japanese manufactured and designed engines and suspensions from the years of 1975 to 1990. The makes include: Toyota, mitsubishi, nissan/datsun, mazda, volvo, honda, peugeot and mercedes. 3k,4k,5k,2a,3a,4a,1s,2s,3s,1x,18r,21r,22r,2y,3y,2t,3t,2r,12r,4m,5m,1c,1f,2f. L16, l18, l20, l24, l26, l28, c20, z20, e15, h20, rb30, a12, a14 4g30,4g32,4g32x,4g36,4g54,4g54x,4g52,,4g63 Ma, na, wa, uc, vc, fe, e5, b6 G161, g180, g200 Also mercedes, volvo and peugeot.
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