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Garlic Oil Softgel Garlic Oil Softgel


Extracted from high quality garlic, 100g of this garlic softgel contains 1300mg allicin, which is supper elite for health.


1. Lower cholesterol and blood fatty, improve blood vessel elasticity and adjust blood pressure, reduce blood platelet concretion and cardio-vascular disease happening
2. Supplement 200 kinds of nutrition necessary for human body, enable blood sugar adjustment  and lower diabetes occurrence chances
3. Carry natural antibiotic,strongly sterilize bacteria and fight inflammation
4. Fight against intestinal disease, cleanse intestinal toxin, prevent and restrain cancer, guard  against flu,enhance immunity.

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Garlic Oil Garlic Oil

We offer the natural garlic oil which is accord with the FCCIII specification.

Appearance: Light Yellowness Liquid
Odor: A strong pungent odor and a Characteristic of garlic
Refractive Index (20C): 1.55~1.58
Specific Gravity (20C): 1.040~1.090
Moisture (20C): 0.16%
Heavy Metal (Pb): 3ppm
Acid Value (20C): AV 0.6mg/g
Peroxide Index (20C): 0.6meQ/kg
packing: In Drums of 50 kg
Total Aerobic Count 1000/g Max.
E. Coli Negative
Salmonella Negative.


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Garlic Oil (FCC 3) Garlic Oil (FCC 3)

Our company is the leading manufacturer and supplier about the 100% nature pure Garlic Oil. We possesses the most advanced modern processing equipment--CO2 supercritical fluid extraction, which is new technology can up to the international standard. And we also manufacture theGarlic oil use the distillation technology.

Our company has engaged in exporting and processing for many years and is world famous for processing and exporting the serial health products. The garlic oil we manufacture by the USA FCC 3 standard; And we also have our patent --Deflavour(Odourless)Garlic oil, and this is mainly use to manufacture the Garlic Oil Capsule.

We are very interested to enter into the direct business relation with your in the early date!

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