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Keyword "GSM Senior Care Phone"
GSM 3G Senior Care Phone with Telecare Box T2 GSM 3G Senior Care Phone with Telecare Box T2

Model: T2       

Name: Senior Care Phone GSM 3G Senior Telecare Box



Senior SOS Phone, Senior Helper, GSM Senior Telecare, Senior Phone, Senior care, Senior Home Care, Senior Fall Down Alarm

GSM Elderly Care, Elderly Helper, Elderly Home Care, Elderly Telecare, Elderly Fall Down Alarm



The T2 Senior Care Phone GSM Senior Telecare Box is an innovation product in the worldwide, special for senior living alone.


The Senior Care Phone is not only a wireless GSM telephone, but also a GSM Telecare unit, 8 Big quickly dialer for calling taxi, doctor, relatives or neighbors. Also it accepts wireless detectors for falling down alarm, get up bed room monitoring, Carbon monoxide detection, and SOS ask for help, taking medicine alerting and so on.


When alarm occurrence, will send definition SMS text and dial the user mobile phones.



1. Fashion hand free design, large keyboard;

2. Large LCD display current time, temperature, and alarm types;

3. GSM SMS GPRS 3G Transmission, no distance limitation;

4. Bedtime monitoring, if not get up in time can generate alarm;

5. Away/back home time monitoring;

6. Daily action monitoring;

7. Supports variety wireless detectors, includes wireless fall detector, wireless CO detector, wireless smoke detectors and so on;

8. Equips 8 quick dial numbers, and also can dial other numbers by keyboard if required;

9. Android app can display the bedtime and away/back home trends;

10. 3-Timer for alerting to take medicine.

11. Backup rechargeable battery.


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