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Keyword "Floor Material Burning Performance Tester"
 Floor Material Burning  Performance Tester Floor Material Burning Performance Tester

The tester is used to tester a variety of flooring materials, such as: textile carpets, cork, wood, rubber and plastic flooring and floor spray materials. The results can reflect the combustion properties of the floor material (including the substrate), which is used in the test combustion chamber to ignite the floor material placed horizontally and exposed to the tilted thermal radiation field with a small flame. It can be used to evaluate the material flame Communication ability.
ASTM E648-15  Standard test method for critical radiant flux of floor-covering systems using radiant heat energy source
BS EN ISO 9239-1-2010 Reaction to fire test for flooring-Part 1: Determination of the burning behavior using a radiant heat source
GB/T 11785-2005 Determination of Combustion Performance -Floor material radiation heat source method
Technical Parameters

Items Parameters
Radiant heat source Radiation surface size is (300 × 450) mm ± 10mm, the radiation plate can withstand the high temperature of 900 ℃
Specimen fixture It is made of refractory and (2.0 ± 0.1) mm L-shaped stainless steel. The size of the exposed surface of the specimen is (200 ± 3) mm × (1015 ± 10) mm
Igniter Stainless steel igniter is used for ignition of the specimen. The center line on the average distribution of 19 diameter 0.7mm a radial hole, the center line of 60 degrees on the average distribution of 16 diameter 0.7mm radial hole
Propane rotor flow  Propane gas flow can control at (0.026 ± 0.002) L / s, to ensure that the ignition flame height is (60 ~ 120) mm
Power supply  AC380V three-phase five-wire system
Smoke removal rate  2.5 ± 0.2 m / s
Smoke capacity 39 ~ 85 m3 / min


Items Parameters
The heat balloon anemometer measures the flow rate of the exhaust channel with an accuracy is ± 0.1 m / s
Water-cooled heat flux meter Heat flux meter Measuring range: 0 ~ 15Kw / m²
Heat flux range accuracy ± 0.2Kw / m2
Heat flux accuracy <± 3%
Temperature sensor  K-type stainless steel installed two thermocouple, diameter is 3.2 mm. Respectively installed in the floor material radiation test box and the flue from the top of the box flue (150 ± 2) mm
Radiation pyrometer The test range is (480 ~ 530) ℃ (black body temperature). The accuracy is ± 0.5 ℃. It is about 1.4m away from the radiation plate. The sensitivity of radiation pyrometer is constant in the wavelength of 1μm to 9μm range

 The main components are imported, which is safe and reliable, long service life;
Gas pipeline layout is reasonable, equipped with gas leakage and tempering device. The instrument automatically closes at the inlet of gas leakage, and alarm;
Radiant plate temperature can be automatically adjusted.
Propane gas supply is equipped with imported mass flow controller. The air output is equipped with a separate blower. Automatic adjustment of the frequency without manual;
Normal test, the flame spread distance can be recorded through the foot switch, without the need to manually click the mouse to operate the computer;
Instrument with industrial one machine, is easy to operate and reliable;
The instrument adopts advanced control software developed by VB language. Centralized control acquisition and processing data analysis;

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