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Mark Overseas(04/15/2014)

Welcome to Mark Overseas.

Mark Overseas “worldwide Export – Import – Representatives” company of agricultural commodities. From procurement to delivery Mark Overseas, is actively taking care in all aspects of the phase. Our mission is to provide the essence of the agro resources to International Market.

Today, Mark is the source behind many globally recognized foodstuff brands. Our constant and main focus on quality and consistency, joined with our value additional services, has certified us as one of the best service providers of Agricultural Commodities.

Mark Overseas [India]
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Kayavlon Impex Pvt. Ltd.(10/03/2013)

 It's our pleasure to introduce ours self as an Indian and Singapore based Export Company. The Kayavlon Impex Pvt. Ltd. Incepted in 1990, is a multi product, multi faceted Agro Commodities and Yarn Exporter from India, catering to a wide spectrum of customers across the Globe.

We deal in various agro commodity products like Rice, Sugar, Wheat, Wheat flour, sorghum seeds, Spices, soybean meal, maize, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, animal seed and many more. Our experience and knowledge has enabled us to develop a profound understanding of the intricate requirements of our customers. We have a team of quality expert who have a long experience of different agro commodities.


Kayavlon Impex Pvt. Ltd. [India]
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Dear Sir,

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as“ADJ AGRI INCORPORATION” dealing in varieties of SPICES, OIL SEEDS, PULSES, GRAINS and FOOD STUFFS based in Rajkot (GUJARAT STATE, INDIA).   City of Gujarat State

With wide experiences in field & power of sourcing the Spices & Commodities at best price and quality, which is world renowned market for SESAME SEEDS,CHICK PEAS,VARIETIES OF FLOURS, FENNEL, MUSTARD,FENUGREEK, CUMIN SEEDS,DEHYDRATED ONIONS & FRUITS LIKE MANGOS.

We have been exporting these quality products for a number of years and have in-depth knowledge to commensurate with our area of operation. Our excellent track record of continuously increasing the exports in the continents of USA, Asia and Africa proves our commitment to "CONSISTENT QUALITY FOREVER".

We customize our procedures and systems according to the market of import, their rules and regulations, so as you can be rest assured of delivery on time.

Please feel free to contact us for further information and we look forward to start a business relation with a company of your repute.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,






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Raj Foods International(01/10/2011)

Dear Friend,


Our company is leading Importer and Exporter of Sesame seed  and Spices.  Being a big importer we also are leading exporter and hereby feel pleasure to introduce our company “Raj Foods International and Raj Impex” as a leading manufacturers and exporter of  Organic & Conventional Sesame Seed (Both Hulled and Natural), Amaranth , Brown Flax Seeds (Lin Seeds), Spices & Other Oil Seeds. Our Factory is located in Unjha - Gujarat province, and Unjha being the biggest hub for domestic supply of Sesame seed and nos of Spices in Asia.



We are HACCP, Kosher, ISO 9001:2000, Organic NOP, Organic NPOP, and Buhler Certified.




Recently Exporting Countries:

We are currently exporting to more than thirty six countries of all over the world such as USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China, Middle East, Israel, and South East Asian countries. We are also supplying Sesame & spices to wholesalers, brokers and exporter in domestic market as well.



Organic:  Sesame Seeds (Hulled, Natural, Black), Amaranth, Brown Flaxseeds, Dill Seed, Cumin, Fennel, Fenugreek, Mustard, Coriander, etc.


Conventional: Sesame Seeds (Hulled, Natural, Black), Amaranth, Brown Flaxseeds, Cumin, Fennel, Fenugreek, Watermelon Kernels, Mustard, Coriander, Dill Seed, etc.


Looking forward to have a long term business relationship, and for further information on our product and certifications, please visit our website www.rajfoods.co.in

We eagerly wait for your prompt reply and the opportunity to serve you the best.


Raj Foods International [India]
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MD Exports Pvt Ltd(12/31/2010)

cumin seed, fennel, coriander, fenugreek, mustard, sesame seed, peanut, chck peas, soybean meal, rape seed meal, cotton seed cake, sorghum, millet, mango pulp

MD Exports Pvt Ltd [India]
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We, as GNA Foreign Trade, are proud to supply quality Turkish food products to the whole world. We mainly supply spice and herbs, seeds, dried fruits and nuts, olives, olive oil, cooking oils, ecological essential oils, organic food, organic dried fruits, organic nuts, organic olive oil, organic spice and herbs and fishery products.

We are one of the biggest spice and herbs, seeds manufacturer in the country. We make the producion in our own plant, our spice and herbs, seeds product portfolio includes laurel leaves, bay leaves, sesame seeds, oregano, thyme, sage leaves, pinenut kernels, anise seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, rosemary, white poppy seeds, blue poppy seeds, pumpkin seeds, apricot kernels, sumac, fenugreek, linden flowers, nigella seeds, basil, mint, ruscus aculestus, cherry stems and whole primula radix. In addition to this, we supply conventional and organic spice and herbs, seeds oils.

We supply organic and conventional dried fruits and nuts. We supply organic dried fruits and conventional dried fruits primarily dried figs, Turkish sultanas, raisins, dried apricots, prunes, dried apples, dried pears, dried cherries, dried peaches and dried tomatoes. We supply organic and conventional nuts as almonds, pistachios, walnuts, pinenut kernels, apricot kernels, hazelnuts, peanuts, chickpeas and lentils.

We supply olive oil, primarily extra virgin olive oil, pure olive oil and olive pomace oil, organic olive oil, vegetable oils and ecological essential oils primarily pomegranate seed oil, lemon oil, orange oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, rose oil; organic and conventional spice, herbs and seed oils as sesame seed oil, fennel oil, nigella seeds oil, laurel leaf oil, sage oil, oregano oil, anise oil, rosemary oil, fenugreek oil and nut oils as almond oil, walnut oil, hazelnut oil.

Gaaaaa [Turkey]
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