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Keyword "FR-CP"
Fire-retarding agent for cotton fabrics FR-CP Fire-retarding agent for cotton fabrics FR-CP
The same product as Pyrovatex-CP; colorless or light yellow thick liquid with a slight taste of hot pepper; an organic phosphate fire-retardant containing dual fire-retardant elements of P and N.
?? 80% water solution; convenient for use; excellent fire retardant effect on textiles; durable in water; provides a smooth hand feel to the textile.
 Provides excellent fire-retardant performance to the cotton textiles

?? Fine durability in washing

?? Compatible with various post-finishing agents

?? Easy preparation of fire-retardant finishing liquid

?? Calendaring/baking/hot drying on resin processing machine, no additional equipment required

[Related Categories: Chemical Additives, Auxiliary ]
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