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Welcome to aFishDeal!

We are DONG PHUONG SEAFOOD COMPANY LTD, established from 2007 as a company specialized in PANGASIUS Fish from Viet Nam.

Recently we have expanded our products lines to BLACK TIGER SHRIMP, VANNAMEI SHRIMP, TUNA and other fishes such as BARRAMUNDI and TILAPIA. We supply high quality products at reasonable price and stable quantity.

Our products are processed following international standards and safety certifications, such as HACCP, ISO, GAP, IFS, BRC, HALAL, GMP, Global GAP, and other necessary certificates.

We promise you:

  • Responsive and Faithful customer services and care
  • Constant Update and Report of your products’ process, also available at our Customer Page
  • Regular alert of market’s Price and Trend
  • Free samples, Discount, and Gifts

Our friendly, professional, and passionate team members will fulfill all your needs. We are all dedicated to working for your satisfaction.

We look forward to a prolonged and prosper business relationship with you.

Afishdeal [Viet Nam]
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SA Agro Traders(10/26/2014)

SA Agro Traders is a South Asian based biggest & reliable agricultural products supplier. We have all kinds of agricultural products available to export at lowest price. 

SA Agro Traders [Bangladesh]
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We can supply Seafood from India.



Best Regards


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Blessing Seafood Trading(05/09/2014)

Dear All,

We are dealing with the co-operation of quality controllers from Yemen.

We can supply Frozen Indian Mackerel WR, Chub-Mackerel WR, Sailfish DWT, Cuttlefish WR, Ribbonfish WR, Sardine Wr, Travelly, All types of Tuna, Catfish to all asian countries from Yemen.

Kindly let me know, if you could interested.


Ranchi Mon

Blessing Seafood Trading

blessingseafood (at) gmail (dot) com

Skype: ranchi.blessing

Blessing Seafood Trading [Yemen]
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Our Company specializes in the production and distribution of high quality processed and fresh seafood, with a focus on value added fast-food seafood products. We distribute to many countries and regions around the world such as Africa, Russia, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan ... for wholesale and retail. There are advantages of long coastlines, Vietnam has recorded the name on the world map as a country with a very diverse seafood selection and has a strong international seafood exports. With the purpose of “HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTION STANDARDS, SAFETY, HYGIENE AND PROFESSIONALISM”, we use industry standard processing technology, strict quality control and Vietnam traditional flavors. The company strictly follows HACCP production management processes and regulations on the production and processing of seafood exported products to the ISO, GMO, and EU code. We have a wide variety of packaging and label options, suited for every distribution need. Our company motto is, "LOVE SEAFOOD, LIVE LONGER"


- Value added seafood (Processed, fastfood)

- Seafood for dieters and weight loss

- Fresh seafood

- Free design for importer labels

- Free advice for market and frozen shelves at the supermarket

- We offer a variety of product items in the full container loading

- Direct distribution to restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and distributors

- Fast manufacturing process and shipping times

- Flexible payment according to customer requirements


- Products have been inspected and radioactivity by international industry standard bodies

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Dong Phuong Seafood Ltd.(01/02/2014)

We are DONG PHUONG SEAFOOD COMPANY LIMITED - AFISHDEAL, established from 2007 as a company specialized in Pangasius Fish from Viet Nam. Recently we have expanded our product lines to Shrimp, Tuna, and other fishes such as Barramundi and Tilapia. We supply high quality products at good prices and stable quantity.

Our fishes are processed following international standards and safety certifications, such as: HACCP, ISO, GAP, IFS, BRC, HALAL, GMP, Global GAP, and others.

We present to you:

  • Responsive and Faithful customer services and care
  • Constant Update and Report of your products' process, also available at our Customer Page
  • Regular alert of market's Price and Trends
  • Special Discount and Gifts

Our friendly and passionately team members can fulfill all your needs. We are dedicated to working for your satisfaction.


We look forward to a prolonged and prosper business relationship with you.

Dong Phuong Seafood Ltd. [Viet Nam]
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METALFER LTD STI (01/08/2013)

 We are a group of companies active in both metal construction production  and also  marketing agricultural  products  of  Turkey

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Jayson Agrovet Ltd.(10/11/2012)

Jayson Agrovet Ltd. is a leading company of Bangladesh in the poultry, fish, livestock. We market feed, feed additives, veterinary medicines, vaccines, day old chicks, etc.

Jayson Agrovet Ltd. [Bangladesh]
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 We are a mexican company located in Merida, Yucatan. We are able to supply some kind of seafood like caribbean lobster (live, frozen, cooked and tails), frozen fish and fillets, fish maw 100% dried of corvina seabass and grouper, sea cucumber and other.

UnisubMex [Mexico]
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Rongcheng Renhua Aquatic Co., Ltd. (06/08/2012)


Rongcheng Renhua Aquatic Co., Ltd. [China]
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chanelrot fresh limited(10/13/2011)

My company name is called chanelrot fresh limited and is based in Nairobi,Kenya and i deal in exporting fruits such as pineapples,bananas,watermelons,oranges and fresh fish to the outside world.My company is not that big but i am capable of supplying more fruits to outside world to alleviate hunger to different people of the world and it was established in 2009 here in Nairobi,kenya.

chanelrot fresh limited [Kenya]
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Hai Hoa Phat Co. Ltd(10/06/2011)

HAI HOA PHAT CO.,LTD is one of the companies which specially produces and exports aquiculture in the top of Viet Nam. The company was established in 1995 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Management scheme of company is unifyingly organized under capable executive board’s management. Board of Foreman, Administration, professional and creative Advertisement, with group of skilled worker.

At present, the company has been prestigious in both domestic and abroad market.

Our working motto: Future Towards, with a statement: “Customer’s satisfaction is our success”, in the hope that we will receive more care of customers for our products.

Our main working activity of company is: manufacture and trade.

HAI HOA PHAT LIMITED company is the top choice of foreign import for goods such as: Frozen baby cuttlefish, Frozen baby Octopus, Pangasius, Crab, Stingray,…Quality of Goods is basic which company did and does and build, improve, develop to supply for customers trustful, delicious and helpful products. There are various and high competitive products of Company. Main customer objects of Company are: Korea, Japan, Taiwan…and domestic market.

         The aim customer objects of Company are: EU, America and other markets.

      During running and developing for 15 years, Company affirms right developed and trustful policy for Company’s orientation. We hope that all of you will go along with us.

Hai Hoa Phat Co. Ltd [Viet Nam]
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Anguilla Indonesia Coorporation(07/09/2011)

Anguilla Indonesia is a business entity that is engaged in fishery and agricultural commodities exporters. As a supplier of fishery and agricultural products which have different supply items, We work with the various elements that are engaged in the field of processing of fisheries resources and agricultural throughout Indonesia.

Various types of commodities that we offer, among others, the type of commodity consumption of live fish, crustaceans and ornamentalfish, Indonesian agricultural product original.

As for our mainstay commodities that are excellent,

especially the world export market in asia and europe are the type of grouper fish,eel fish, and sea cucumbers. supply with stable prices and orders that adjust the capacity of our market share demand.

Anguilla Indonesia Coorporation [Indonesia]
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Sovimex Co., Ltd(06/08/2011)

 We are Sovimex Co., one of the leading manufacturer and exporter seafood in Vietnam. We are dealing with almost seafood in here and export to many markets. Please send your inquiry to get the best services from us. We can supply all kinds of frozen seafood in Vietnam: Pangasius fillet, Black tiger Shrimp, White Shrimp, Octopus, Cuttlefish, Squid, lobster, Art-shell meat, tuna, snapper fish and dried seafood: fish maw, dried anchovy, dried squid, dried fish, etc.                                                                                                                              


Sovimex Co., Ltd [Viet Nam]
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TY ENTERPRISES(05/09/2011)

TROPICALE FISH................................................................................




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Gia Nguyem Import-export Co., Ltd.(12/07/2010)

Good day, I hope that all things at your sides are growing up well.


We are Gia Nguyen Seafood corp., one of the leading company specialize in processing and exporting pangasius in Vietnam. With over 10 years experience in processing and exporting pangasius, we are proud to bring the best quality with the competitive price to you. Then I hope we can have chance to co-operate with your esteemed company in the soonest time.


I kindly send you the standard of pangasius as:


+ Commodity: pangasius fillet, skinless, boneless, red meat off, belly-off, well trimmed.

+ Size: 120/170, 170/220, 220+ gr/pc

+ Packing: IQF- bulk pack, interleaved//shatterpacked, 20% glaze

+ Min shipment: 1 x 40FCL

+ Payment: Irr L/C 45 days after B/L date

+ Delivery: 15 days after confirmation of label

The specification is as customer's requirement

The brand name or label upon customer's requirement


For further info, please do not hesitate to contact me directly: sales(at)gnseacorp(dot)com.


I look forward to hearing from you


Thanks and regards,

Nguyen Huu Nghia (Mr.)

Tel: 0084 8 38447173

Fax: 0084 8 38447539

Gia Nguyem Import-export Co., Ltd. [Viet Nam]
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