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Keyword "Driver Status Monitoring System"
Driver Fatigue Monitoring System Driving Status Detection Driver Fatigue Monitoring System Driving Status Detection

STONKAM® Driver Fatigue Monitoring System can help monitor and alert driver when drowsiness or distraction is detected, which aims to add driving safety. Working with our MDVR Systems will get better effects for effective fleet management! 

  • Detect and alarm driver unsafe behaviors: fatigue detection, distraction detection, phone call detection, smoking detection, no driver detection
  • Driver identification
  • Seamless integration with MDVR, realtime alarm and video uploading for abnormal driving behavior
  • With built-in high definition alarm recording (1280 x 720 resolution, 20 seconds synchronous recording when alarm triggered)
  • With built-in GPS module, recording actual speed and location
  • With built-in WIFI module, the device can be easily calibrated and configured via APP by connecting the device WIFI
  • With built-in infrared light, driver status can be effectively detected with low light condition. The driver could be wearing sunglasses and detected too
  • With built-in 2W loudspeaker, good alarm sound effect
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