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 Inspection/ Survey Services Description    

Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Inspection Group (AIM Control) Worldwide is an independent inspection group acting globally and providing a complete range of inspection, quality goods control, Expediting, Expediters, Inspectors, Surveyors and consulting services to trade and Agriculture, Industry & Marine as well as governmental buying organizations.
AIM is Agriculture – Industry – Marine Control Inspection Group, which one of the world’s leading trade inspection, trade security and certification companies, operating in close to 100 countries.
Our surveyors, inspectors have always improved their knowledge and experience more than 20 years for meeting to request of the clients with the best quality services.
Ø        Inspection, Survey, Inspectors, Surveyors, Expediters Services 
Ø        Quality Goods Control Services
Ø        Laboratory Testing Services 
Ø        Engineering Control & Inspection Services
Ø        Buying Agent & Sourcing Services
Ø        Third Party Inspection, Expediting Services
Ø        Loss Adjuster Services
Ø        Appraisal & Valuation Services
Ø        Certification Services
Ø        Project Management
Ø        Engineering Consultant
Ø        Provision & Professional
Ø        Quality Assurance
Ø        Vendor inspection & Witness Services
Ø        Expediting Services
Scope of Inspection & Survey consist of (but not limited):
·        &am p;nb sp; Cargo Tank Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Draft Survey/Inspectioon
·        &am p;nb sp; Deadweight Survey/Inspections
·        &am p;nb sp; Deadweight calculation
·        &am p;nb sp; Survey/Inspection & Issues of Ullage & Weight
·        &am p;nb sp; Cargo Contamination Investigations
·        &am p;nb sp; Measurement of LPG, LNG, Crude, Oil, VAM, BA, Methanol, PPG-3010,. . at ship’s & shore’s tanks/ tanker
·        &am p;nb sp; Loading / Discharge Pumping Inspection/Survey
·        &am p;nb sp; Tank Calibration Calculation & Issues
·        &am p;nb sp; Approval & Issues of Quality & Weight Certificates
·        &am p;nb sp; Bunker Survey/Inspection Inspection/Survey services
·        &am p;nb sp; Crude oil vessels Survey/Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; New Ship Building Supervision
·        &am p;nb sp; Consumer Goods Survey/Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Hull & Machinery damages inspection/Survey
·        &am p;nb sp; Supervision, Survey of repairs
·        &am p;nb sp; Investigation & Analysis of causes & circumstances of incidents & accidents
·        &am p;nb sp; Paint & Coatings, Corrosion inspection, Survey
·        &am p;nb sp; Pre-Purchase Vessel Condition Survey/Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; On-hire, Off-hire & condition Survey/Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; P&I Survey/Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Dry-docking Survey/Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Superintendents
·        &am p;nb sp; Ship Register Survey/Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Malta Flag Inspection/ Survey
·        &am p;nb sp; Marine consultants
·        &am p;nb sp; Projects of new shipbuilding/ ship designs
·        &am p;nb sp; Free gas Inspection.
·        &am p;nb sp; Testing of products & materials lab analysis aim to identify brand name, component
·        &am p;nb sp; Survey / Inspection of damage and / or loss to be stuffed cargo
·        &am p;nb sp; Loading stuffed to/unstuffed off & intact seal condition Survey/Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Survey/Inspection to damage and/or loss to lash barges lighters causing by collision
·        &am p;nb sp; Survey/Inspection & approval of towage & stowage, lashing
·        &am p;nb sp; Seaworthiness condition Survey/Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; On-hire, Off-hire & condition of container Survey/Inspections
·        &am p;nb sp; Investigation of causes pollution
·        &am p;nb sp; Investigation of causes damage reasons
·        &am p;nb sp; Reports to damage extent / preventing and overcoming to handling consequence of pollution
·        &am p;nb sp; Study to transport feasibility
·        &am p;nb sp; Superintendence to handling &  stowage
·        &am p;nb sp; Prevention insp. of damage and/or loss on goods
·        &am p;nb sp; Pre-loading cargo Survey/Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Planning & stowage Survey/Inspections
·        &am p;nb sp; Bulk cargo weight Survey/Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Inspection & supervision of weight, packing of bulk cargo
·        &am p;nb sp; Quantity tally
·        &am p;nb sp; Damage & loss prevention inspection/survey to goods
·        &am p;nb sp; Tanks, holds inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Inspection of weight, quantity, condition, quality, dimension, packing, marking & export / import cargo / tally & Supervision on loading/discharge
·        &am p;nb sp; Liquid, dry cargo contamination
·        &am p;nb sp; Disputes concerned to cargo outturn
·        &am p;nb sp; Damage and/or loss of cargo Survey/inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Disputes to charter party performance
·        &am p;nb sp; Mechanical equipment structures inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Survey/Inspection & report of collision
·        &am p;nb sp; Distribution on general & average damage
·        &am p;nb sp; Loss extent/ Survey/Inspection of damage covered by P&I insurance.
·        &am p;nb sp; Pre-loading Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Watertight hatch cover survey/inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Cleanness holds survey/inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Damaged cargo assessment & estimate
·        &am p;nb sp; Inspection & supervision of goods loading/discharging
·        &am p;nb sp; Fumigation services
·        &am p;nb sp; Sampling on loading/unloading and in factory
·        &am p;nb sp; End products inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Crop inspection services
·        &am p;nb sp; Sampling & analysis, radioactivity testing monitoring efficiency of labor
·        &am p;nb sp; International certificate of non-radiation/proving various kinds of advice and information
·        &am p;nb sp; Products Laboratory Testing
·        &am p;nb sp; Container loading inspection/supervision
·        &am p;nb sp; Marine Survey/inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Off-shore Survey/inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Industry Survey/inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Agriculture & goods, products Survey/inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Factory Audit Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Simple Factory Audit Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Extensive Factory Audit Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; First Article Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Pre Production Inspection / Survey 
·        &am p;nb sp; During Production Inspection/Survey
·        &am p;nb sp; Production Monitoring / Supervision
·        &am p;nb sp; Final Production Random Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Pre-Shipment Inspection / Survey
·        &am p;nb sp; Corporate Social Audit Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; C-TPIT Audit Inspection/Survey
·        &am p;nb sp; Defect Sorting Services
·        &am p;nb sp; Witness to the production
·        &am p;nb sp; Quality control & expediting
·        &am p;nb sp; Third Party Inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; Loss Adjsuter (for Insurance)
·        &am p;nb sp; Valuation & Appraisal to Real Estate & Machineries, lines, equipment, vessel, enterprise, project
·        &am p;nb sp; Buying Agent
·        &am p;nb sp; Certification services
·        &am p;nb sp; Marine Surveyors
·        &am p;nb sp; Super cargo inspection
·        &am p;nb sp; P&I, H&M condition surveys
·        &am p;nb sp; Ship valuation for bank finance purposes
·        &am p;nb sp; Project cargo and heavy lift superintendence
·        &am p;nb sp; Pre-purchase condition surveys and Class record evaluations
·        &am p;nb sp; Port Captain, Loading Master
·        &am p;nb sp;  Etc.
Best regards,
Dr Capt Nguyen Te Nhan / G.D
Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Inspection Group
------------------------------------------------------- Tel   : +84-8-3832-7204
Fax  : +84-8-3832-8393
Cell  : +84903615612
E-mail: ceo@aimcontrolgroup.c om;; vn
Skype: aimcontrol  
Our Branches:
Albania Algeria American Samoa Angola Antigua Antilles Argentina Aruba Ascension Island Australia Austria Azores Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Bermuda Bolivia Brazil Brunei Darussalam Bulgaria Burkina Fasso Cambodia Cameroon Canada Canary Islands Cape Verde Islands Cayman Islands Chile China Colombia Cook Islands Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Djibouti Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Estonia Falkland Islands Faroe Islands Faroes Fiji Finland France French Guiana French Polynesia Gabon Gambia Georgia Germany Ghana Gibraltar Gran Canaria Greece Greenland Grenada Guadeloupe Guam Guatemala Guyana Haiti Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Ireland Isle of Man Israel Italy Ivory Coast Jamaica Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Korea Kuwait Latvia Lebanon Libya Lithuania Luxembourg Macao Madagascar Madeira Malaysia Maldives Malta Mauritius Mexico Micronesia Moldova Monaco Morocco Myanmar Namibia Netherlands Netherlands Antilles New Zealand Nigeria Norway Oman Pakistan Panama Papua New Guinea Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar Republic of Panama Romania Russia Samoa Saudi Arabia Scotland Senegal Sierra Leone Singapore Slovakia Slovenia Solomon Islands South Africa South Korea Spain Sri Lanka St. Kitts & Nevis St. Lucia St. Vincent Suriname Sweden Switzerland Syria Taiwan Thailand Trinidad & Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Turks & Caicos Is. Ukraine Ulsan United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Uruguay USA Alabama USA Alaska USA Arizona USA Arkansas USA California USA Colorado USA Connecticut USA Delaware USA District of Columbia USA Florida USA Georgia USA Hawaii USA Idaho USA Illinois USA Indiana USA Iowa USA Kansas USA Kentucky USA Louisiana USA Maine USA Maryland USA Massachusetts USA Michigan USA Minnesota USA Mississippi USA Missouri USA Montana USA Nebraska USA Nevada USA New Hampshire USA New Jersey USA New Mexico USA New York USA North Carolina USA North Dakota USA Ohio USA Oklahoma USA Oregon USA Pennsylvania USA Rhode Island USA South Carolina USA South Dakota USA Tennessee USA Texas USA Utah USA Vermont USA Virginia USA Washington USA West Virginia USA Wyoming USA Wisconsin Venezuela Vietnam Virgin Islands Yemen Yugoslavia Zambia Zimbabwe
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Main prodcts or services description:

1.       Inspection services:

--Pre-production Inspection (PPI)

--During Production Inspection (DPI)

--Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)

--100% Inspection (Unit by Unit Inspection)

2.       Loading supervision:

--Loading supervision without quality inspection

--Loading supervision with quality inspection

3.       Plant Evaluation:

--Factory Audit

--Social Compliance Audit

-- Management System Audit

4.       Testing services:

--ISTA Package Testing

--Toy Testing

--Textile & Apparel Testing

--Houseware & Giftware Testing

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