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Keyword "Copper Metal Powder"
Aura International, Inc.(08/06/2014)

AUra International Supplies Copper Metal Powder as a manufacturer of high quality product as specified below:

Particle Size Distribution:   1 - 10 Microns

Average Particle Size:          3.5 Microns

Purity as Copper Metal:       99.90 +/- 0.1%

Particle Shape:                     Spherical

Electric & Heat:                     Conductive

Color:                                      Reddish

Apparent Density:                 2.8-2.9 gram/cm(3)



Sum of Impurities of Copper Metal Powder


Copper           99.90 +/- 0.1

Aluminum       0.013

Silicon            0.031

Phosphorus     0.037

Sulphur           0.002

Chlorine         0.018

Calcium          0.012

Chromium      0.002

Iron               0.006

Nickel            0.009

Packaging & Samples

Packaging: The product is sealed in plastic bags in a nitrogen-purged atmosphere and the bags are then packed into plastic containers with no more that 2.5Kg per container for airfreight orders. There are several options of container available subject to the preference of the client.  The 2.5Kg containers are then packed into cartons.

Samples: Samples of copper powder of 50g or 100g will be supplied at no charge to qualified interested parties!!


Aura International, Inc. [United States]
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