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Keyword "Copper Cathode"
Noor Metal International Co.(P).LTD(06/02/2014)

Noor Metal International Co is one of the main leading exporter and importer of all kinds of Non-Ferrous Metals In Iran and Middle East.

Noor Metal is established by Mr. Hokmollah Noori in 1975 year.

At the moment, Noor Metal Intentional Co has 3 warehouses in Tehran and Qom and a building for marketing ,exports and imports purposes with motivated and responsible staff.

Noor Metal International provides primary and secondary Copper Ingots, Pure / Refined Lead Ingots with 99.98 and 99.985% Pb purities, Antimony Lead Ingots with various SB content, Remelted Lead Ingots with 97 and 98% Pb content, Primary Zinc Ingots with grades 99.95% , 99.96% and 99.97% Zn, Stainless Steel Scrap with series 300 specially ( 304 and 316 ).

Noor Metal International Co.(P).LTD [Iran]
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We are a specialty Non-Ferrous Metal company in the business of supplying and exporting in China.

We can supply all kinds of good quality ingots and scrap metals.

Waiting for your consultation!

Email: sales03@huaxiabase.com

Skype: ada.s016

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 Dear Sir/madam

We kipush Mines  Limited are the end seller of Gold nuggets, , Gold  Bar,, ,Copper Cathode,Used Rail,HMS1 and HMS1&2 ,we can supply both in small and large quantities to any interested serious buyers only.

We are searching for customers /representatives who can help us establish a medium of getting to customers/buyers of our above listed commodities all over the world .

As end seller We will offer you 3% as  commission in any deal close if you are not a buyer for connecting us to buyers

Please,If you are interested in transacting business with us kindly contact us on email

Andre.kipushimine@gmail.com Web www.kipushimines.itgo.com

le [Tanzania]
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MJR Management(10/03/2011)

Our direct relationships with manufacturers and trading companies in all of Asia, particularly Thailand, Philippines and China enable us to market commercially & competitively.Our core business includes mediating the buying and selling of scrap materials, building materials and heavy equipment including power generation, Iron ore, Tin,Sulphur,Copper Cathode,Sugar,Cement,Urea,Electronics,Computers,Trucks,Trialers,Dozers

Our own unique Trident tricars and are a leading consultant and exporter of Tantalite and Columbite.We Proudly maintain a high profile in aircraft sales and leasing.Experience, professionalism & efficiency is what drives us to succeed in all our activities.


MJR Management [United Kingdom]
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Bemba Minerals Sarl(09/23/2011)


QUALITY: 99.99% PURE (non-LME registered) Grade A copper cathodes. Dimensions of 914mm x 914m x 12mm (36"x 36"x 0.5").

The copper cathodes are packed in bundles of 2.5 MT each, palletized and banded by aluminum bands, that are loaded in 20 foot containers (20MT each) or in bulk on bulk carrier/vessel. One plate weighs approx. 125kg.

We have other minerals,do contact for more details.

Bemba Minerals Sarl [Tanzania]
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Gomex Group(09/22/2011)

Type/Grade= Plates “A”
Purity 99.99%
Price: 5,600 USD per M/T
Analyzed as per report of analysis made by the Seller for
Each respective partial shipment where applicable.
Non oxidized fresh production.
Packing in Iron bound Bundles
Stuffed freely into 20Mt FCL (Full Container Load) at the
Size:  914mm X 914mm X 12mm (appr.)(36” X 36” X 0.5)
Weight of each sheet: 125kgs +/- 1%
Net weight of each pallet: 2M/T +/- 1
Min. weighs in each container: 20 M/T appr
Gross weight of each container: 22.2M/T appr.

Electro Cathode Copper

Origin :  Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C)

2.1-Seller issue to Buyer the FCO
2.2-Buyer signs the FCO and sends it back to Seller

2.3-Buyer come in Tanzania for visual inspection of the goods.
2.4- After inspection Seller’s clearing agent arranges for the loading.
2.5-Buyer shall pay all shipping costs and taxes in port of loading to facilitate the shipment. That amount will be deducted in final payment.
2.6-Buyer pay to Seller 25 % of total value of goods in port of loading against shipping documents the remaining amount shall be paid after the goods arrive in Buyer’s destination within 7 working days.



Gomex Group [Kenya]
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Le'mine Limited(04/26/2011)

 Selling offers

1. Copper Cathode

Quantity: 1000 Metric Tons
Location: Kitwe Zambia
Loading Port: Dar es Salaam Tanzania
CIF Price: Minus __% of LME.
Delivery: 25 days
Guarantee: 2% PB
2. Gold Nuggets 
Quantity: 234 kg {button form} 
Purity; 97.4% Purity 
Price: Upon request
Location: Tanzania
Delivery: Within 7 days


3. Commodity: Col tan Ore


Origin:         DR Congo

FOB Price:  US$ Upon request

Quantity Available: 23 Metric Tons

Location: Tanzania

Delivery: 15 days\"\\"\\"\"                                                                                    

Payment mode: 30% at the loading port and 70% upon delivery

Contact us for more details


TEL: +255686172379, Fax: +(255) 222-112 753

www. http://www.mines.htmlplanet.com


Le'mine Limited [Tanzania]
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Alianca Export(03/20/2011)

We are a trader of Iron Ore, Copper Cathode, Gold, Diamond, and buyer too.

We are totally focused on international business, import and export of manufactured goods and raw materials for industries in general.

We work with partners in strategic sectors to enable all operations, and satisfy our customer\'s satisfaction with the end.

Alianca Export [Brazil]
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CBOMK Ltd.(02/16/2011)

We are mandate holder of this products: Copper Cathode, Urea, Gold, Petroleum products and etc. For contacts use email office@cbomk.org or skype rosen_donev1

CBOMK Ltd. [Bulgaria]
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World Sources Trading(12/25/2010)


WORLD SOURCES TRADING - facilitates the link between the buyer and the seller, in all the scrap metal, used rails, copper cathode and sugar ICUMSA 45 transactions, eliminating the need for the “middle men” and surpasses geographic limits. This ability can increase potential operating margins. The complete autonomy of the plan, moreover, guarantees the maximum freedom in locating the most advantageous opportunities in the recycling business, and other content.

Selling Scrap Metal, Scrap Plastics, Electronic Scrap and Copper Cathodes at the best market prices

Always available offers to buy and Sell Scrap Metal, products and Recyclables

  • Compare supplier’s offers with real time price comparison markets.
  • Request for Scrap, reach global Suppliers and get multiple quotes.
  • Best Site when you search for Scrap Metals and other scrap or any other metal.
  • Built by Scrap traders Reach global buyers and suppliers huge scrap price list All Buy & Sell offers post instantly. Pictures show just some of our products.
  • Our formats of documents (Contracts, LOI, BCL, ICPO, NCND and Joint Ventures) are the most internationally accepted.

No longer do you need to worry about choosing a credible buyer or seller safely. With us you will find only reliable and reputable buyers and sellers with whom you can do business with confidence. You can weigh in all the options available to you, after talking to multiple scrap sellers or buyers and then make an informed decision. Such quality referral services have made Scrap Metal Prices the most preferred recycled scrap metal portal.

You need not waste your precious time searching for scrap metal buyers or sellers. With us you can find many of them at the click of a button. You can do business with reliable scrap metal resources and stay away from scams and frauds. One more advantage that comes with this online business platform for business entities from the scrap metal industry is that you can now trade in various different commodities at the website. Copper cathode, Portland cement, metal, scraps, used rails and plastic scrap are some of the commodities that you can trade in with the help of the website.

Whether it is locating a D2 producer located in ASIA or if you want to buy scrap steel, Metalscrap.net is the online resource that can help you out. No longer do you need to depend on unscrupulous middlemen who are more interested in your money than serving your needs, thanks to this comprehensive website. The website Simple to use, everyone from a veteran to beginners in the scrap metal trade Due to the massive contacts and spam that we receive, we now only deal with our members.

We are a Trading Company based in Pakistan. We believe in good ethical business practices and will only deal in items we have suppliers identified and genuine dealers. We are supplying the following items from BrazilBahrain, Dubai, Europe, RussiaSaudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar

  • Scraps like (HMS 1/2, Used Rails R50 & R65)
  • Iron Ore
  • Copper Cathodes (Prime LME Grade "A")
  • Copper Scrap
  • Copper Ore 
  • Aluminum Bars
  • Cement
  • White Refined Cane Sugar Brazil ICUMSA 45
  • Laptops and Electronics Equipments and Devices
  • Rice
  • D2 Diesel
  • JP54 (Jet Fuel)
  • Mazut (M 100)
  • Financial Instruments (Bank Guarantees, SBLC & Bank Time Drafts etc). 






World Sources Trading [Pakistan]
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