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H&S Technology(Hongkong) CO.,LTD(04/26/2014)

H&S Technology founded in 2010, is an independent distributor focusing on Cisco equipment. 

We are a team of professionals with various expertise’s in sourcing, trading, logistics and with many years of experience in the market and are able to supply a wide range of products. Due to our global contacts we can offer you the best prices in the market, including new and used cisco equipment.

We are committed to satisfy your needs as a supplier and believe in a stable and loyal relationship with our customers and suppliers. With our professional staff we offer a high quality of service which suits our customers in their own best way.

H&S Technology(Hongkong) CO.,LTD [China]
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Hong Kong Huameijia Trade Co.,Ltd.(11/08/2013)

 Established in January of 2001,Hong Kong Huameijia Trade Co.,Ltd. is headquartered in Hong Kong. We have a combined 15+ years of communication industry experience, and we measure our success only by the satisfaction of our customers. 

We are a wide-ranging network equipments supplier. We carry an extensive line of fiber optic modulestransceivers , routers ,cables, firewalls and other related products direct from our manufacturerOur products are widely used in Telecommunication, Highway, Intellectualized plot, Campus net and National defense and so on.  

Large inventory for immediate delivery, backed by lifetime warranty, and advanced replacement policy, Were looking forward to establish long-term friendly business relations with customers from home and abroad.   

Hong Kong Huameijia Trade Co.,Ltd. [Hong Kong SAR]
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Shenzhen Winhua Technology Co.,Ltd(04/07/2013)

We do kinds of network devices,you can find me through lina at szwinhua dot com

We deal in full range of Cisco and other vendor's products including Switches,Routers,Firewalls,Access point,Optical,VOIP Security,Transceiver modules and Accessories. Also we are manufacturer of fiber optic patch cable and fast connector.

We cherish every business chance,Looking forward to cooperate with your esteemed company.

Shenzhen Winhua Technology Co.,Ltd [China]
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Emagic Pte Ltd(11/30/2012)


Just a brief introduction of our company, we are a trading company for computer parts and consumer electronics, based in Singapore and our core business is to assist manufacturers in clearing their excess stock in their warehouses.  

 Do  visit our web site:
www.emagic.com.sg, and to have better ideas on what we have been shipping, some photos of our recent shipments are shown in http://emagic.com.sg/shippingphotos.php.  We have regular offers on computer products from our vendors such as hard disks, CPU, memories, LCD panels and etcs and we do not keep stocks in our office at all.
It will be great if you would please add me in your msn, skype, AIM and we can talk from there? Can I also have your full company details such as your full company name, address, contact no and website, etcs? What kind of offers do you interest in?

Emagic Pte Ltd [Singapore]
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Zonic Computer Solutions Inc,(07/29/2012)

We're Company with 5 employees, exit for 2 and half year in Business  We mainly deal with recertifying software and Hardware, such as Laptop, Cisco HP Dell, Nortel Sun and so on.

We Trade mainly in Europe and United States

Zonic Computer Solutions Inc, [United States]
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HK DCN Networks Ltd(10/27/2011)

HK DCN Networks Ltd carries HP, Cisco, IBM, 3COM and many ither most famous brands\'  full line of products, our aim is to serve our customer with their needs at lowest cost.

HK DCN Networks Ltd [Hong Kong SAR]
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Awalker International(10/15/2011)

Awalker International Limited.  is a company providing brand new Cisco workstation and routers all over the world. We have a big stock, huge savings, and very competitive prices, besides we are looking forward to long-term businesses.

Awalker International [Hong Kong SAR]
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Flashback Technologies who are we

Flashback Technologies is a information technology disposition, liquidation, asset recovery company specializing in the redeployment and recycling of used computers, used laptops, used CRT monitors, used servers, all networking equipment, telecom and related peripherals. Flashback Technologies offers disposition solutions for U.S. companies removing existing technology. We strive to assist organizations in addressing the environmental risk associated with information technology reuse, recycling, and disposal.

Flashback Technologies
specializes in asset remarketing and sell new, overstocked, used computer and network equipment at wholesale discounted prices to secondary market buyers. Our clients  range from large businesses, corporations, manufacturers, retailers and distributors facing maintenance, life-cycle management issues and removal of new and used excess equipment.

Most manufacturers, retailers and distributors occasionally have excess merchandise, discontinued products, customer returns and overproduction surplus. We offer an online marketplace that attracts both a buying and selling audience ensuring the highest exposure for excess, surplus, overstock and liquidation products to get sold.

Our inventory comes to us from corporate customers, closing businesses, schools, government agencies, retailers and consumer electronic stores. This excess equipment is then quickly flipped, sold to eager buyers, exporters and dealers of new or used computer hardware. We are not a retail store front for individual sales. Liquidation equipment is available for viewing  by appointment only.

Our buyers & sellers are made up of asset recovery / asset management companies, information technology service providers, product distributors, manufacturers, computer retail resellers and dealers. We will buy most corporate off-lease computers, used laptops, desktops, servers, used Cisco, networking hardware and much more (all in large quantities). Sell us your computer inventory. Email us at    purchase@flashbacktech.com  or call: 1-866-694-0095  FAX: 512-341-3068.

Used computer surplus liquidation, overstock closeout and disposal services

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Premier Digital Ltd.(07/21/2011)

 Premier Digital Ltd  specializes in Cisco,IBM,HP,3COM, D-Link modules,memory,RAM,cable,CPU  as well as other computer network products. 

Premier Digital Ltd. [China]
[Related Categories: Hardware Components, Network Device, Server & WorkStation, Communication Cables ]
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SAIL NETWORK Co.,Ltd(06/30/2011)


SAIL NETWORK Technology is a global supplier of Cisco network equipment and services that reduce the cost of network infrastructure, and is renowned for their customer service and huge supply of robust, cost-effective products.
We have large real stock of new and refurbished or used Cisco equipment and other network equipment. including Cisco routers, Cisco switches, Cisco firewalls, IP Phone, GBICs, GLCs, WIC NM network modules, memory & flash, cables, and network kits.

SAIL NETWORK Co.,Ltd [Hong Kong SAR]
[Related Categories: Hardware Components ]
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Discount Hp3com Limited(06/24/2011)


We mainly deal with these products:

*CISCO : new, used and ref module, switches, routers, powers and memory.

*HP : Proliant, ProCurve and Switches.

*3com: Modules & Switches.


*HUAWEI : Switches & modules

*NORTEL : Switches & modules

*Juniper: Modules & Switches

Discount Hp3com Limited [United Kingdom]
[Related Categories: Computer & Software Agents, Network Device, Network Engineering ]
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Sailnetwork Technology(05/31/2011)

SAIL NETWORK Technology is a global supplier of Cisco network equipment and services that reduce the cost of network infrastructure, and is renowned for their customer service and huge supply of robust, cost-effective products.


We have large real stock of new Cisco equipment and other network equipment. including Cisco routers, Cisco switches, Cisco firewalls, IP Phone, GBICs, GLCs, WIC NM network modules, memory & flash, cables, and network kits.



Sailnetwork Technology [Hong Kong SAR]
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Boke Network Co.,Limited(04/20/2011)

Boke Network Co.,Limited is a lead provider for Cisco,Huawei,Linksys,D-link,Tp-link,Netgear,Our main products contain router,switch,firewall,network card.

Boke Network Co.,Limited [China]
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Premier Digital Ltd(02/09/2011)


Premier digital. holds "Reputation First, Customers Foremost" as the aim of its business, dedicates to provide high quality and reliable computer and network products ,
Main product categories are SFP GBICs, GLCs, WIC NM , VWIC network modules, cables, memory.
Large real stock : We keep huge network equipment inventory in stock which are available for immediate delivery worldwide. Whenever you need whenever we can help.
We offer 1 year warranty for our products,in other words,if you have a problem with our equipment we will replace your purchase with new one.
Whether you are looking for network modules or memories you should come to the right place! We are always here waiting to give you our best quality goods.

Premier Digital Ltd [China]
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 XinWangAoXiang (Beijing) Technology Co.Ltd. buys and sells new and used Cisco networking devices. All of our used Cisco hardware goes through a grueling inspection.We sell and buy used and new Cisco routers, switches, firewall devices and modules. We have supplied all kinds of new and used original Cisco network devices.

We offer the highest quality networking accessory products. Our products consist of Switches,Routers,Network firewall,  and Network Modules. To find your favorite products with lower price, our company is your best choice.We have exported cisco networking devices & related products worldwide since2003 at unbeatable price, reliable quality, fast ship,1 year free warranty. Trading with us, you'll save 30-40% off the global list price.

Xinwangaoxiang(Beijing)Technology [United States]
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Worldwide Online INC.(10/27/2010)

 we are a distributor of network moducle and memory for brands like Cisco, linksys, HP, 3COM. should you have interest in the products we carry, please contact me.

We have been in this line for more than ten years and have a good name for supplying original new retail products and highquality service, and efficiency of delivery. 

We offer lifetime warranty service worldwide. We can ship out in 12 business hours the order is placed.

Worldwide Online INC. [United States]
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Bymacht Pte Ltd(10/12/2010)

     Bymacht Pte Ltd,Singapore is a trading company deals with all IT products and networking products as well as IP phones.

We at Bymacht offers high-performance end to end network infrastructure solutions. Bymacht creates a responsive and trusted environment for accelerating the deployment of services and applications over your needs. Innovative businesses view the network as critical to their success. Bymacht spreading its operations through Asia has branches in Singapore, India, UAE and Hong Kong. The Company has an aggressive strategy designed to deliver the best products, solutions and services at the best economics.

Accelerating the delivery of converged applications that fuel high-value interactions and transactions is the challenging task of today's enterprises. Bymacht provides Switching, Routing, Security, VoIP and Telephony equipments and services to customers who demand the highest levels of quality with competitive price.

We work with today’s cutting edge technology providers (viz. Cisco, Snom, Dell, HP, IBM Avocent - refer website [www.bymacht.com] for complete list) to build a high-performance network that supports your business goals for improving productivity and delivering differentiation and sustainable growth.

Bymacht is the sole distributor of Snom products in Singapore. Snom technology AG is headquartered at Berlin, Germany. Snom IP Phones are ideal for business class VoIP use. It easily stands out of the crowd, with superior German Engineering and robust design, together with the voice quality, and the interoperability with all SIP compatible devices.

Bymacht specialize in working with, and understanding the needs of small and large business owners. That’s why we make it easy and affordable for them to reach their online goals and succeed. To cater the needs of small business, Bymacht has partnered with several leading Hosted Solution providers for offering Hosted VoIP [Hosted PBX], Hosted E-Mail and other SaaS cloud solutions.

Our partnerships with manufacturers, distributors and multiple retailers enable us to respond immediately to your requests in a fast and professional manner. Hereby, we offer our customers quick access to high-end technology equipments at very competitive prices. Our expertise and availability are your assurance that you’ll receive the best value, the right products, on-time delivery, and guaranteed results.

Therefore we would be very much glad to be associated with your business and within your concern.

Bymacht Pte Ltd [Singapore]
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