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Keyword "Chinese sourcing agent"
Sourcing Agent in China Sourcing Agent in China

Your buying (sourcing) agent in China and helps with import.

As China is becoming a major manufacturer of industrial products due to its low price and improved quality, a growing number of foreign enterprises are doing business with China in a variety of modes, from buying traditional items of arts and crafts, to industrial raw materials, components, to semi-finished products, OEM products and high-end products like electronics, home appliances, clothing, chemicals and machinery.

The diversity of products and culture, languages and business practices pose a problem for foreign buyers, especially for SMEs. Having a personal rapport with the suppliers thus is important. This is where a sourcing agent or buying agent comes into the picture. Our responsibility and value is to find reputable suppliers and quality products and handle everything you need in China on your behalf.

As a group of professionals with over 17 years of experiences in translation field, being sourcing agent for foreign companies, international trade and business services here in Qingdao China, all our staffs have rich knowledge in almost all the products exported from China. If you want to find good suppliers, true manufacturer or genuine factories from China with best quality and price, we can help you out. Once you select our services, you will have a full-time employee, representative, commercial contact, translator and goods and quality inspector in China. We can handle any affairs and business in China on your behalf to look after all your requirements in various factories and your interests in them.

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