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Keyword "Ceramic Magnets"

 Wintrustek is a high-tech manufactuer specialized in powder metallurgy and over the years it has been committed to the research, design, production and marketing of advanced ceramic materials and advanced magnet materials by providing a full range of technical solutions according to customers’ requests.


Dreaming to manuafcture first-class products and found a 100-year brand, under the commercial idea of Integrity, Trust, Gratitude, Unity and Innovation, Wintrustek has won many clients’ trust and respect and has developed into one of the most competitive manufacturer of advanced ceramics and advanced magnets at home and abroad. Our customers choose to cooperate with us based on our leading technology, profession, and commitment to the industries we serve.


WAMCERA-Advanced Ceramic Experts

Our ceramic materials include:



-Aluminum Nitride

-Silicon Nitride

-Boron Nitride

-Boron Carbide

-Machinable Glass Ceramic




WAMCERATM products include tubes, rods, plates, discs, rings, pistons, crucibles and many custom components. They are widely applied in automobile, electronic, electrical engineering, aerospace, fluid control, foundry, medical science, scientific research, national defense and machining service, for extreme difficult environments such as electrical insulation, thermal insulation, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance and wear resistance.


WAMMAG-Endless Attraction

Our magnet materials include:

-Sintered NdFeB&Bonded NdFeB


-Sintered AlNiCo&Cast AlNiCo

-Sintered SmCo

-Flexible magnet


WAMMAG products include discs, plates, rings, cylinders, tubes, segments and various irregular shapes. They are widely applied in aviation, electro-acoustics, electronics, meters, medical instruments, motors and they are especially suitable for the development of high-performance, compact and light products.


Wintrustek understands well that excellent quality is something like sun, air and water on which one’s life live. It is our unwearied pursue to manufacture the best advanced materials in China. With strong backing of R&D and technical team, Wintrustek’s long-term mission is to win your trust by improving the performance of the advanced materials while maintaining our focus on client satisfaction by providing the highest quality products and first-class service.


You Trust, You Win!

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