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10g 50g 250g 500g 750g 1kg Wholesale Price Calcium Chloride Packet 10g 50g 250g 500g 750g 1kg Wholesale Price Calcium Chloride Packet

TOPDRY 10g 50g 250g 500g 750g 1kg wholesale price calcium chloride packet desiccant for cargo against moisture corrosion.


TOPDRY desiccant is base on the proven ability of calcium chloride drying material to aggressively remove moisture from the air. The absorbed water is bound into a gel so no liquid water is formed. And the special system of double packing, all of these will prevent leakage and evaporate problem.


TOPDRY calcium chloride desiccant is packed with double package protection, with inner bag composite membrane and the outer package bag is high quality non-woven, thus to protect the moisture leakage and revaporization problem.


Why Choose TOPDRY Container Desiccant

* Over 300% Moisture Absorption Capacity And 90 Absorbing Days Test proven that TOPDRY Container Desiccant combine  with improved calcium chloride mixed absorbent material, with superior 300% moisture absorbent capacity for  longlasting 90 absorbent days. Can protect your cargo against moisture damage from start to finish.



* Become Solid Once Absorbing Moisture From Air, Leakage Free And Low Revaporization RateTOPDRY Container Desiccant  is combine with active ingredients food grade binding agent, will become solid gel once absorb moisture vapor from  the surrounding air and will not leak or escape.

What’s more, unlike traditional calcium chloride container desiccant, will trun to liquid form water, increase  liquid leakage and water revaporization problem.



* -20℃ to +90℃ Operating Temperature Range, Suitable For Shipping Container.TOPDRY Container Desiccant’s  operating temperature range is -20℃ to +90℃, suitable for shipping container conquer moisture problem. While other  traditional desiccant, such as silica gel desiccant, Once the temperature rise above 40℃, the water already  absorbed by silica gel will re-evaporate to the air and may damage the cargo again.



* Good Quality Double Package protectionAll TOPDRY Desiccant are packed with double package protection material,  inner bag is composite membrane(composite membrane’s tight pore structure keeps even the smallest of particulate  through the package, but the water vapour can through it freely); Outer package is non-woven to protect package  inside and outside. What’s more, TOPDRY container desiccant are packed with PE bag individually.



* Non toxic materialWe guarantee all TOPDRY Desiccant are 100% non-toxic brand new material .All TOPDRY desiccant  are DMF Free desiccant, get REACH, ROHS certification from SGS, TUV, EUROFINS. compliant with international  desiccant standard. We guarantee all TOPDRY Desiccant are harmless and environmentally friendly, can be disposed as  regular waste when removed from shipping container or cargo box.

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