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Keyword "CST180"
petroleum product petroleum product

We are authorize and official mandate to a well and reliable seller company in Russian federation, We have developed a fine tuned and successful in supply of D2 Russian Gasoil L-0.2-62 Gost 305-82., Mazut M100/75/99, JP54, BLCO.LPG,

we are proud of strong client focus and long-term relationship. Our aim is to work with our clients, embracing their marketing and communication strategies to a successful deal that convey their key messages and values in a diverse and imp active manner.
 tWe have the capaity to assist you, not just on closing successful deals, but also on ensuring integrity and consistency of message from the very first point of contact. The allocations is available for our respective product are highly competitive due to popular demand from many buyers and only buyers who are able to meet the terms and conditions of our end seller company will be awarded such allocation. Our manufacturers work closely with our clients to define the focus and direction of each transaction. Here is the approved soft offer , go through it and get back to us with your LOI or ICPO for fast response thanks as we await your reply . 

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Clude Oil, D2, Urea N46, Lpg And Bunker Fuel Oil Cst180 Clude Oil, D2, Urea N46, Lpg And Bunker Fuel Oil Cst180
Specifications: We are from Malaysia and we referred to your inquiry regarding the above subjects, we hereby would like to bring to your attention that we have been given allocation from the seller to deal with the supply of petroleom product as pointed out the followings for your attentions: - 1. Crude oils supply: - A) bony light crude oil from Nigeria:2 or 4 million MT on long term contract basis. The price mechanism to be work out aand payment from acceptable prime banks.. Bony light on spot contract basis only.2 million MT or 4 million MT. All others to be work out on pricing. Payment by world prime banks acceptable to seller. B.. Aramco, saudi light crude oils, slco: - A) we will assist buyer to get suitable refinery/refineries to register with the aramco. Please note that buyers/end buyers must be refineries. We need all the informations like refineries no. Refining capacities of each and every refineries involved, stoarge capacities, last three or five years annual returns and refineries profiles etc to be submitted for registration with saudi aramco. These are to get saudi aramco refineries registration no. And then the qualify refineries shall be able to buy the slco. B) saudi aramco only sell to qualify buyers with aramco refinery registration nos. After being check and clear by contract and legal department of aramco. C) please avoid black those listed refineries. Slco can be sold either on spot deals or long term contract basis. Slco also can be sold at moving average or at an agreed fixed price with suitable BG acceptable to aramco as deposits. Amount of deposit can be 2 months or 4 months. 2). D2 gas oil,0.2% sulphur and 0.02% sulphur supply in bulk: We can arrange the supply of the above items to buyer at 1 or 2 million MT per month x 12 months on contract basis or on spot basis. At fixed price or moving average. 3) urea n46 prilled or granular forms: We have seasoned suppliers who can supply from 500,000 MT per month upto 2 million MT per month with 12 months contract at a fixed price. Pricing depending on the mode of payments and mechanism of security deposits and etc. These are all big suplliers. 4). Lpg and bunker fuel oil 180cst,380cst We can also supply lpg. As following items; A. Qatali lpg B. Petronas lpg C. Bunker fuel oil cst180, cst 380. Quantity 200,000 MT/month We looking forward to hear from you and should you have any doubts please contact us.
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