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Keyword "CPE"

We are manufacturer of PVC stabilizers(Ca/Zn and lead base), CPE, and other addtives for PVC products.

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Novista Chemicals Co LTD(12/01/2015)

With hard work and innovation, Novista has developed into professional producer and supplier that focus on manuracturing,R&D and marketing of plastics and polymer's additive. Our manufacturing sites is located in Shandong and Liaoning Province,including two production plants of Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE) and CPVC Resin , One site of MBS and ACR impact modifier & processing aids , One flame retardant manufacturing plant ,And one plant of PVC stabilizer. Company's product scope expand to Four groups of products :Cpvc Resin & Cpvc Compound , flame retardants ,PVC additives and additives for paint & cotaing industry , more than 30 products. And forming total supplying capacity of 50,000MT CPE & CPVC Resin ;30,000MT MBS and ACR impact modifier & processing aids ; 20,000MT flame retardant ; 15,000MT pvc stabilizer and 5,000MT other functional additives and copolymers. All plants have been passed "ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system" certification and "ISO14001: 2004 International Environment Management System" certification. Each factory is equipped with an independent laboratory and researchers, can provide a comprehensive analysis of product performance testing. And we can customize and develop equivalent product according to customer's practical application . We aim to build China's the most professional brand of plastic and polymer additives.

Novista Chemicals Co LTD [China]
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Shandong sanyi industrial co., LTD.(05/14/2014)

   Shandong sanyi industrial co., LTD. Was founded in 2001,which is located in the east Economic Development Zone,20 Linqu xiaxi Road,Weifang,shandong province.It is close to jinan to qingdao, Beijing to shanghai and several other expressway and railway with convenient logistics.The factory covers an area of 18000 square meters. 26 million RMB fixed assets,and 120 employees , including 38 professional and technical personnel, it is a company mainly focusing on the production and development of chlorinated polyethylene (CPE), which has the right to import and export as one of professional manufacturers.

Shandong sanyi industrial co., LTD. [China]
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Yan Tai Heng Nuo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.(07/08/2013)

 Yantai Hengnuo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the manufactures  in the world which is mainly produce 2, 5-dimercapto-1, 3, 4-thiadiazole derivatives ( CAS No: 51988-14-8/ CAS No: 72676-55-2 / CAS No: 13539-13-4 / CAS No: 68411-20-1/ CAS No: 107271-5), thiadiazole derivatives, lubricant antioxidant additive, metal passivator, extreme antiwear additive, CPE Gross Rubber, vulcanizing agent and vulcanization accelerator for rubber hose and etc. 

Produce thiadiazole dervative include rubber ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemical products. Mainly produce lubricant antioxidant, anti-corrosion and antiwear. Medicament. Medical agent. Brightening agent. Vulcanizing agent cross linking agent for CPE, CR, accelerator for NR, CPE, butylbenzene rubber, natural rubber and rubber hose, copper corrosion inhibitor in circulating cool water system, it is also be used as plasticizer and photometer for acid copper plating.

Rubber additive/auxiliaries:
1. TDDS efficient environmental protection cross linking agent vulcanizing agent: (the same as Echo. A. ) CAS No: 51988-14-8 efficient environmental protection vulcanizing agent, rubber auxiliary, DMTD dimercaptothiodiazole vulcanizing, CPE chlorinated polyethylene cross linking
2. Actor512A/B vulcanizing agent for special rubber(chloroprene rubber) (the same as Vanax 882A. 829 ) vulcanizing agent, extreme antiwear additive, lubricant additive, CAS No: 72676-55-2, metallic antioxidant
3. BF (NC) vulcanizing accelerant: Accelerant BF, dimercaptothiadiazole cross linking, accelerant NC, accelerant882B, CPE chlorinated polyethylene accelerant for vulcanizing
4. MTT cross linking agent for chloroprene rubber the same as MTT-80: CAS No: 1908-87-8, pharmaceutical intermediates, cross linking agent MTT, 3-methyl-2-Thiazolidinethione, mercaptothiazoline, 2-thiazolidine thion
5. ACCEL808(Vanax808 CAS No: 68411-20-1, butyraldehyde anilin-condensate, accelerant 808, dimercaptothiodiazole vulcanizing accelerant

Pharmaceutical intermediates:
1. DMTD dimercaptothiodiazole: CAS No: 1072-71-5, extrem antiwear additive, lubricant additive, rubber vulcanizing agent, rubber vulcanization agent, pharmaceutical intermediate, bismuththiol, metallic antioxidant, dimercapto thiodiazole DMTD
2. H4MT mercaptothiazoline/2-thiazolidinethion: CAS No: 96-53-7, 2-Thiazolidinethione, pharmaceutical intermediate, mercaptothiazoline
3. HOMT Thiazolidone: CAS No: 2682-49-7 fosthiazate, lythidathion, fungicide, pesticide, plant growth modifier, thiazolidone
4. TMT Acetic acid, 2-[(4, 5-dihydro-5-thioxo-1, 3, 4-thiadiazol-2-yl)thio]-: Cephems antibiotic compound, medicament intermediate

Lubricant additive:
Lubricant additiveTH561(the same as CUVAN 826) new metallic passivator and antioxidant: Metallic antioxidant, CAS No: 13539-13-4 extreme antiwear additive, lubricant additive, antioxidant

1. SCM special rubber: Special function rubber, chlorinated polyethylene elastomer, CPE rubber, CM352 rubber, rubber tube, cellophane tape, rubber belt, sellotape
2. Modified CPE rubber: Fast speed vulcanize, high density crosslinking, special function rubber, chlorinated polyethylene elastomer, CPE rubber, CM352 rubber, rubber tube, sellotape

Fine chemical:
Dimercaptothiodiazole: Lithium salt, zinc salt, sodium salt, potassium salt,
MBT-Na: Water treatment chemicals copper corrosion inhibitor
Sodium sulphide nonahydrate: Sulfur dyestuff, leather depilatory, rayon denitration, dyeing auxiliary, sodium sulphide, including crystallization water, sodium sulphide or sulfuret, dyeing auxiliary
TMPTA: UV cureable coating, printing ink, photoresist, flexible printed matter, solder mask, resist, paint, polymer modification etc.
TMPTMA: Rubber modifier, curable printing ink of UV
EB or heating, coating, adhesive.

Benzotriazole chemicals are used primarily as chemical intermediates, copper corrosion inhibitors, used in ultra-violet stabilization applications, photographic applications, and as ingredients of de-icing fluids for airplanes.

Antioxidant additive :1H-Benzotriazole (BTA) 99.8% CAS# 95-14-7
Corrosion inhibitor : 1H-Benzotriazole,sodium salt (1:1) BTA-S/BTA-NA 43% CAS# 15217-42-2
Corrosion inhibitor : MBT-Na 40% CAS# 2492-26-4
Antirust agent : Tolyltriazole (MBTA/TTA) 99.6% CAS# 29385-43-1
Polypeptide condensing agent :1-Hydroxybenzotriazole 98% CAS#2592-95-2
Antirust agent : 1H-Benzotriazole, 6(or7)-methyl-, potassium salt (1:1)
(TTA-K) 50% CAS#64665-53-8
Corrosion inhibitor and metal deactivator : DMNA 40% CAS# 55906-42-8
Antirust agent : Tolytriazole sodium salt (TTA-S / TTA-Na) 50% CAS#64665-57-2
Water treatment chemicals : TMT-NA 98% CAS# 17766-26-6

Yan Tai Heng Nuo Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. [China]
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Acumen Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd(08/13/2012)

我司佑珉国际贸易有限公司 (ACUMEN ENGINEERING),是Symphony Environmental PLC (英国) d2w 氧化式降解添加剂在大陆中国的授权代理。我们在上海,广州,重庆和武汉设有办事处,也在广州和上海设有仓库。

d2w 氧化式生物降解添加剂适于用在任何PE或PP的产品上,只需加入1%,就能使普通塑料变成可降解塑料。生产过程无需更改任何模式,也无需用特殊的机器。目前,d2w 应用产品里包括了一次性餐具,笔,保鲜膜,购物袋,垃圾袋,薄膜,杯子,雨衣,垃圾盖,等等。用途非常广泛!d2w 是个国际品牌,在全球超过92个国家都在使用。我们是在中国的一级代理,因此可帮助您提供正式相关测试报告等等资料。

电话:+86 138 1667 5787
MSN: khtan_19@hotmail.com
QQ: 1853982076

您也可以到我们的网址http://cn.d2w.com.sg 了解更多。

Acumen Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd [China]
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