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Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate formaldehyde condensate Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate formaldehyde condensate

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NSF full name is Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate formaldehyde condensate. Its high purity makes cement paticles with high dispersancy, low foaming, high range water reducing and obvious strengthening so that we can get advantages of accelerating project mould turnover and construction speed, and also saving cement, improving cement mobility and workability.


Chemical Compositions:

Type A/05:

Appearance: yellow beige

Water content: 8% max.

PH   Value (10g/L): 8+/- 1

Chloride: 0.4% max.

Na2SO4: 5.0% max.


We also have:

Type B/10 (Na2SO4: 10.0% max.) &

Type C/20 (Na2SO4: 20.0% max.)


Technical features & adaptability:

Mixing amount: 0.5-1.0% of cementing materials, reducing rate: 20-30%


Packing: 25kgs/bag


Other concrete admixture: Air Entraining Admixture, Waterproof Admixture, Antifreeze, Expansion Admixture, Early Strength Agent and Accelerator etc.


Superplasticizers / water reducer we supply mainly:

1. Polycarboxylate (Powder & Liquid)

2. Melamine sulfonate (Powder)

3. Naphthalene sulfonate...  (Powder)

4. Sodium Gluconate  (Powder)

5. Sodium Lignosulfonate  (Powder)

6. AminoSulfonic Acid Superplasticizer

7. Gypsum Retarder

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[Related Keywords: Superplasticizer, Naphthalene, Sulfonate, formaldehyde, CONDENSATE, PNS, FDN ]
Vertical Multi-Stage Condensate Pump with Barrel Vertical Multi-Stage Condensate Pump with Barrel
General introduction: vertical multi-stage condensate pump with barrel is a new energy-saving product based on the advanced technology, which has been introduced form Hitachi Co., Ltd. in Japan. They are used for handling condensate water from condenser in 100MW, 125MW (145MW), 200MW, 300MW, 600MW and 1000MW power stations, water supply & drainage projection with high suction performance, high efficiency and high head. The temperature of liquid is not over 80oC. Performance range: 1) Capacity: 170-2400m3/h 2) Head height: 69-346m Features: 1) High pumping performance, that is with favorable NPSH condition 2) With vertical, sealed barrel construction capable of loading negative pressure 3) High efficiency with a stable & level capacity-head performance curve 4) High grade in small-sized products, tight construction and limited land area 5) Better security on operation, reasonable construction, easy for dismantling and maintenance We can also supply other types of pumps, such as vertical volute pumps, axial pumps, multi-stage pumps, trash pumps and sludge pumps. We look forward to your inquiries.
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Automatic condensate vent set
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Rock Valley - Air -Cond Condensate Drainage Rock Valley - Air -Cond Condensate Drainage
Specifications: The main function of this product is that it actually make use of the suction power of a vacuum cleaner to clear the drain pipe of air-cond and prevents water from going into vacum cleaner. Rock Valley
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Sodium Salt Of Naphthalene Sulphate Formaldehyde Condensate Sodium Salt Of Naphthalene Sulphate Formaldehyde Condensate
Specifications: Advanced construction materials div. Of kg chemical corp that building is specialized in developing & producing high-performance additives for gypsum, cement-based mortar and concrete. We have established as one of the largest manufacturers of advanced construction materials in korea such as naphthalene based superplasticizer, polycarboxylate based superplasticizer and sodium gluconate. *super plasticizers, also known as plasticizers, include water-reducing admixtures. Compared to what is commonly referred to as a "water reducer" or "mid-range water reducer", super plasticizers are "high-range water reducers". High range water reducers are admixtures that allow large water reduction or greater flowability (as defined by the manufacturers, concrete suppliers and industry standards) without substantially slowing set time or increasing air entrainment. Each type of super plasticizer has defined ranges for the requied quantities of concrete mix ingredients, along with the corresponding effects. They can maintain a specific consistency and workability at a greatly reduced amount of water. Dosages needed vary by the particular concrete mix and type of super plasticizer used. They can also produce a high strength concrete. As with most types of admixtures, super plasticizers can effect other concrete properties as well. The specific effects, however, should be found from the manufacturer or concrete supplier. *application of powercon100 Ready mixed concrete Underwater concrete Self-compacting concrete High strength concrete for dam, bridge and high-rise building. Concrete secondary products such as precasting concrete and concrete pile Fly ash concrete, blast furnace slag concrete Lightweight concrete
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Gas Condensate Gas Condensate
Specifications: Russian origin Quantity:17000 monthly Discount: Usd 3. Bbl
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Gas Condensate Gas Condensate
Specifications: Commodity: Gas condensate from vaporization Origin: Russian federation Producer: Urengoi gazopererabatyvaiushi zavod Seller: Sk centr urengoi Quantity:5000mt/month Contract duration: From 1 to 5 years Price at factory:7300 rubles(today) Delivery: Via railways wagons(blacksea)
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Condensate Sump Condensate Sump
Features: 1) Accords with the standard of fitting for Tatra heavy trucks 2) Good quality 3) Corresponds to the OEM technical standard in Czech Republic cz Other Price Terms: FOB, CIF, CFR Payment Terms: L/T, T/T Certification(s): ISO9001
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