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Road milling bits, Asphalt Milling Cutters bits, road planing picks, c Road milling bits, Asphalt Milling Cutters bits, road planing picks, c

Road milling  ;bits, Asphalt Milling Cutters bits,& nbsp;road planing picks, cutting tools

Changzhou Balance Machinery Co.,Ltd&nb sp;offers all kinds of road milling& nbsp;bits and HT11 Holders, road pla ning bits, stabilizer bits. Those to ols for all of your road millin g and stabilizering projects. We sup ply Wirtgen code or Kennametal code& nbsp;style etc bit systems to achiev e productivity levels, reduce down t ime, and significantly increase the  durability of unsealed roads.

Our&nb sp;bits can using for road milling&n bsp;machine of  Cat, Wirtgen, Bomag& nbsp;Dynapac, Betlli etc.

Wirtgen co de bits: W4, W5, W6, W6HR, W6/2 2 R, W6 AOC R, W7, W8, W8E HR,HT11, HT3 holder ETC.

Kennametal& nbsp;code bits: RP01, RP05, RP06, RP 07, RP15, RP19, RP24, RL08, RL09,&nb sp;RL10, C3KBF, C10HD, KBF303R Holders&nb sp;etc

www.balancemachinery.c om ml

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[Related Keywords: Road milling bits, Asphalt Milling Cutters bits, Road planing picks, C ]
ic components(integrated circuit) ic components(integrated circuit)

Please feel free to give us a call or email when you need any electronic components (semicondutor).      

We (OPADA SEMICONDUCTOR LIMITED) sell all series Integrated Circuits (ICs); Clock/Timing, Data Acquisition - ADCs/DACs, Interface - Drivers, Receivers, Transceivers, Linear - Amplifiers - Instrumentation, OP Amps, Buffer Amps, Linear - Comparators, Logic - Multivibrators, PMIC - AC DC Converters, LED Drivers, Power Management, Voltage Regulators, RF/IF and RFID, Sensors, Transducers, electronic components (semicondutor). We are the stocking distributor of all electronic components semiconductor.    



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[Related Categories: Integrated Circuits ]
[Related Keywords: electronic component, IC (Integrated Circuit), Diodes, Transistors, C, capacitors, Resistors, Inductor, Microcontroller, MCU DSP CPU ]
4-Piece Alkaline Batteries in Blister Card (LR03/LR6) 4-Piece Alkaline Batteries in Blister Card (LR03/LR6)
Key Specifications/Special Features:
1) LR03, LR6
2) 1.5V alkaline battery
3) 4pcs/blister card
4) Jacket: aluminum foil jacket
5) Nominal voltage: 1.5V
6) Shelf life: 5 years
7) Test condition: 3.9ohm, 24h/d, 0.9V
8) Duration: LR03--180mins; LR6--360mins

Primary Competitive Advantages:
1) Guarantee/warranty
2) Product performance
3) Prompt delivery
4) Quality approvals
5) Reputation
6) Service
7) Free mercury product
8) OEM capability
Trademark:  Akita, Magicpower
Model: LR03/LR6
Unit Price/Payment:  T/T, L/C
[Related Categories: Electrical Plugs & Sockets, Electronics Agents ]
[Related Keywords: alkaline batery, LR03, LR6, AAA, AA, C, d battery, LR14, LR20, piece, alkaline, batteries, blister, card, LR03/LR6 ]
Electric Bicycle C Electric Bicycle C
Specifications: We provide our new factory products for E car, E bycycle, E tricycle. For city transport, factory, station, airport transport. It can running 120--170km per charge time. 4 batteries. Volume 100--120Ah. Max loads is 1200kg. Or 4 people Working DC:24-60V, Effeciency 400--100w, Charge time:6-12 hours, Max speed:30kmh Creeping ability > 9 degree.
[Related Categories: Electric Bicycle ]
[Related Keywords: Electric, Bicycle, C, Electric, Bicycle ]
Winner Sports Gas Powered R / C Car 4WD Winner Sports Gas Powered R / C Car 4WD
Specifications: 1) Length: 400mm 2) Width: 245mm 3) Wheelbase: 270mm 4) Tread (F/R): 245mm 5) Wheel diameter (F/R): Φ88 x 34, Φ88 x 41mm 6) Gear ratio: 8.3:1 7) Weight: 1900g 8) Engine: 15CXP Features: 1) 4 WD gas powered off-road R/C car 2) Front and rear bearing differentials 3) 4-wheel drive system 4) No-flex chassis design for better performance 5) Aluminum upper plate and chassis 6) Oil-filled shock absorber 7) Disc-shape brake system 8) 80cc fuel pressure tank with primer pump 9) High impact wheels 10) High traction radial tires 11) Servo saver linkage system 12) Radio system included Inner packing: 1pc/color box Outer packing: 4pcs/carton Carton dimensions: 48.5 x 54 x 43cm G.W.: 20.60kg Certification(s): CE, FCC
[Related Categories: Toy Cars ]
[Related Keywords: Winner, sports, gas, powered, r, /, C, car, 4WD, Winner, sports, gas, powered, car, 4WD ]
Dragon Gas Powered R / C Helicopter Dragon Gas Powered R / C Helicopter
6-channel gas powered R/C helicopter. Specifications: 1) Full length of fuselage: 1150mm (46.9") 2) Full width of fuselage: 110mm (4.35") 3) Total height: 400mm (15.7") 4) Main rotor diameter: 1345mm (52.9") 5) Tail rotor diameter: 230mm (9") 6) Gear ratio: 1:8.5:4.56 7) Full equipped weight: 2920g (6.4 lbs) 8) 40 engine 9) Helicopter radio (6-channel) 10) Gyro 11) 5 servos 12) Batteries Features: 1) The Shenlong improved features now provide the entry-level helicopter pilot a stable learning platform while satisfying what the 3D pilots asked for. 2) The 40 V2 features tough redesigned side frames, reinforced pitch control arm, improved swash plate, new fuel tank, new muffler, and a fresh new look in a colorful body shell. 3) The rapid cyclic response makes it possible for the 3D pilot to execute crisp maneuvers like the Tic-Toc, Chaos, Death Spirals, and some we have not seen yet, CCPM version available. Inner packing: 1pc/color box Outer packing: Carton dimensions: 95 x 60 x 40cm G.W.: 9.50kg
[Related Categories: R/C Toys ]
[Related Keywords: dragon, gas, powered, r, /, C, Helicopter, dragon, gas, powered, Helicopter ]
Walkera Mini R / C Helicopter #4 Walkera Mini R / C Helicopter #4
Features: 1) 3-point ball bearing swash plate for precise hovering 2) Pre position servo mounts for easy set up 3) Main electric drive motor for extended duration flight 4) PC simulation: From getting a correct operation with the helicopter, a software is included with the box 5) 4-channel R/C set included, left / right, up / down control 6) Brand new perfect services finishing 7) Powered by rechargeable battery (Ni-MH 8.4V), AC adaptor included Inner packing: 1pc/color box Outer packing: 6pcs/carton Carton dimensions: 58 x 56 x 50cm G.W.: 13.50kg Certification(s): CE, FCC
[Related Categories: R/C Toys ]
[Related Keywords: Walkera, Mini, r, /, C, Helicopter, #4, Walkera, Mini, Helicopter ]
R / C Stunt Scooter R / C Stunt Scooter
Product size: 23.5x9.5x19cm Carton size: 0.24 cbm Outer(perctn):18 pcs Package(each) window box N. W. G. W. 18 KG/21 KG Volume: 2196 pcs/20' container 4410 pcs/40' container Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,CASH Certification(s): CE, EN71
[Related Categories: R/C Toys ]
[Related Keywords: r, /, C, Stunt, Scooter, Stunt, Scooter ]
R / C & Infrared Control Robot R / C & Infrared Control Robot
Super robot -remote controlled head turning and Walking -eyes lights up -shoots frisbee disks out of its head Product size: 22x16x32cm Carton size: 69 x 51 x 67cm Outer(perctn):18 pcs Package(each) window box N. W. G. W. 21.5 KG/23.5 KG Volume: 2250 pcs/20' container 4500 pcs/40' container Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,CASH Certification(s): CE, EN71
[Related Categories: R/C Toys ]
[Related Keywords: r, /, C, &, Infrared, control, Robot, Infrared, control, Robot ]
R / C Car - Vertigo R / C Car - Vertigo
Specifications: A side splitting stunt car with rapid speed. Rotates 360 degrees spinning and special tumbling. Amazing stunts& incredible acrobatics! The challenger has a streamline body work design. This remote control with lamplights will catch the eyes of everyone with its spinning and break dancing moves! *forward/backwards *left/right turns *flip overs *spinning *flashing lights *powerful engine *49 mhz& 27 mhz *blue& red/orange& turquoise Each carton has both frequencies,6 cars/frequency Each carton has both colors 6 cars/color Beautifully packaged in a color window box Includes 9v battery for transmitter, rechargeable batteries and chargerVertigo
[Related Categories: R/C Toys ]
[Related Keywords: r, /, C, car, -, Vertigo, car, Vertigo ]
R / C Toys R / C Toys
Specifications: We can confirm that we are offering these toys as per the original consolidated list stating 189,094 pieces. The new stock list is totally accurate but actually shows more than originally offered. The reason for this is that some items were classed as one piece when in fact some boxes actually contain 24,36 or even 72 pieces, hence the discrepancy. The actual number of pieces in total is 205,974. Price:355.000 euros Please contact us for more details with a date for viewing in portugal. Stocklots are boy toys, girl toys, carnival cloth and carnival mask, small toy's plush, expensive electronic toys, all in full colour retailbox, toy's mixed (electric & more) Total 513 pallets All kinds brand Other Price Terms: FOB  Portugal Payment Terms: T/T
[Related Categories: R/C Toys ]
[Related Keywords: r, /, C, toys, toys ]
R / C Helicopter R / C Helicopter
Specifications: Product size:29*36*12cm could be the most popular radio control airplane in the world helicopter flies to heights of over 50 feet! Featuring proportiona control, it is easy to pilot your chopper in the air. By slight pushing the throtte, the chopper will go. To land, ease off onthe throtte. The chopper is ready to fly left or right with precision control by pushing the throtte to left or to the right. Learning to fly a remote control helicopter is a lot of fun! Follow this basic instruction it will help you to become a much better pilot. Battery for the controller ( excluded ):6pcs of " AA " size two different package:3867-a include:12v 900mah rechargeable battery pack professional charger lauch pad 3867-b include: Launch pad only
[Related Categories: R/C Toys ]
[Related Keywords: r, /, C, Helicopter, Helicopter ]
R / C Hovercraft R / C Hovercraft
Specifications: R/c wind powered hovercraft The very new r/c wind powered hovercraft flies just like a real hovercraft with 2 large fans moving at high speeds 4 different models available speedo grey model - hovercraft 1(asattached) Space boat yellow model - hovercraft 2 Submarine speedy red model - hovercraft 3 Super duper spaceship speedy black model - hovercraft 4 Specification: - Size:510mm length,7.2v Frequencies available:27,40mhz Speed:7.2 km/h Each set includes: 1pc speedo grey model 1pc remote control 1pc nicd rechageable battery 1pc charger 1pc electrial adapter for charging Price: Usd17.00/pc fob china Packing:4pcs/ctn,0.119 cbm, g. W.9 kgs Please contact us directly for full set of pictures and offers. Patent pendingHKTARGET Other Price Terms: FOB  CHINA Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,CASH Certification(s): TESTING FOR CE/GSSupply Ability: 5000pcs/week
[Related Categories: Electrical Toys ]
[Related Keywords: r, /, C, Hovercraft, Hovercraft ]
R / C Ladybug Car R / C Ladybug Car
Specifications: R/c mini ladybug stunt car.27mh,40mh and 49mh mix packing in one carton.48pcs per carton.
[Related Categories: Electrical Toys ]
[Related Keywords: r, /, C, Ladybug, car, Ladybug, car ]
Interactive C Kit Interactive C Kit
Specifications: Interactive c robot kit This is a high performance robot kit in c programming for power hungry hobbyist. Included is the 68hc11 microcontroller board: Ax-11, additional sensors: Switch-ir reflector-gp2d120 ir, ranger-encoder wheel detector,2 DC gearboxes and Mechanical parts for build and modified 8 sample robot. Complete with manuals and cai software for learning yourself. Specifications: * controlled by 68hc11 microcontroller * 32kb non-volatile RAM * PC serial port interface * lcd16x2 display * piezo speaker * 4-dc motors ports * 6-servo motors ports * 9-digial input * 8-digital output * 21-analog input * 9.6v 1800mah re-chargeable battery with charging circuit
[Related Categories: Educational Toys ]
[Related Keywords: Interactive, C, kit, Interactive, kit ]
R. C. C World Time Traveling Alarm Clock R. C. C World Time Traveling Alarm Clock
Specifications: Function introduction 1. Auto received world time(jjy. Wwvb. Msf. Dcf) 2. Alarm clock/5 minute snooze/torch function 3. Time, date/week display function 4. Temperature display. C/f change 5. Battery: AAA/1.5v/um-4)x1pc
[Related Categories: Specialty Clocks ]
[Related Keywords: R., C., C, world, time, Traveling, Alarm, Clock, world, time, Traveling, Alarm, Clock ]
The C Series Clock The C Series Clock
Specifications: Anymore the C series clock, C1016
[Related Categories: Desk & Table Clocks ]
[Related Keywords: the, C, series, Clock, the, series, Clock ]
T / C White T / C White
Specifications: Now we can supply t/c white fabric which be suitable for south america and dubai Market. We can assure of quality. Looking forward to receiving kindly your enquries.
[Related Categories: Interweave Fabric ]
[Related Keywords: t, /, C, white, white ]
T/R, T/C, C 100%, R/T, P100%, Denim, Chenille T/R, T/C, C 100%, R/T, P100%, Denim, Chenille
Specifications: Our factory named HANGZHOU JINMANG TEXTILE CO., LTD. Located is Dangshan, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Our main business is T/R fabric, R/T fabric, T/C fabric, C100% fabric, Nylon fabric and P100% fabric, CHENILLE fabric. Our products are sold to Russia, European, America, Middle East, Korea, Africa, etc. And the per annum gross output value is over US$ 60,000,000. And also, in ten years international business none claim is raised. We enjoy very good credit with our partner. More information about us you can find on our website. If you interest in us, please give me your offer with information like construction, density, color, weight, width, etc. When get the necessary information from your side, quote will be given. If price OK, sample is available. Awaiting your soonest reply. Payment Terms: L/C,T/T
[Related Categories: Denim & Jean Fabric ]
[Related Keywords: T/R,, T/C,, C, 100%,, R/T,, P100%,, Denim,, Chenille, T/R, T/C, 100, R/T, P100, Denim, Chenille ]
28w V / C Stretch Velvet 28w V / C Stretch Velvet
Specifications: 28w v/c stretch velvet 32*21+70d/80*150
[Related Categories: Cotton Fabrics ]
[Related Keywords: 28w, V, /, C, stretch, velvet, 28w, stretch, velvet ]
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