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Bao Gong Bao Gong
Specifications: Size (cm/inch):30/12",35/14",40/16",4518",50/20" Pcs/Wooden Case 10
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Sharks Fine Bao Sharks Fine Bao
Specifications: Product name: Sharks Fine Bao Style No.:8209A Specification: Glass: Dia230mm
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Zhui Feng Bao Wei San Zhui Feng Bao Wei San
Specifications: Product Name: Zhui Feng Bao Wei San. Brand: Fei Xiang. Country: Singapore. Company: Tai Chong Fatt Medical Hall. Indications: Cough with phlegm, Stomachache, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, Bloated stomach, Heartburn, Indigestion, Gastric pain. Directions: One teaspoon,3-4 times per day after meal. Children reduce dosage by half. Comsume with warm water. Notice: No known side effect. Not recommended for pregnant women. This product is produce under GMP certify license
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Long Feng Bao Capsules Long Feng Bao Capsules
Menopausal syndrome is a series of symptoms, which appear in the transitional period from middle-aged to old age it mainly includes vegetative nerve functional disturbance. Clinicals often manifest that attention isn't concentrated, working ability declines, easily tired, easily excited, dizziness and headaches, tinnitus, insomnia, sweating, anorexia, flush and hectic fever on the face, numbness of extremities, cardio palmus, anxiety, melancholy, even freighting, fluctuation of blood pressure, menstrual disorder of females. To this day, it's still in the exploring period of curing menopausal syndrome in the internal and external fields. In some foreign countries, they often use hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for curing these symptoms, but this treatment has been proved to have many side effects. However, in China, the traditional Chinese medicine science thinks that menopausal syndrome is mainly caused by debility of spleen and kidneys, imbalance of yin and yang, derangement of qi and blood, it leads to viscera function disorder. On the basis of the theories of traditional Chinese medical science, Long Feng Bao capsules are a pure natural medicine mainly made of natural herbs, containing no hormones. Its main functions are reinforcing the spleen and the kidneys, relieving mental stress, correcting the balance of yin and yang, improving physiological function of body, recovering the formal function changing vicious cycle to benign cycle, so that it can achieve the aim of curing the disease. Long Feng Bao capsules have an obvious curative effect in treating menopausal syndrome. It is presented by Mr. Ran Xiao Feng , who passed through many years of clinical experience. He is a famous expert of traditional Chinese medicine, a member of original pharmacopoeia committee of the People's Republic of China. Our factory is ordered to develop this product by The State Pharmaceutical Administrative of China and the China National Corporation of Traditional & Herbal Medicine. Through the clinical experiments at Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences Second Affiliated Hospital, Southern Hospital and Army General Hospital, it has been proved that the effective rate of curing menopausal syndrome of Long Feng Bao is 94%. This product is natural medical treatment; it is taken safely and has never caused any side effects. It has been determined as a secret product by the State Pharmaceutical Administration of China. Actions & indications: Reinforcing the kidneys, replenishing qi to invigorate the spleen, relieving mental stress. Used for menopausal syndrome, flush, profuse sweating, dysphoria with feverish sensation in chest, palms and soles, insomnia, dizziness and headaches, tinnitus, memory loss, attention deficit, decreased working ability, pain of extremities, tiredness, anorexia, mood swings, easy excitement and menstrual disorder of females. Administration: Oral administration, 3 times every day, 2 pills each time or comply with doctor's recommendations. Certification no.: Guo-Yao Zhun Zi Z44022414 Packing specifications: 0.5g/pill, 24pills/box Storage: Keep in cool and dry place. Standard: CP GPC
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Zang Wang Bao Chinese Herbal Medicine Zang Wang Bao Chinese Herbal Medicine
Specifications: Zang wang bao is are our product that can be drink for all man or woman. These effective for man who to diet. We will health if we drinkk everyday. Very fast to lossing collesterol.Zang Wang By Medistarion.Co.Ltd Payment Terms: CASH,D/P Certification(s): YESSupply Ability: 1000 items
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Da Bao Granite Da Bao Granite
Specifications: Granite slabs and tiles
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Jia Qin Bao Jia Qin Bao
This product that is made from natural humic acid, and is used as a fodder additive for animal adjustment. Specifications: 1) Appearance: powder 2) Active principle: 90% (min.) 3) Humic acid: 60% (min.) 4) Functions: a) Accelerating metabolism and appetitive b) Improving animal growth rates c) Increasing yield and quality of milk, eggs, meat and feathers d) Enhancing organism immunity to disease and antibiosis e) Reduces inflammation and hemostasis 5) Can be used to treat indigestion, enteritis, dysentery, asthma, scale damage etc in animals, with notable effects 6) Non-toxic and epiphenomenon as feed long term 25kg/paper bag G.W.: 25.15kg
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