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Keyword "Banner iVu2 Image Sensor with Integrated"
Banner iVu2 Image Sensor with Integrated Banner iVu2 Image Sensor with Integrated

Banner iVu2 Image Sensor with Integrated

The iVu image sensor is used to monitor parts for type, size, orientation, shape, and location. The iVu TG Gen2 Image
Sensor package consists of lighting, sensor, lens, and display. Appropriate cables and mounting brackets can be ordered
for each application. Additionally, other lenses, brackets, filters and external lights are available. Installation, setup, and
configuration can be done quickly without requiring a PC to configure the sensor.

• No PC required to configure the sensor
• Image processing expertise is not required
• Three sensors in one package—a match sensor that determines whether a
pattern on a label or part matches some reference pattern; an area sensor that
detects whether a particular feature (or features) is present or not; and a
blemish sensor that detects flaws on parts
• USB port for uploading and downloading of inspections and log files for easy
updating and diagnostics
• Integrated color touch screen display
• High speed processing
• Adjustable image resolution up to 752×480 pixels

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