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Keyword "Automatic Aerosol / Perfume Dispenser"
Automatic Aerosol / Perfume Dispenser Automatic Aerosol / Perfume Dispenser

This unit is controlled by digital micro-computer, LCD display with multi-functional automatically, stable performance and low price make this unit most competitive.


1). This unit can be set and amended time freely;


2). This unit can be selected any spray interval time from 1-60 minutes freely;


3). This unit can be set working day, has 2 choices:


A: Working from Monday to Friday;


B: Working from Monday to Sunday.


4). With led indicator warning: When the led flash green, the unit will spray soon; When it flash red, the aerosol can need to be changed


5). When the batteries are low capacity, a battery pattern will appear on the LCD screen, warn you to change new batteries.

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