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Keyword "Allium sativum"
Garlic extract Garlic extract

Purelife Bio key specifications of Garlic extract series include :

·1%-3% Allicin powder by INA method , odorless & water-soluble

·1%-99% Alliin powder, odorless & water-soluble (the content of total thiosulfinates and Gamma glytamylcysteine can be adjusted according to customer requirement )

·Garlic extract 1%-5% Ajoene powder    (higher content can be customized )

·Garlic extract 1%-5% S-arylcysteine powder (higher content can be customized )

·Garlic EC for poultry directly

·Garlic EC for Organic agriculture

·Garlic EC for Bacteriostasis and sterilization in feeding area

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[Related Keywords: garlic, Allium sativum, Allicin, alliin ]