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Keyword "Adaptogen Immuno Protector"
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Adaptogen  Immuno  Protector is a formulation of nine select herbs carefully chosen and processed and to assess of each ingredient of the medicine. on human cell.  It has been subjected to rigorous  testing on humans with varying doses to zero down on exact quantity required per day for a variety of ailments. It is a medicine par excellence for all diseases relating to low immunity  and weak nervous system. The range is wide including most chronic, incurable and dreaded diseases like HIV/AIDS, Blood Cancer, Cerebral weakness, Cardiac problems, T.B. and a host of other ailments. It works, in general, as  a rejuvenator and tones up human body. Its molecules work as enhancer cum catalyst with any other

generic formulation. 


The Dose : Six  gram per day or one spoon morning & evening each with any liquid like water, milk, tea, coffee, butter milk, honey  or as prescribed by the Physician.


Side Effects : This medicine has absolutely no side effects.

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