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PVC Acrylic Impact Modifier ED-401A ED-401B ED-401C ED-401D PVC Acrylic Impact Modifier ED-401A ED-401B ED-401C ED-401D


Product Name
ACR ED-401
PVC Processing Aid
Technical Specification

White powder
White powder
White powder
Surface density(g/cm3)
Volatility (%)
Viscosity (η) (Ubbelohde Viscometer)

General Information
ACR ED-401 series are white amorphous powders. They have good weather resistance, high impact-resisting strength, heat stability, and low percent thermal shrinkage, can promote plastication of PVC resin, decrease process temperature and brings excellent surface quality to finished products.
ED-401A is mainly used in producing PVC transparent sheets, films, etc.
ED-401B is general purpose and suitable for PVC profiles, pipes and fittings, etc.
ED-401C is suitable for producing PVC foam-sheet, foam pipes, decorating plates, etc.
The recommended dosage is 1-4 phr for 100 phr PVC resin.
ED-401D is suitable to all kinds of products of PVC, such as rigid calendered film and sheets, rigid bottles, window profiles etc.

The recommended dosage is 0.5-1 phr for 100 phr PVC resin.

Package, Storage & Transportation
N.W.25KG,double-layer packed, first packed in airproof plastic bag, then in woven bags. Store in a dry ventilated place and avoid light and rain. Handle and transport in accordance with general regulations.
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Acrylic impact modifier ACR ED-400 Acrylic impact modifier ACR ED-400

Product Name:
ACR ED-400 Acrylic-Impact-Modifiers (AIM)
PVC Impact modifier

Technical Specification:
Appearance: White fluid powder
Surface density(g/ml): 0.4-0.55
Volatility(%): ≤1.0

Impact Modifier ACR resin is the core-shell polymer of acrylic ester. It imparts excellent light and heat stability, surface finish, weather resistance and aging resistance to plastic products. It also has good processability and low percent of thermal shrinkage. Non-toxic.

It is widely used in the PVC windows and doors profiles, nontransparent rigid sheets, pipe and fittings, etc. It can also be used in PC, PBT, Nylon producing industry.

Package, Storage & Transportation:
N. W. 25KG, packed in airproof plastic bag, then in craft paper bag with plastic woven inside. Stored in a dry ventilated place and avoid light and rain. Handle and transport in accordance with general regulations.

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