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Keyword "2EL"
Sell Sell "Polar light 2"EL Wires
Product Name: "Polar light 2"EL WiresModel Number: PYL-EL-WIREPlace of Origin: China1.More higher brightness 2.More lower operating voltage 3.More stronger in voltage resistance 4.More longer operating lifetime 5.More perfect in bending resistance 6.Specially Flexible characterisetic With the new developed technology, we have got 5 Chinese patents. Our EL wire can emit 360 degree light source which can not only be single-color light source, but also have made a breakthrough in supplying the multi-color light source. Our latest technical products-spiral multi-color light source, subsection multi-color light source, spiral alterable-color light source, and double core single-color light source will be put into market later. These new products will provide abundant selections for various fields of design and application. We also provide Pengyulong designed inverter to match with our Pengyulong EL wire. Various kinds are available. Features: 1) Different supply power: button cell, AA / AAA battery, DC power, AC power 2) Various functions: constant light, flash, sequential flash, alterable flash, sound sensing, light sensing, telecontrol, time-lapse 3) Various sizes and figures: minimal type, thinnest type, heavy type, portable type, cartoon type 4) Different driving length: maximal length to 100 meters and minimal length to 0.01 meter Specifications: 1) Diameter: 0.9mm, 1.4mm, 2.2mm, 2.8mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm 2) Color: blue, grass green, orange, red, purple, blue, yellow, lime, blue green, pink, red glow white, white glow white Category: 1) Round EL wire 2) Single welt in bottom EL wire 3) Double welt in bottom EL wire 4) Double thick welt in bottom EL wire 5) Single welt in center EL wire 6) Double welt in center EL wire 7) Round double core EL wire
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