Business-to-Business Trade Directories
With Over 184,000 Global Importers Listed by Products They Are Interested In Buying 

The International Business To Business Directory of Importers is also available as 50 separate Product specific directories.  Each of these 50 international business directories covers a specific group of products such as food importers, garment importers, furniture importers, computer importers, car importers and importers for all types of products manufactured.

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL TRADERS - EXPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS: These business to business trade directories of worldwide importers were primarily compiled for exporters, international traders and manufacturing companies to help you develop new global sales. These trade directories will provide you with critical global trade information you will not find elsewhere.

These Commodity-Product specific business to business directories are available Printed in either a 3-ring binder and on a CD-rom. Both versions have been formatted to help you easily locate the importers most targeted to your products and/or services.

Attempting to compile a list of worldwide importers for your products and/or services can be extremely laborious, time-consuming and quite often futile. These trade directories will save you from that futile task by providing you with listings of importers that have carefully been compiled by our publisher through their use of comprehensive questionnaires and very expensive annual mailing to each importer in their database. View Sample Trade Directory Pages

The data you receive on each Importer includes:

  • Complete Name and Address
  • Name of Primary Contact Person
  • Telephone and Fax Numbers
  • Detailed List of Up To Eight Products They Import
  • Email Addresses (Approximately 12% have provided Email Addresses)
  • Web Site (Approximately 5% of all listings)

Here is optional information that some importers also provide: year their business was established; their number of employees; and their bank reference. View Sample Importer Listings

The CD-Rom version of these trade directories include the following features:

  • You can perform an on screen review of Importers business information.
  • You can print mailing lists of Importing companies you select by country or product.
  • You can transfer individual company listing details to your own PC.
  • You can compile lists of prospective international distributors or agents.
  • You can print form letters for your international mailing campaigns.

To use the CD-rom, you must have an IBM compatible computer with the following specifications: 60 MB hard drive space available; 16 MB RAM; Windows 95 (or later); a CDrom drive and a printer if you are going to print letters and/or mailing labels.

your ticket to finding new outlets for your products or
services around the world

These business to business trade directories can be your ticket to finding new outlets for your products or services around the world and help you share in (or get a bigger share of) the increasingly profitable international trade marketplace. 

You may find many different types of business to business directories in most major public libraries but very few, if any, are devoted to providing you with listings of worldwide Importers/Buyers.  That is what makes this group of trade directories uniquely suited to help you build or expand your level of international business profits.

Business To Business Directories are Available in Printed format or on CD-Rom

Our trade directories are updated each year and have been published since 1971 and they have served leading worldwide manufacturers, international trading firms and exporters located in more than 100 countries.  This long term commitment to quality and uniqueness has earned these trade directories (and the others detailed throughout this website) a place on the shelves of government agencies, chambers of commerce, exporters, manufacturers and international trading companies around the world.

The prices for the different versions of these trade directories are displayed at the bottom of each of the web pages that are linked to from their titles below. Please make SPECIAL NOTE - Air Delivery costs are "included" in the prices shown below. Deliveries outside the U.S. are normally shipped via US Postal Global Air Express and UPS 2nd Day Air is used for deliveries within the USA.

Locate the trade directory most targeted to your products through the links below - then ORDER your personal copy of that trade directory TODAY so you can STOP SEARCHING for new sales prospects and start SELLING to BUYERS who are waiting to hear from you.


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Trade Directory Title

  • Agricultural Equipment Importers
  • Aircraft & Aviation Equipment Importers
  • Apparel Importer - Clothing Importer - Garment Importer
  • Automotive Parts Importers - Car Importers
  • Beauty Supply Importers - Cosmetic Importers
  • Bicycle Importers - Motorcycle Importers
  • Building - Construction Materials Importers
  • Chemical Importers
  • Communications Equipment Importers
  • Computer Importers and Data Processing Equipment Importers
  • Construction and Building Equipment Importers
  • Consumer Electronics Importers
  • Control Equipment Importers
  • Drug Importers - Pharmaceutical Importers
  • Electrical Equipment Importers
  • Electronic and Computer Components Importers
  • Environmental Protection Equipment Importers
  • Floor Covering Importers - Carpet Importers & Rug Importers
  • Food Importers - Wine Importers - Beer Importers
  • Furniture Importers and Home Furnishings Importers
  • Garden-Lawn-Patio Equipment Importers
  • Hand Tool Importers and Power Tool Importers
  • Household and Kitchen Appliance Importers
  • Housewares and Home Accessories Importers
  • Jewelry Importers - Costume Jewelry Importers
  • Kitchenware-Tableware-Glassware Importers
  • Leather Importers - Shoe Importers - Leather Goods Importers
  • Lighting Importers - Lighting Equipment Importers
  • Machine Tool Importers
  • Marine Equipment Importers - Boat Importers
  • Measuring Equipment Importers
  • Medical Equipment Importers - Hospital and Surgical Equipment Importers
  • Office Equipment Importers - Stationery Importers
  • Optical Goods Importers
  • Paint Importers - Painting Supply Importers
  • Paper Importers
  • Photographic Equipment Importers
  • Plastics Importers - Plastic Products Importers
  • Plumbing Importers - Sanitary Ware Importers - Pipes & Fittings Importers
  • Printing and Graphic Arts Equipment Importers
  • Pump Importers and Compressor Importers
  • Refrigeration Equipment Importers -Heating Equipment Importers
  • Safety - Security & Fire Fighting Equipment Importers
  • Screws-Bolts and Fastener Importers
  • Sporting Goods Importers - Toy Importers
  • Textile Importers - Fabric Importers
  • Tire Importers - Tube Importers
  • Watch Importers and Clock Importers
  • Welding Equipment Importers
  • Woodworking Equipment Importers