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Promote your products on America’s #1 B2B trade portal. Create an online product catalog (TradeProducts) and advertise products currently available (TradeLeads). All Free Members can add up to 30 TradeProducts and 30 TradeLeads.

To add a TradeProduct or TradeLead, simply join now or log in. Then, from MyAccount > TradePages, click the “Edit” button. Be sure to use the industry category and enter keywords that buyers are most likely to search. Once listed, your products will also show in search results of online search engines like Google, Yahoo and others.

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Premium and Client Members of receive up to 50 times more inquiries each month , compared to Free Members. Paid members can add more products, are advertised more, rank higher in search results and receive support from TradeStaff. Learn more about the benefits of upgrading your membership.

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Finding new international buyers is simple with and it can even be fun. First, decide if you want to search for companies (TradePages), products that businesses import (TradeProducts) or newly posted purchase requests (TradeLeads). Then, you can click on industry links or use keywords to find buyers fast. Refine your search by using the Search Bar Tool to find just and go even deeper by searching specific countries.

Find companies that import your products. Search TradePages, the International Directory of & Exporters. The directory is classified into 14 major industries, with over 1000 detailed product categories. From the homepage or TradePages, click on your industry, then select a more specific product group to find companies that purchase your products.

Contact Buyers

Contacting buyers is as easy as sending email. When you find a potential buyer for the products you have listed on, click the “Contact Member” button in the top right corner of every TradePage .

If your company is not registered, you can send your message and join by completing one simple form. Free, registered members can contact other members that are listed in the same industry. This helps ensure that members only receive qualified email inquiries. For example, T-shirt suppliers can only contact companies registered in the Clothing & Fashion industry. To contact a potential buyer, be sure you have listed a TradeProduct or TradeLead in the same industry.

NOTE: Only Premium and Client Members can view the name, phone number, website and other contact information for Free Members of In addition, only the contact information for Premium and Client Members is displayed to all users of To see/display contact information, upgrade membership.