i.  Visit and click Register on the right side of the main page.
    ii.  Fill in the your company and personal information. Select if you are a buyer or seller. Create a Company Profile that best describes your company and its activities. Add buying or selling categories. Fill in all other necessary information. Click to Submit application.

 Post Buy Trade Leads

    i.  Login to your My account
    ii.  After login, under My Trade Leads, click Post a New Trade Lead
    iii. Under Type of offer select Buy category
    iv.  Fill in the necessary buying trade lead information and select your product buying clusters
    v.  Click to Submit application
 Receive Inquiry / Send Inquiry
    i.  Check your mailbox or log into, My Trade Lead Inbox or My Inquiries Inbox. From time to time, you will be receiving either a selling trade lead alert or inquiries from traders who are interested in establishing business with you
    ii.  Click on the tread lead. This screen will appear then click the Reply button to reply to the trade lead or inquiries
    iii.  A pop up menu will appear. Type in the required field and then click onto the SUBMIT Button