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Keyword "jewelry led track lighting"
cob LED track light cob LED track light

 LED track Light:

1.H igh quality aluminum lamp housing, better heat dissipation, low attenuation, long life-span. 
2.The typical characteristic of led track light is energy-saving, with same lumens, the power consumption of LED track light is only 40%~60% of the metal halide light.
3.Apply LED illuminant as the light source, no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, pure color, high luminous efficacy, low frequency glare, energy saving and healthy; Ordinary Metal halide track light adopt metal halide as the light source, the principle of metal halide lamp light-emitting is heavy metal element mercury gasified to be reacted with the two electrodes so as to produce light, high heat, wide radiation, after the lamp breaking down, it needs to be handled carefully, otherwise it may possibly cause the environment pollution, The mercury is the heavy metal element, which it is harmful to human health. 
4.Light and handy, simple and convenient, beautiful and generous, easily to install.
suitable for shopping mall(clothing shop, furniture shop, brand store and etc),auto showroom, jewelry and ornaments shop, star hotels, brand clothing, top grade club, museum, chain department store, brand business lobby, professional window, counter and some main lighting places, it is the ideal illuminant to replace the traditional halogen tungsten lamp and metal halide lamp.
led track light
1,High CRI
2, Brighter
3, Long lasting, 2-year warranty,50,000 hours 
4, Factory  price
5, CE,RoHs 
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