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Keyword "jade lamp"
Onyx table lamp Onyx table lamp

Splendid Jade Lamp, texture is green, in the round flat base firmly held a delicate and smooth sphere .Top like a rich classical charm umbrella. Entire jade lamp sculpture exquisitely made. On the whole, the base, sphere, lamp post and at the top of the lamp panel all blend into one harmonious whole.

This lamp is made of natural jade stone, simple sense is gentle elegant and noble. It will increase the artistic style of the space when you placed at home.
Splendid Jade Lamp with natural stone materials is a practical lighting appliance, but also a magnificent classical handicraft. This is modeling unique and elegant chic Jade lamp.

It is not only beautiful and generous, but also to ward off evil spirit, security and peace. It must be the best choice for collection, appreciation, and gifts for friends to share.

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