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Wet Blue From Cow Ore Buffalo Wet Blue From Cow Ore Buffalo
Specifications: Wet blue from Buffalo ore cow. Wet blue leather for upholstery and shoes Buffalo average size for a hide:40-42 sqft 2 qualities: A & b, a container will contains 70% a and 30% b Cow average size for a side: Male 20 sqft and female 16 sqft We can suply you with any kind of split, thickness and quantity. For every business partner we have we incurrage them to come and se for them self how product is produced. Should you ore any of your business partners ever be interested to come to Egypt we will assist you in any way.
[Related Categories: Leather Raw Materials ]
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Skins From Sheep, Goat, Deer, Rabbit, Fox, Kangaroo Skins From Sheep, Goat, Deer, Rabbit, Fox, Kangaroo
Specifications: Company Alfa BC Inc. can provide you with hides from: cow, steer, heifer, bull. All hides are machine (pulled) flayed, brine cured, well-trimmed and fleshed. Processed hides are palletized (flesh out) on wooden pallets, estimated 80/20% I/II, or better. Big variety of skins from: sheep, lamb, goat, deer, fox, rabbit, kangaroo all products drum salted. Please contact me for more details and prices. Any quantity is possible.
[Related Categories: Leather Raw Materials ]
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Leather From Libya And Sudanese Leather From Libya And Sudanese
Specifications: We are Al-mursheed Company, and we have the honour to offer to you high quality ready-for-use leather from Libya, for jackets, shoes, clothes etc.. Which is as follows: Type: Sheep, Cow, goat. Camel Price: Competetive. Colour: Different types of colour And we can also export you skis from Sudanese Leather F. O. B port Sudan at following: 1. Raw cow Leather 2. Cow Leather complying wih Sudanese 3. Specifications. 4. Wet blue crome tanned ABC 5. Cow Leather half tanned and packed 6. Wet blue run selection cow leather 7. Wet blue sheep grade 1,2,3 8. Run selection wet blue 2+6 9. Run selection sheep leather 10. - Wet blue goat leather 1,2,3 11. Packed goat leather Inspection: An inspection company to be appointed by the Buyer in the expense of the seller. Our prices is of F. O. B port Libya or Sudan. Payment: By L\\\\ C from prime Bank. We are at your disposal for any inquiry you may have and we do. Look for word to establish along term call aspiration with your esteemed company for the benefits of both sides. If interested, please donot hesitate to contact us.
[Related Categories: Leather Product ]
[Related Keywords: leather, from, Libya, and, Sudanese, leather, Libya, Sudanese ]
Finished Leather From Cow, Buff, Sheep And Goat Finished Leather From Cow, Buff, Sheep And Goat
Specifications: Manufacturer of finished leather from cow, buff, goat and sheep. Available 1.Upper and lining leather from full chrome cow , buff and goat. 2.Burnish from full chrome cow, buff and goat. 3.Goat skivers 4.Book binding leather 5.Nappa from goat, sheep and cow 6.Upholstry from cow and buff 7.Goat mesh
[Related Categories: Leather Product ]
[Related Keywords: finished, leather, from, Cow,, Buff,, sheep, and, Goat, finished, leather, COW, Buff, sheep, Goat ]
Exotic Skin From Ostrich And Crocodile Exotic Skin From Ostrich And Crocodile
Specifications: Exotic leather from ostrich and crocodile -can be sold as semi-product or custom made in quality leather goods such as bags, belts, shoes, furniture, industrial and fashion feathers and etc. Welcome to contact us for a quotation. (temporary for China, Taiwan and HK buyer only) Payment Terms: T/T
[Related Categories: Leather Product ]
[Related Keywords: exotic, skin, from, Ostrich, and, Crocodile, exotic, skin, Ostrich, Crocodile ]
Leather Product From Crocodile Skins Leather Product From Crocodile Skins
Specifications: We are the leading exporter in Vietnam specialized in leather fashion products making from crocodile skins as: Ladies/gents wallet, bell, ladies handbag, key chains, watch, gents shoes, gift. Our products are beautiful about design, noble about colour, competive about price.
[Related Categories: Leather Product ]
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60 Tonnes Of Various Fancy Textiles From Circular Knitt 60 Tonnes Of Various Fancy Textiles From Circular Knitt
Specifications: We are offering 60 tonnes of various fancy stock textiles produced by circular knitting machine. There are various colours and materials (polyester, acrylic, rayon, cotton-viscose etc. ). These textiles are appropriate for making women's t-shirt, night dresses and generally women's garments. Also curtains are possible to be made. We sell the whole quantity per kilo. Negotiable and competitive prices.
[Related Categories: Knitting Fabrics ]
[Related Keywords: 60, Tonnes, OF, various, fancy, textiles, from, Circular, Knitt, Tonnes, various, fancy, textiles, Circular, Knitt ]
Interlock Fabric From Polyester Interlock Fabric From Polyester
Specifications: 100% micro polyester interlcok fabric. End-use: Apparel and clothing for garment. Width:76"78" Weight:304 g/yd:168 g/m2
[Related Categories: Knitting Fabrics ]
[Related Keywords: interlock, fabric, from, polyester, interlock, fabric, polyester ]
Raw Wool From China Raw Wool From China
Specifications: Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a trading company from Singapore and possess vast expertise and experience in trading in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand. Language and cultural differences often create obstacles for Arab business people to tap on the vast potential of China. As such, we are offering a service for you to tap the powerful earning potential that China can provide. We have employed locals in Shanghai, Zhe Jiang and Ningbo who are able to source and negotiate much lower prices than foreigners can. Our experience in trading spans from garments and textiles, wool, gift and household items to industrial machinery and parts. Small or large orders, let us know what you need, and we can guarantee a price that is lower than you would be able to get elsewhere. China is a huge powerhouse to tap. Spare yourself the trouble of having to face an unfamiliar situation and problems in communication. Drop us an email or call us and we will be sourcing for you in no time!
[Related Categories: Fur Raw Materials ]
[Related Keywords: raw, wool, from, China, raw, wool, China ]
High Quality Nutria Pelts From Argentina High Quality Nutria Pelts From Argentina
Specifications: We are clearing our current stock of fur. Here's the list: 48 China Raccoon 375 Heavy Raccoon from Dakota 750 Argentina Sheared Nutria 500 Black Rabbit Plates 12 Silver Fox 12 Indigo Fox 12 Black Fox If you are interested by any of these products please contact us for additional informations and pictures.
[Related Categories: Fur Raw Materials ]
[Related Keywords: High, quality, Nutria, Pelts, from, Argentina, High, quality, Nutria, Pelts, Argentina ]
20sx 20s Twill Weave Cotton Yarn Dyed Checks From Stocks 20sx 20s Twill Weave Cotton Yarn Dyed Checks From Stocks
Specifications: We have for immediate supply 100% cotton yarn dyed twill weave fabrics in 20 x 20s count width 44" in 5 designs as per photo each 6,000 mtrs to be offered from stock subject to availablity on receipt of your confiratmion. Payment terms sight LC or TT remittance. Can be supplied after flanelling also. Please contact for price and other information.
[Related Categories: Cotton Fabrics ]
[Related Keywords: 20sx, 20s, twill, weave, cotton, yarn, dyed, checks, from, stocks, 20sx, 20s, twill, weave, cotton, yarn, dyed, checks, stocks ]
N_LINING Nylon Taffeta (190T/210T) with Width Ranging from 6 N_LINING Nylon Taffeta (190T/210T) with Width Ranging from 6
Specifications: N_LINING Nylon Taffeta (190T/210T) with Width Ranging from 60 to 62 Inches Key Specifications/Special Features Warp: 70D nylon Weft: 70D nylon Width: 60/62 inches 180T/190T/200T/210T/220T/230T Grey, azo-free plain dyed, crinkled, W/R, W/P PA,PU PVC silver, milky coating Other specifications not listed above are also available Payment Terms: L/CSupply Ability: LARGE
[Related Categories: Nylon Fabric ]
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Sirocco  -  Wireless Audio Bridge From Sondigo Sirocco - Wireless Audio Bridge From Sondigo
Specifications: Pls fill up inquiry form on our web. You can find details of our wireless audio bridge(launched in may 2006) - first in the world with dolby technology on the website. You may also want to first try out our product by placing an online order in our online store. We offer free shipping to us/Canada.
[Related Categories: Others ]
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Able To Receive Signals From All Bands (FM, VHF and UHF) Able To Receive Signals From All Bands (FM, VHF and UHF)
Specifications: Several models are available are designed to be compact and easy to use Application: VHF 2-12/UHF 21-69/FM Frequency range: VHF 47-230 MHz/UHF 470-862 MHz Channel: 2-69 Rotary switch: 12 positions Output impedence: 75 Ohm FM/VHF Telescopic rods: 7 sections chrome plate with swivel UHF: 360 degree signal received
[Related Categories: Wireless Networking Equipment ]
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Professional Bus, Truck And Train Antennas From Kathrein Professional Bus, Truck And Train Antennas From Kathrein
Specifications: We can offer you the worlds best professional antennas from the factory kathrein in germany to interesting prices. The various antennas covers the frequency group from 68-2550 mhz and some with an unique integrated gps and external gps amplifier. Please contact us for prices, datasheets, deliverytimes and others Please also visitn our web.Kathrein Kathrein-Werke KG
[Related Categories: RF/Microwave/Wireless Component & Assembly ]
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Caiing Cards From Turkey Caiing Cards From Turkey
Specifications: We are a multi-national telecommunications company incorporated in Ankara, Turkey. We have over 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry in both the USA and Turkey. We would like to introduce you to our newest business opportunity in Turkey. We have acquired a licence from the Turkish Telecommunications Authority. Also, we have successfully negotiated an agreement with them to offer the first 0811(Toll Free) access service throughout Turkey. *The number our clients will be utilizing from within Turkey is 0811.226.2626. A good opportunity to generate substantial commissions exists for anyone interested in promoting the sale of our services. We welcome interested parties to contact either our US or our Turkish offices for further information. We look forward to working with you.
[Related Categories: Phone Cards ]
[Related Keywords: Caiing, cards, from, Turkey, Caiing, cards, Turkey ]
International Cards From Iran To Any Country International Cards From Iran To Any Country
Specifications: We have a limited quantity of telephone cards from iran to any other country at good rates Other Price Terms: FOB  UAE
[Related Categories: Phone Cards ]
[Related Keywords: international, cards, from, Iran, TO, ANY, COUNTRY, international, cards, Iran, ANY, COUNTRY ]
Unlimited Calling Plan From Anywhere To Hong Kong Unlimited Calling Plan From Anywhere To Hong Kong
Specifications: Hardware Price: USD55.00 (FOB Hong Kong) Monthly Charge: Include one Hong Kong DID number (Friends in Hong Kong can contact you through this Hong Kong telephone number) Infinite Calls from any country to HK and HK to any country: USD28.00 Simple installation: Just plug in LAN line and power supply in any country and any ISP. Low Bandwidth Requirement: 20K bytes per each conncection Competitive Rates for Calling other Countries all over the World
[Related Categories: Network Communications ]
[Related Keywords: unlimited, Calling, plan, from, anywhere, TO, Hong, Kong, unlimited, Calling, plan, anywhere, Hong, Kong ]
Nokia N93 - New Model From Nokia Nokia N93 - New Model From Nokia
Specifications: Specifications: The Nokia N93 is a highly sophisticated 3G smartphone that is also an advanced digital camcorder, high resolution camera, multimedia player, games machine and much more. At first glance, the Nokia N93 looks like a conventional 3G clamshell phone, and indeed it functions perfectly well as a conventional phone. However, tucked into the oversized hinge is a 3.2 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, a camera flash, plus a 3X optical zoom - making the N93 one of only a tiny handful of phones to have optical zoom in additional to a digital zoom function. The camera can take very high quality stills photos, or DVD quality digital video that plays back at 640x480 pixels and 30 frames per second. The N93 comes with Adobe Premiere Elements to help you burn clips to DVD, or alternatively you can play them directly from the N93's video out port. Then there's the clever multiway hinge, which means that you can use the display as a viewfinder, or flip the orientation of the N93 around so that you can have a wide screen for web surfing. And it's a large screen too - the Nokia N93's display is a 2.4" 240x320 pixel panel, which should make it easy to work with images and applications. There's more - this Nokia N93 is an excellent multimedia player, and it has a very capable and advanced web browser, email client and a range of personal information management tools. It's also a great little games machine. As you might imagine, all those video clips and audio tracks take a lot of memory! The Nokia N93 has 50Mb of internal memory plus a 128Mb miniSD card supplied as standard - and this can be expanded to a whopping 2Gb! We haven't finished yet - the Nokia N93 is a 3G phone with tri-band GSM, GPRS and EDGE data support. The N93 also has inbuilt WiFi, so you can use it with a wireless ethernet network. On top of all this, the Nokia N93 is a Symbian S60 smartphone. This means that you can add other applications to it at a later date, and it effectively turns the Nokia N93 into an ultra-compact handheld computer. All of this gadgetry fits into a handset measuring 119x56x28mm and weighing 180 grams, which means that the Nokia N93 is quite a large device.. But it will sit comfortably in a pocket or bag and with all those features, you'll probably not need to carry any other kind of device such as a camera or MP3 player. It makes phone calls (of course! ) and the Nokia N93 also supports Bluetooth, so you can use it with a compatible car kit, headset, accessory or connect it to a PC and use it as a high-speed 3G modem.
[Related Categories: Mobile Phones ]
[Related Keywords: Nokia, N93, -, New, model, from, Nokia, N93, New, model, Nokia ]
CF 62 - Clampshell Phone From Siemens CF 62 - Clampshell Phone From Siemens
Specifications: Gsm 900/gsm 1800/gsm 1900 Size dimensions 82 x 45 x 22 mm,78 cc Weight 85 g Display type cstn,65k colors Size 130 x 130 pixels - second external monochrome display(blue illuminated) - 4-way navy key - screensavers Optional ringtones Vibration in phone - polyphonic ringtones - download games, applications, melodies - build-in handsfree - optional digital camera Memory phonebook yes Call records 10 dialed,20 received,20 missed calls Features gprs class 10(4+1/3+2 slots) Data speed 32 - 48 kbps Messaging sms, ems, mms Clock yes Alarm yes Infrared port no Games yes Colors 2 - cool grey, cool cashmere - java - wap 1.2.1 - t9 - calculator - currency converter
[Related Categories: Mobile Phones ]
[Related Keywords: CF, 62, -, Clampshell, Phone, from, Siemens, Clampshell, Phone, Siemens ]
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