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2013-03-12 05:36:41 Name: Beth(
can't login
Please help to reset the password. our company name is Guangzhou Top Power Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

2013-03-12 05:12:40 Name: Sophie Smith(
Organic SEO ? Team, I am Sophie SEO Consultant. Hope you are carrying your business in right direction. Definitely you are aware about growing demand of online advertising which is highly cost effective method of promoting business.To build a brand and promoting business in the ever growing digital world,online advertisement is effective and inexpensive. But according to research organic search is more trusted than sponsored ads and contribute more than 41% in B2C and 57.4% in B2B business. Our SEO strategy team is excited to evaluate your website. We are India based SEO company who not only offers cost effective SEO Services but also concern about quality of job according to changing trend of Search Engine optimization. Kindly let me know if we can help your company to improve sales and generate more queries for product or services. Looking forward to doing business with you. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Best Regards, Sophie Smith 0674-2556123 SEO Consultant ------------------------------------------------------------------ PS1: This is onetime email and you may ask us to ?REMOVE? you from our mailing list. PS2: I found your site from online advertising but did not click. PS3: We operate 24 x7. I will be happy to send you links to price list, money back guarantee. How we are different from others and Why should you choose us ? On receiving a response from you we will clarify you.

2013-03-11 22:36:14 Name: Faisal ahmed(
fencing gloves
Dear Sir/Madam, We are excited to inform you that, our company name is,Fastlionco, specialized manufacturer/exporter of Boxing Equipments, Production detail as under. 1. Weight lifting gloves 2. dressing Gloves 3. Inner gloves. 4. fencing sword gloves 5. Mini Boxing gloves 6. leather belts 7.Mini boxing glove keychain 8.weapon gloves 9.t shirt 10.foot ball Our motivation is to help you in reaching your specific goals for this purpose we are planning to make new designs of our product with excellent colour combination for the future and right now you will be highly pleased to have a look at our website Thanking you in anticipation and hoping your nice collaboration by email. Best Regards. Mr. faisal ahmed ghazi pur Sialkot - Pakistan Tel: 0092 52 4591621 Email: Website:

2013-03-10 22:20:36 Name: About your site.
Your need to improve your search engine rank. It only takes 7 days. This is free About your site.
Category: USHN

2013-03-10 01:02:33 Name: About your site.
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Category: VD6T

2013-03-09 11:26:44 Name: Dianne Speirs
TO ADMINISTRATION DEPT PLEASE DELETE ALL ACCOUNT INFORMATION FOR THE FOLLOWING COMPANY. I DO NOT KNOW HOW YOU GOT THIS INFORMATION OTHER THAN ALIBABA.COM SELLING IT TO YOU. YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION FROM SHASHI-COLOUR OR MYSELF TO DISPLAY COMPANY INFORMATION ON YOUR WEBSITE AT ALL. PLEASE DELETE IMMEDIATELY. THANK YOU. Shashi-Colour Mr. Ms. Dianne Speirs [] () Company: Shashi-Colour Address: 1594 Dominion Road Extn, Mt. Roskill South, Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand , , , Zip/Postal: 1041 Telephone: Registration required to view contact details. Fax: Registration required to view contact details. ICQ number: Registration required to view contact details. MSN number: Registration required to view contact details. Skype number: Registration required to view contact details. Contact email: Registration required to view contact details.

2013-03-09 08:59:46 Name: About your site.
Your need to improve your search engine rank. It only takes 7 days. This is free
Category: SFT9

2013-03-08 07:16:56 Name: Andy
Your website have illegally published my private phone number
The company Ninghai Chuangjin International Trade Co., Ltd. have illegally published my private phone number (86-574-25552899) as their company contact telephone number. Please cancel my phone number from your website once you received this email. You can call me by this number for confirmation

2013-03-07 06:38:19 Name: Sam Perkins(
Machinery Research
My name is Sam Perkins and I am a recent graduate working on a project focused on the buying and selling of new and used machinery online. I noticed that you were featured in the directory of and it would be incredibly helpful if I could ask you a few questions about your process for selling machinery online. According to our research, we believe there is a need for better machinery listing websites. We would like to talk to you in order to validate some of our ideas and in return, would be happy to offer you free priority listings on our marketplace as soon as it comes out of beta. Speaking to someone who is knowledgeable in the field such as as yourself would be incredibly helpful. Would you possibly have 5-10 minutes for a quick call? Or if e-mail is preferable, I could also just send you a couple of questions that way. Thanks so much, Sam

2013-03-05 12:26:21 Name: Ala'a Diknash
quote the price
Dear Sir, Please i need your email to contact you for asking you about your price and availability of product coz we need to buy some product from your side. Awaiting your quick response. thanks.

2013-03-05 04:25:56 Name: KH. MD. TAIB(
Dear sir/Madam, We have an urgent inquiry for Turbine Meter with EVC if you able to supply us than reply by return mail. So that, I will send you the specification. Thanks & best Regards. KH. MD. TAIB (Advisor) Mahi International Phone: +88-02-8124136 Fax: +88-02-8125652 Mobile: +88-01715016135 E-mail:, website:
Category: Turbine Meter with EVC.

2013-03-03 02:47:03 Name: Jeevan Lim-Nunez
Delete my account
Hi, this page is me. Can you delete the account? Thanks Jeevan
Dear sir. my name is oluwagbemi shola from nigeria.i work with tambolar nig. ent.we need to make an urgent enquiry about the KILIT insecticide. my email address is mobile phone number:08055242334.

2013-03-03 00:31:41 Name: Mark Sgro(
MASI Trading
Hello, I noticed my company MASI Trading is on your website. I have never added my company profile to this site as i believe you have copied it from Please remove my company details from your website. Thanks Mark Sgro

2013-02-28 08:06:03 Name: Alice(
mosquito netting
This is manufacturer of mosquito netting from China. We specialized in mosquito netting for 8 years with good quality and pretty competitive price. Could you please send me the Specification and Quantity of the mosquito netting which you need ,so that we can give you a most suitable price.Many thanks! Looking forward to hear from you soon. Best regards, Alice

2013-02-27 10:34:18 Name: ejaz(
Category: none

2013-02-26 12:25:26 Name: GERT JACOBS(
Managing Director
Hello, I contact you as owner of company Sunny Europe NV in Antwerp Belgium. More then 5 years ago, an ex-employee posted information about our company. Since we are not in the trading business anymore for years, this presence is influencing our reputation in a negative way. Would you please be so kind to remove our account. Much obliged.

2013-02-26 07:19:23 Name: Sophie Smith(
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2013-02-25 14:14:37 Name: Vaida(
Dear Sir, we are registred user as fasa2006, but i can not log in. Please send us log in password and user name.
Category: machinery

2013-02-25 13:23:13 Name: SNEP(
Please communicate us urgently, by fax or mail your best offer in FOB & CFR-Mohammedia, for : - 400 to 600 MT DOP / DINP or DEHP in bulk - Arrival at the port of Mohammedia : 05/04/2013 Alternatively ? offer product in Flexitank FOB & CFR/CASABLANCA - Arrival at the port of Casablanca : 05/04/2013 Please specify the payment terms granted, delay of expedition, time of unloading and demurrage. Attach recent technical notice and material safety data sheet , and precise origin of product. *** SPECIFY THE PRODUCT COMPLIANCE WITH LAW REACH NUMBER AND DATE OF REGISTRATION - EC NUMBER ? CAS NUMBER - CHEMICAL NAME N. B : SUPPLIER MUST COMMIT TO ENSURE THAT THE SPECIFICATIONS ARE PROVIDED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LEGISLATION IN FORCE GREETINGS SOCIETE NATIONALE D'ELECTROLSYE ET DE PRTROCHIMIE ROUTE COTIERE 111 - BP 94 MOHAMMEDIA / MAROC TEL.: 212.523.32.43.28/29/30....41 FAX : 212.523.32.43.44 / 212.523.31.47.81 Ms. I. E. BENKIRANE PURCHASING MANAGEMENT

2013-02-23 15:42:24 Name: Veerasak(
Hello,I need a CPU Fuji Data System for Chen Hsong JM168MK3. Do you have it.? Please advise Veerasak / THAILAND

2013-02-23 00:33:35 Name: Ileana Arita(
purchase manager
we are very interes in your banknote detector BJ-136 SERIES. please send me the distribution prices and minimun. Thank you,
Category: international

2013-02-22 10:25:08 Name: Mr.Peter(
BG/SBLC instruments
Sir/Madam, I have a Provider that can deliver leased BG/SBLC instruments to Organisations or individuals with their preferred text verbiage as been approved by their bankers. And we also have investors are round the world ready to invest in any project. If interested, get back to me. email to : Mr.Peter
Category: BG/SBLC instruments

2013-02-21 08:33:13 Name: Veerasak(
Chen Hsong
Hello,I need CPU A1000027C CPU Data System for Chen Hsong # JM168MKIII-C.. Please advise Veeras / THAILAND
Category: Plastic Injection

2013-02-21 06:22:01 Name: DUNG(
Hello!!! Currently I am in Vietnam, because he wanted to trading in Levi's 501 jeans used, after consultation with the businessI know you have this item, Today I am writing thisemail toyou, look forwardto yourcooperation!!!Can you please tell me the method of payment? Shipping methodand delivery? Per event map? weight and number?, and discounts as well as helpfrom you. I'mvery happyif oneday theclosest Iget youremail reply!!! can contact me by email: or Sincerelythank. /.

2013-02-20 07:05:15 Name: New Plugin forces your Blog to the top of Google
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Category: BDUM

2013-02-20 00:41:07 Name: helen(
Dear Sir, Good day, how are you? wish you everything is well. This is Helen from SCG, I?m glad to have the chance to introduce SCG for you and hope to be in touch with you. please allow me to make a brief introduction of SCG, our company mainly design and produce electronic door locks for Commerical Application and Residential Application.(ex:hotels/offices/homes/rental properties/ dormitories...and so on) SCG is a leading electronic door lock brand established for 32 years and has been doing electronic products so many years in Taiwan, at the same time we accumulated great knowledge of electronic door lock know-hows to provide our partners with electronic door lock solutions with better stability and quality in mechanism and in electronic parts which different ourselves with our competitors, please refer to our website for more information : To continue our discussion and to find a mutually beneficial cooperation, please share with us more of your thought on scg products or any future possible projects and trial order. if you need any information or assiatance on products please feel free contact me, i will try my best to do for you, looking forward to have a chance to cooperation with your company,thank you very much. waiting for your reply. Best regards., Helen Chang 日堡全球精密科技股份有限公司 Sun Castle Global Precision Technology Co., Ltd. 42943 台中市神岡區八德路九如巷17-1號 NO. 17-1, Jiuru Ln., Bade Rd., Shengang Dist., Taichung City 42943, Taiwan TEL: +886-4-2562-9136 Ext. 35 Skype ID:scg-salesrep.26 FAX: +886-4-2562-4697 Email: WebSite:
Category: electronic door lock

2013-02-19 06:54:31 Name: Sudhakar Shetty
IT Manager
As we have seen that our Company profile is appearing in your website : we request you to delete this page as this is having wrong information. Kindly do the needfull at the earliest. Do let us know in case you need further any clarification.
Category: Abuse of our Company Profile
2013-02-19 06:53:31 Name: journey(
remote control business
journey818Dear purchasing manger,Chinese professional manufacturer of remote control here ,we supply varies kinds of remote for you to choose,mainly for Electronic and home appliances ,TV,STB .DVD.satellite receives and so on,We also can design the shape and function you want according to your requirements ,you can visit our website, if necessary,contact me

2013-02-18 12:28:35 Name: emin
When I put on a add. I can't find my produc' ARTICKLE/MODEL NO. cOULD YOU HELP ME HOW CAN ı FIND THE NUMBER, EKSCAMLE ı PUT scrap used rail what is the article no:? Thanks

2013-02-18 04:40:05 Name: Santosh Mishra(
Need to carry out an edm campaign on your database. Please contact @ 9953931123
Category: Advertising
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