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2011-07-17 11:54:21 Name: Azimi Aziz(
Dear Friend, I'm glad to to be in touch with you finally, I'm an Iraqi woman, by name Azimi Aziz, a retired registered nurse here in Baghdad. I never meant to disturb your peace but in a briefly, would use my little knowledge in English to reveal a top secrete to you and please kindly hear me out. You must be aware of the situation here in Iraq, the killings and brutalities and attacks by insurgents. My husband died in a bomb attack and the secrete to you right now is on the process, he and some of his late friends secretly moved some amount of money that was hidden in one of the Saddam Hussein's caves as they were Anti-Saddam. Which for 18 months now no trace and nothing said about. He confided in me before his death regarding the funds, as if he knew he was going to die. Your kind assistance in receiving these funds will be appreciated, for the purpose of investment. 70% of the total will be set aside for a good business Investment while an offer of 30% is made available to you hope you'll appreciate that in good faith. I'm not asking much from you but rather a hand of assistance in moving the funds out of the London security vaults where it's been deposited under temporal immunity coverage. I can assure you that being the only one aware of this secretes, I will make all the claiming documents available to you upon your letter of acceptance. Iraq, is a war zone and my life here cannot be predicted as anything can happen at any time, religion does not permit me to leave here without following the due process and rules, so would seize this opportunity to have the funds invested for good rather than die and the funds left unclaimed, yet I believe, I will be out here in a short while. Note that the process would encounter no hitch as it is a risk free transaction, let me say that "TRUST" should be our major objective in this venture as you'll be in control of it all. Until my mission is completed. Can you, be trusted? Kindly send me your quick letter of acceptance so we could get it on. ( Nice to meet you. Azimi Aziz
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