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Tradenote.net is one of the world’s long existing South Korea-based online B2B platform, dedicated to promoting trusted trade across the globe, with a particular focus on the G20 economies.

Established in 2008 and online since 2009, Tradenote.net allows users to post and browse both company and trade-related information in over 1,400 sub-categories. We are proudly serving over 1,150,000 international companies from all over the world, helping these companies compete in international trade, advance into new markets, and meet the needs of their clients while creating the most trusted B2B trading environment on the web. We also offer comprehensive business solutions to the global community. Our portal is for importers and exporters from across the globe to interact and conduct business smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Whether you’re buying or selling, Importers.com enables small and medium-sized enterprises to grow their businesses, facilitating safe trade and trusted business relationships from across the world. The new Tradenote.net offers the unique opportunity to improve your experience by purchasing Marketing with built-in search engine that could take you plenty of resources.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help small and medium-sized enterprises compete in international trade, advance into new markets, and meet the needs of their clients, while creating the most trusted B2B trading environment on the web.

Our Value Proposition

For small and medium-sized enterprises who need to expand their customer or supplier reach, Tradenote.net is the ideal B2B portal to go to that offers a safe and trusted environment for facilitating trade relationships across the world, while additionally offering sub-domain leasing to let your company be found.

We help buyers and distributors find new international suppliers: Buyers save thousands by importing products at wholesale prices.

We help manufacturers and wholesalers promote their products worldwide: Suppliers save thousands by finding new buyers online.

Online since 2009, Tradenote.net has growing to become one of the single most widely-recognized and searched B2B trade websites online.

Participating in the fast paced international import and export business is actually a serious challenge for many of the entrepreneurs. Success within the ferociously competitive international market needs understanding the import and export trade leads and also their correct documentation. international recognition will solely be achieved through successful international marketing operations.

Import and Export isn't straightforward

Import and export doesn't mean simply loading a cargo or contracting the sea freight services. It involves way more. Properly completed international import and export documentation is important for any entrepreneur. Besides the international laws for such transportation of products, it's conjointly necessary realizing the legal needs of each supply and destination countries. Leads within the field will facilitate the method significantly.

Import Export Business Directories

Use principal and export business directories will facilitate improve the business considerably. one in all the explanations is that such directories contain valuable info regarding international trade leads or links to websites that have such leads. Multiple businesses area unit there commerce various merchandise and services on-line globally. once associate degree bourgeois submits his web site to such directories, they get valuable links to such different sites dealing on identical merchandise and services.

International Trade Leads for Import and Export

These leads area unit typically designed to match the prevailing importers and exporters. Producers don't seem to be restricted to national or native boundaries in international market. Searches through varied search engines and at last stepping into bit with involved entrepreneurs involves the method principal and export credentials.

Trade Leads

Basis of format of trade between 2 bodies represent the essence of trade points. they're generated by multiple totally different promoting campaigns or various divergent sources. Such sources may be mailings, fairs, phones, trade markets, and information promoting still as websites. Entrepreneurs also can use Google Ad Words, Ads in trade publications, still as membership in marketing associations as viable choices for native or international trade.

Trade Leads for tiny Business

Small business will considerably like use of such leads whether or not at the native or international level. Qualitative and skilled lead generation channel will facilitate such entrepreneurs in business promotion quite effectively. excellent news for such little and medium business entrepreneurs is that they'll even be narrowed through email.

B2B Trade Leads and Trade Offers

Over the years import and export trade are one in all the key factors in survival of the B2B firms. that's why such firms have spent billions of greenbacks in precisely checking out the leads and that they do everything to stay their sales funnels crammed out with such leads. It becomes easier for the bourgeois selecting the correct counterpart with such trade leads. Trade offers area unit typically planned for economic still as profitable deals. related to substantial discounts and allowances they create economical tools of advertisement thus on attract higher offers. In each export and import, swish deals area unit negotiated effectively with such leads created obtainable.

Import associate degreed export area unit each integral elements of palmy international promoting campaign and might provide desired international recognition to an enterprise. In such cases the pertinency of obtaining effective leads becomes a lot of pronounced.

Trade leads - Effective Importing-Exporting

Have you ever wonder, how many importers and exporters get their suppliers and buyers from other foreign nationals so easily? After trying their hand on marketplaces like eBay, an increasing number of people are looking for either a foreign supplier for the items they are trading locally or global buyers look for the unique product that they can sell. If you are one of such person or if you have recently decided to explore import-export business opportunities, or looking for Online Foreign Trade, then using this simple method you too can find buyers and sellers from other foreign countries easily and effectively, in short span of time.

There are several means people use to look for a foreign supplier or buyer, which include attending trade shows, contacting trade section of embassies and chambers of commerce, posting trade leads advertisements on the Internet, etc. However, posting trade leads on the country and industry specific bulletin boards is by far the easiest and cheapest technique which brings pretty fast results.

Browse through www.tradenote.net for more Trade offers and trade leads.

What is a trade lead?

By trade lead we understand a categorized advertisement of buy, sell or service trade opportunity related to export and import. Before the Internet era World Trade Centers, Chambers of Commerce, Export Promotion Bureau and some other Government agencies used to collect and publish trade inquiries and circulate them by mail to subscribers. Subscription cost of many of those lists some times was and still is quite hefty. A number of trade journals have also carried special sections for trade inquiries. In any case, the process of getting a lead and acting on it was slow, time consuming and sometimes even outdated.

Today, thanks to the Internet, the situation has changed dramatically! The development of e-commerce, global trade growth and increased use of the Internet have helped proliferate numerous bulletin boards, trade leads sites and B2B portals. Some of geography specific trade leads portals have become prime destination for both importers and exporters planning to do business in those countries.

Why post trade leads?

When you are on a trade leads portal like http://tradenote.net you have two braod category of options. You can either find a supplier or a buyer for a product either by browsing or searching among the existing notes. Another option is to post your very own trade leads advertisement. Trade note also let you find trade shows and buying/selling offers. It offers members area to manage all your trade leads, offers and products. In general, use of the trade leads pages including postings does not require a payment on most of the sites. And, yes, Trade note is also free to join.

Post one such free ad now in www.tradenote.net and get Trade Leads exchange.

How to use leads effectively?

Trade leads from online is an important aspect of international online business and considered as the most inexpensive way of getting new buyers and consequently export orders. To use these leads profitably, we need to understand who places these leads, why and how to use these leads effectively for expanding international business.

How Reliable are Trade Leads ?

It is important to distinguish between trade lead and export order. Trade leads or 'RFQ' (Request For Quote) are enquiries from unknown buyers published in public bulletin boards or b2b marketplaces or sent directly to suppliers. These are certainly not export orders - though some of these could be converted into firm order after successful negotiation. At the same time, many of these could be of questionable value. Get reliable trade leads in www.tradenote.net

So, how do we identify trade leads from serious buyers ? Let us look at these trade leads critically and find out ways of dealing with them profitably.

There are many kinds of trade leads like business opportunities, foreign government tenders, Online foreign trade etc. For this discussion, we take the most prevalent type of offers in WWW.tradenote.net - message placed by private company or individuals to buy or sell a specific product/service within a reasonable period of time.

Navigate to tradenote.net to find Trade leads, trade offers, b2b business leads, buy & sell offers posted by global exporters, manufacturers & importers for numerous business opportunities.

Key aspects with Trade leads:

The Challenge - How to Separate Wheat from Chaff
There is no specific rules - but common sense, observation, care and imagination can help you locate potential leads and manage your time and resources that much better.

Following are some tips on this regard based on my experience since 1997:
  1. 1. Find Reliable and Exclusive Sources
  2. 2. Keep a Watch for Competitors
  3. 3. Be Careful of Large Orders
  4. 4. Observe the Language
  5. 5. Check the Market
Generating Trade leads:

Generating trade leads is often seen as a very difficult task and holds a great importance as it forms the bottom line of any business. Though there are many portals that help in generating trade leads, there are some common things which can take us a long way in generating trade leads.

  1. 1. Customer contact: Not many of us realize this but are existing customers are the best source of generating sales leads. They can bring you loads of new business by referring you to their contacts. Keeping in regular touch with the customers by phone or email is one of the best ways to generate sales leads.
  2. 2. Trade groups and associations: Being an active member of trade groups also helps a lot. If you happen to be a regular speaker at trade events, it greatly increases your chances of generating sales leads.
  3. 3. Writing: Those who occasionally or regularly write for trade journals and magazines are held in high regard and increases your brand value. This brand value helps a lot in generating trade leads.
  4. 4. Quality of service: You may be able to get a few trade leads but if you don't provide quality service, you lose more than you gain. One of the best ways of generating sales leads is by word of mouth and no one does it better than a satisfied customer.
  5. 5. Complimentary products and services: Send your customers to the businesses that sell products that compliment yours. This is also one of the best methods of generating sales leads. You send them your customers, they will send you theirs.


Trade Lead Directory:

Many business owners know that the Internet offers a wealth of information. But not all information is valuable. When it comes to acquiring information online, you need to acquire them from reliable sources. Reliable information usually come from industry experts - Trade lead directories.

Here is where trade lead directories come in. Trade directories are built for import / export businesses. There are 3 things that an online trade directory can do for you:

  1. 1) Source for products.
  2. 2) Get valuable research reports.
  3. 3) Contact freight forwarder companies.

Top popular trade lead directory tradenote.net has it for all categories starting from Agrculture, Home supplies, hardwares, Industrial supplies, electronics, office supplies and all other products.

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