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About Us

Let Your Company Be Found

Tradenote.net is an online e-Marketplace that makes connections between buyers and sellers throughout the world.
Sellers can post their products in the Tradenote.net e-Marketplace and for buyers to browse. Also, sellers can search directly for the products that buyers are interested in and intend to purchase.

Buyers can search products that sellers have posted and find the suitable sellers. Furthermore, buyers can create their own list of products that they are interested in.

Tradenote's primary mission is to promote and centralize services and resources which help small and medium-sized businesses to compete in the international marketplace.

Tradenote is the proud sponsor of the International Business Forum, a regional organization that brings together participants in global commerce on a monthly basis to share their experiences and build business relationships.

Tradenote Objectives:
  • Tradenote's objective is to increase export through a systematic integration of trading houses into the international marketing strategy of Ontario industry and commerce.
  • Tradenote's objective is to further the awareness of trading companies in the world in both provincial and federal governments, as well as the general public. To help achieve this goal, we will be holding information seminars to illustrate the effectiveness of trading houses in international markets as well as providing a forum for others to learn about us.
  • Tradenote will be tackling issues in private and public sectors that are of importance to our members and to be their voice with these parties.
  • Tradenote will be a clearing house for vetting members, so that companies that wish to have information on a particular member, will have an opportunity to have a referral service for prospective companies.
  • Tradenote intends to hold learning seminars (classes eventually) on international trading to further educate the public on this exciting industry.
  • Tradenote will be a voice for our members on financial matters, in seeking to be given the same treatment as many other companies.
  • Tradenote will give our members an opportunity to dialogue with other traders in impartial surroundings and thus promote more trade between them.