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Set-top Box Dvb-s Satellite Tv Receiver Set-top Box Dvb-s Satellite Tv Receiver
Specifications: Features --mpeg-2 digital and full dvb --on-screen display with 256-full color interface --blind search (power scan) --extended epg and program reservation through epg --spdif digital sound --diseqc control version 1.0,1.2 and usals --re-namable 8 favorite channel groups --powerful channel control by favorites, loc, skip, move and channel sorting by alphabet, transponder --10 languages (osg and menu): English, spanish, portuguese, french, german, turkish, arabic, parsi --extended epg and program reservation through epg --tele-text support (osd and vbi insertion) --last channel memory function --total 5,000 channels --pre-installed channels (optional) --multi-satellite --various games with stereo sound --cvbs video & audio output via rca --component y/pb/pr output --s-vhs video output --dolby digital bitstream audio output via s/pdif --software & channel database upgrade via rs-232c --multi-picture display --parental lock/installation lock/receiver lock --zoom-in function pause --smart card reader (optional) Babiken Other Price Terms: FOB  Shenzhen Payment Terms: T/T Certification(s): vary per productsSupply Ability: Mass
[Related Categories: Radio & TV Broadcasting ]
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DVB T Mini TV Receiver DVB T Mini TV Receiver
Features: 1) Ultra-compact USB digital terrestrial TV receiver and recorder, no bigger than a flash memory drive 2) DVB-T protocol (ETS 300 744) compliant 3) Power from USB, no extra adapter required 4) Real-time digital video recording into the MPEG2 format 5) Infrared remote control 6) Records and plays back DVD-quality TV programs on your PC (720 x 480 NTSC, 720 x 576 PAL) 7) Fully-resizable video window (up to full screen) 8) 16:9 widescreen display 9) EPG (electronic program guide) and schedule recording 10) Subtitle function 11) Teletext function 12) Snapshot for still image capture 13) Full channel and territory auto scan (6 / 7 / 8MHz) and channel name recognition 14) Time shifting and channel surfing Specifications: 1) TV tuner: a) Input terminal (75ohm VHF / UHF) b) Receiving frequency: VHF, 174 - 230MHz / UHF, 470 - 862MHz 2) Demodulator and FEC: channel band with 6, 7, 8MHz 3) Constellation: QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM 4) OFDM mode: 2K or 8K 5) Code rate: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 6) Guard interval: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 Other Price Terms: FOB Payment Terms: T/T
[Related Categories: Radio & TV Broadcasting ]
[Related Keywords: DVB, t, Mini, TV, Receiver, DVB, Mini, Receiver ]
8.4 8.4" Digital TV Receiver + Analog TV
Specifications: 1) Screen size: 8.4 inches, 16:9 2) Power source (option) AC adaptor: car adaptor, connecting jack external antenna input jack 3) Earphone jack: AV input jack DVB-T/AV input jack, external power input jack 4) Tuner input according to code rate 4.98, 31.67Mbit/s (8MHXZ bandwidth) 5) Demodulation format COFDM 6) Modulation format: QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM 7) Bandwidth 7MHz or 8MHz 8) TFT mode 2k/8k 9) Input frequency VHF 177.5MHZ UHF 474MHz 858MHz 10) Input range: -20 65d BmV range 11) Input impedance: 75 OHM Features: 1) With DVB-T & MPEG2 standard 2) Auto search system and with update code rate information function 3) Can store 1000 channels 4) With disconnect power memory function 5) Support OSD TV TEXT, color screen display, menu language: English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese 6) EPG program guide function 7) Support 9 program guide function 8) 7MHZ-8MHz bandwidth (6MHz bandwidth can be ordered) Accessories: 1) AC adaptor 2) Car adaptor 3) Earphone 4) Remote control 5) AV in/out cord 6) AAA type batteries 7) Digital TV antenna 8) Bracket support 9) Double-side adhesive tape for bracket support Inner packing: Gift box Goodshin, buyer's brand Payment Terms: T/T or L/C at sightSupply Ability: 10,000pcs/month
[Related Categories: Radio & TV Broadcasting ]
[Related Keywords: 8.4", DIGITAL, TV, Receiver, +, Analog, DIGITAL, Receiver, Analog ]
Digital TV Receiver Digital TV Receiver
We can supply high quality digital TV and radio. With the HDTV player you can also record your favorite TV programs onto your hard disk, and take high quality pictures and store them onto your hard disk as well. By using the time shifting feature you can also control live TV, fast forward past commercials, pause the program or instantly replay a scene. This device is very small and lightweight. It's powered by the USB port requiring no extra power cable. The USB tuner connects to any PC or notebook, without complicated hardware installation. Measuring approx. 8cm long, this multi-functional piece of equipment will fit neatly into any pocket. Also included is an antenna to enable you to enjoy the same advantages that a bigger DVB-T receiver offers: Electronic Program Guide (EPG) video text or playing 16:9 and 4:3 file formats. The antenna has a magnetic base, allowing it to be placed safely and securely on the roof of your vehicle should you want to use this on the road. Please note that in some areas you may need to connect to a rooftop aerial to pickup the broadcasts clearly, a lead has been supplied for this purpose. Globalink Other Price Terms: FOB Shezhen Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: 20,000 units /month
[Related Categories: Radio & TV Broadcasting ]
[Related Keywords: DIGITAL, TV, Receiver, DIGITAL, Receiver ]
Beamer TV Videophone Beamer TV Videophone
Specifications: Beamer TV Videophone works with your television, home phone and home phone line, to instantly add video to your phone calls. Call your family and friends, (locally and abroad) and see them on your television screen. Overview With Beamer TV, families can experience the joys and benefits of videophone calls by seeing family and friends they are talking to displayed on their television screen. Beamer TV is easy to set up and easy to use - as easy as making a phone call. Works with any home phone (corded or cordless). Works with any standard (analog) phone line. Works with any television (NTSC* and PAL** formats) that has a RCA video jack. No special wiring or equipment. No service fees, contracts or subscriptions. No additional cost to your phone call. Almost all of today's televisions have RCA video jacks. For televisions that do not have RCA video jacks, use a RF modulator to connect Beamer TV to the television. Set Up and Performance Features Beamer TV is easy to set up in four simple steps. Plug your phone into Beamer TV, plug Beamer TV into your television's RCA video jack, connect Beamer TV to your wall phone jack, and plug in Beamer TV's power adapter. Beamer TV's performance features offer callers a wide range of choices. START/VIEWS button gives you complete control over when the video is on. Three viewing choices - Self view, Other Party view, or Combo view. Snapshot/Privacy option - send a high resolution video image and temporarily halt any new video transmission, until you want it to continue. Detail/movement control to select the degree of definition. Simple 4-button remote control for all Beamer TV features. Design Features Beamer TV is stylishly designed to fit anywhere. With a slim, sleek shape and lightweight body, Beamer TV is ideal for any viewing environment. Trim, thin design (1.5"H x 7.6"W x 6.0"D) allows Beamer TV to fit easily into small spaces. Skid-proof base keeps Beamer TV securely positioned atop any television. Adjustable tilt camera makes it easy to capture the perfect view. Camera cover hides camera lens when not in use. Remote control nests in recessed niche, making it easy to find. System Specifications Beamer TV is designed to add live, color motion video to phone calls using any home phone and television (with RCA video jack), over any home (analog) phone line. The quality of the video connection is dependent on the quality of your phone line connection, just as the audio quality is dependent on the phone line connection when Beamer TV is not in use.
[Related Categories: Video Phones & Parts ]
[Related Keywords: Beamer, TV, Videophone, Beamer, Videophone ]
Features: 1) Support SDTV 2) Digital TV grants a terrific image quality 3) DVB-T offers the same image resolution as satellite TV 4) Digital formats avoid the noise which may happen with analogue TV 5) Pocket sized TV for notebook computer or PC 6) USB TV Super mini (25.5 x 12 x 98mm) receiver 7) The receiver need no more power supply than the USB power 8) If you can bring a mouse, you can bring this high resolution 9) TV with your laptop 10) Digital VCR with time shifting 11) USB DVB-T super mini records the video broadcast in native MPEG-2 high resolution 12) Schedule your recording at your convenience 13) Time-shifting: start watching a recording even before the recording is complete 14) Save your TV broadcasts in MPEG-1and 2 formats readable on your home DVD player, burn VCD or DVD full motion video capture up to 25fps/30fps 15) Still frame capture 16) Infra-red remote control 17) Control your TV function as easily as a TV set with the remote 18) Control the VCR functions as a VCR with the remote 19) Receives and decodes DVB-T free to air broadcast 20) Complies with Europe DVB-T free-to-air standards Specifications: 1) Tuner 2) Input Terminal: 75 Ohm impedance MCX Connector 3) Receiving Frequency: VHF 174 ~ 230 MHz; UHF 470 ~ 862 MHz 4) Input Signal Level: -78 - -20dBm 5) Operation Temperature: 0 - +65°C 6) Support MCPC and SCPC 7) COFDM and FEC 8) Fully DVB-T compliant 9) 2K or 8K FFT size 10) Code rate: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6 and 7/8 11) Bandwidth: 6/7/8MHz auto select support ATSC (optional), USB interface 12) Universal serial BUS2.0 standard 13) A type USB male connector 14) De-multiplexing 15) Engine: software 16) Stream capture: PES and TS 17) A/V format 18) Video format: MPEG-II main profile and main level 19 Audio format: MPEG-II audio layer I and II Powerstar Other Price Terms: FOB Shenzhen Payment Terms: T/T, L/C Certification(s): CE, FCCSupply Ability: 100,000pcs/month
[Related Categories: Telecom Parts ]
[Related Keywords: USB, dvb-t, TV, Dongle, USB, dvb-t, Dongle ]
USB TV Dongle USB TV Dongle
Features: 1) Fully DVB-T (ETSI/EN 300 744/MPEG-2 compliant 2) Supports EPG function, electronic program guide, Teletext, subtitle, still frame capture, IR controlling, full channel program search and favorite program Specifications: 1) USB2.0 controller 2) Synteks STK1130 3) Kand8K COFDM demodulator: Philips TDA10046AHT 4) Silicon tuner: Philips TDA8275A 5) TV recording: supports incident planning list time-shifting as well as DVR and schedule recording 6) Tuner a) RF interface: IEC interface b) Input frequency: 47-860MHz c) Input level: -60-20dBm d) Input impedance: demodulation 7) Demodulation a) Waveform: COFDM b) Demodulation: QPSK/16QAM/64QAM c) Carrier wave mode: 2K/8K d) Channel bandwidth: 6MHz, 7MHz, 8MHz e) Protect interval: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 f) Encode rate: 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 8) Audio decoder a) Standard: ISO/IEC 11172-2, ISO/IEC 13818-2 b) Video decoding: MPEG-2 9) Video decoder a) Standard: ISO/IEC 13818-3 b) Audio decoding: MPEG-1 layer IandII/Musicam c) Output mode: left/left, right/right, left/right d) PID Num: 32, 44.1, 48kHz 10) Size: 165 x 115 x 50mm 11) Gross weight: 350g 12) System requirement: Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4/Windows XP SP1, Microsoft Direct X 9.0 or above PC/Notebook, PIII 800MHz CPU or above, 128MB memory or above, 8MB VGA card or above, audio card, VHF/UHF terrestrial TV broadcast ANT, USB standard interface compliant, Microsoft Media Player 7.0 or above Powerstar Other Price Terms: FOB Shenzhen Payment Terms: T/T, L/C Certification(s): CE, FCCSupply Ability: 100,000pcs/month
[Related Categories: Telecom Parts ]
[Related Keywords: USB, TV, Dongle, USB, Dongle ]
TV Tuner Card TV Tuner Card
Specifications: 1) Philips SAA7130 chipset 2) 9 bit video decoder with adaptive comb filter, provide high quality video output 3) Enjoy full-feature TV entertainment on your PC 4) Full motion display up to 30fps Max resolution up to 720 x 576 5) Capture and display video from DV 6) Directly record DV video into MPEG I, MPEG II and AV file 7) With AV and S-Video terminal input port, capable of watching images of TV/video/tape/VCD/video camera on PC 8) Directly input FM frequency (for TV/FM) Model only 9) Full channel scanning, up to 136 channels receivable 10) OSD: channel and volume displayed on screen 11) 100 favorite channels customized 12) Compress into MPEG-I, MPEG-II file 13) Support image browsing and e-album function 14) Capture still image such as BMP, JPG, etc 15) Lightness, contrast, saturation, hue adjustable 16) Compliant with PCI 2.1, hot plug and play, support Windows 98 / SE / ME / 2000/XP 17) Compliant with ITU H.324 video conference standard most prevailing video conference software 18) FM tuner stereo FM 88MHz - 108MHz Other Price Terms: FOB, CIF Payment Terms: 100% T/T
[Related Categories: Network Communications ]
[Related Keywords: TV, Tuner, card, Tuner, card ]
Video DVB T digital TV Receiver and recorder Video DVB T digital TV Receiver and recorder
Features: 1) Advanced HDTV playback: a) Auto scanning channels and save all channels b) Supports electronic program Guide (EPG) navigation c) Supports teletext and FM radio broadcasting d) Live update and forecast HDTV program e) Supports multi-channel preview, easily access target channel f) Supports timeshifting function g) Checks programs info, such as service provider, channel frequency, service type h) Notifies current program's duration time, the start time and the end time i) Advanced power saving scheme for notebook PC 2) Supports multiple real-time and schedule task: a) Real-time record and save your favorite program while watching HDTV program b) Schedule record HDTV program, never miss any wonderful programs c) Schedule watch program at specified time d) Real-time capture favorite video as still image 3) Easy to manage HDTV programs: a) Supports favorite program list b) Supports parental control 4) Supports multiple source files playback: a) Compliant with DVB-T based protocol b) Supports playback HDTV, DVD / VCD / CD disc, media file, video device c) Playback picture as slideshow d) Supports teletext broadcasting e) Supports MPEG-2 decoder 5) Outstanding video and audio quality: a) High video quality, supports multiple aspect ratio and video hardware accelerating b) Video desktop lets you view video in true background mode, just like wallpaper c) Smart stretch lets video smart fit on all monitor with different aspect ratio, avoids video loss or distortion d) Enhanced audio effect and equalizer, supports 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 channel output ASICO Other Price Terms: FOB Shenzehn Certification(s): CE, FCC
[Related Categories: Network Communications ]
[Related Keywords: video, DVB, t, DIGITAL, TV, Receiver, and, recorder, video, DVB, DIGITAL, Receiver, recorder ]
USB Mini DVB T Digital TV Receiver & Recorder USB Mini DVB T Digital TV Receiver & Recorder
Features: 1) USB2.0 digital terrestrial TV receiver 2) Portable size 3) Equivalent to USB drive 4) Small antennas provide robust clear reception 5) Watch live terrestrial digital TV on your notebook / PC 6) Full band reception (compliant with EN 300744 / DVB-T) 7) Record to disk and playback with DVD quality (NTSC 720 x 480, PAL 720 x 576) 8) Real-time digital video recording as MPEG2 format 9) 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio 10) Support schedule recording, teletext and EPG 11) Full channel and territory autoscan (6 / 7 / 8MHz) and channel name recognition 12) Power from USB, no external power adaptor required Packing: Gift box package Other Price Terms: FOB Certification(s): CE, FCCSupply Ability: 50,000pcs/month
[Related Categories: Network Communications ]
[Related Keywords: USB, Mini, DVB, t, DIGITAL, TV, Receiver, &, recorder, USB, Mini, DVB, DIGITAL, Receiver, recorder ]
Mobile Phones, TV Set Mobile Phones, TV Set
Specifications: We glad to offer our best qulity product to your, such as furintures, mobie phone TV set,
[Related Categories: Mobile Phones ]
[Related Keywords: Mobile, Phones,, TV, set, Mobile, Phones, set ]
Professional Commercial Treadmill With TV Professional Commercial Treadmill With TV
Specifications: *Professional Commercial Treadmillw/TV *LED number shows: Time, *distance, heat, speed, trouble reason, etc *8 kinds preserve the sport procedure, fully meet the movement demand. *PWM professional electrical machinery control system, has examining by oneself and automatic protection functions *3.5HP of direct current (or alternating current) machines with low noise *The board runs in speciality, thick 25 mm. Buffer the cushion purpose-builtly, shock attenuation is dandy *Speed:0-16km/h *Running belt:508mm(width) *3265mm(perimeter) *The automatic slope regulates range 0-15% *The touching type rhythm of the heart is measured and controlled with the rhythm of the heart *stops the switch promptly set on armrest *Occupy area:2100mm(length)*860mm(width) *Packing:2270mm(length)*940mm(width)*530mm(height) *N. W.153KG *G. W.:173KG *20'/40'/40HQabout:20sets/50sets/55sets
[Related Categories: Fitness & Body Building ]
[Related Keywords: professional, commercial, Treadmill, with, TV, professional, commercial, Treadmill ]
TV Treadmill TV Treadmill
Specifications: It's a treadmill with LCD TV monitor and hundreds of channels are available dependson gym's facility. You know "multi-media concept" is a hot trend in fitness business. Catch the trend and expand your market! Our treadmill is "Once you run, you don'twanna stop!"HegaSoft Other Price Terms: FOB  Incheon Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,CASH
[Related Categories: Fitness & Body Building ]
[Related Keywords: TV, Treadmill, Treadmill ]
TV Dancing Mat TV Dancing Mat
Specifications: Features: - plug&play - plug the dancing mat directly into tv(no other system required), then you can play! - disco music - human voice singing - bulid-in 36 songs of real singing and one game of knock-mouse. - good quality 1 box contains -1 dancing mat - new &improved non slip mat -1 AC adapter -instruction manual Packing: -color box packing -16pcs/CTN -ctn meas.:77.5*32*65 = 0.161cbm -gw:20kg nw:19kg Color box can be customized.
[Related Categories: Fitness & Body Building ]
[Related Keywords: TV, Dancing, mat, Dancing, mat ]
2.0 Motorized Treadmill With TV 2.0 Motorized Treadmill With TV
Specifications: Mi-411 2.0 motorized treadmill with TV function Continuous duty 2.0hp, speed:1-16 km/HR Power front incline:12 position, runningt area:20"x56" Tft-lcd+3 LED,4 speed and 4 incline quick keys 9 preset programs,1 manual,1 hrc, body mass,1 user time, distance, calories, speed, pulse, laps, track, scan With hand pulse With handle bar quick buttons With built in receiver & chest belt With alumi side rail
[Related Categories: Fitness & Body Building ]
[Related Keywords: 2.0, Motorized, Treadmill, with, TV, Motorized, Treadmill ]
TV Game TV Game
Features: 1) Infra-red ray TV game 2) 8-bit TV console game 3) Product dimensions: 18.8 x 12.8 x 3.6cm 4) Accessories: 1 console, 1 laser gun, 2 wireless joysticks, 1 cartridge, 1 AV cable, 1 adapter Remark: 1) Systems: NTSC or PAL-B 2) Different adapters are available (220V / 120V / two plat / round pins) Inner packing: Gift box Outer packing: 20pcs/ctn Carton dimensions: 62 x 41.5 x 53cm N.W.: 15kg G.W.: 16kg Carton volume: 0.136cbm Conveyance: Qty/20' FCL: 4,100pcs Qty/40' HQ: 10,000pcs WEIYE Other Price Terms: FOB Shenzhen Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: 4,000pcs/day
[Related Categories: Games ]
[Related Keywords: TV, game, game ]
Ping Pong TV Game Ping Pong TV Game
Features: 1) Accessories: 2 rackets, 1 infrared receiver, portable gift box 2) Remark: we can make NTSC or PAL-B Inner packing: Gift box Outer packing: 20pcs/ctn Carton dimensions: 57 x 40.5 x 47.5cm N.W.: 12kg G.W.: 13kg Carton volume: 0.11cbm Conveyance: Qty/20' FCL: 5,080pcs Qty/40' HQ: 12,360pcs WEIYE Other Price Terms: FOB Shenzhen Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: 1,000pcs/day
[Related Categories: Games ]
[Related Keywords: Ping, Pong, TV, game, Ping, Pong, game ]
TV Game Player TV Game Player
Features: 1) Dimensions: 57.4 x 37.5 x 38.7cm 2) Good quality Inner Packing: 1pc/display box Outer Packing: 10pcs/ctn WX Other Price Terms: FOB, CIF, CFR Payment Terms: irrevocable L/C at sight
[Related Categories: Games ]
[Related Keywords: TV, game, player, game, player ]
25-In-1 TV Games 25-In-1 TV Games
Features: 1) Ultimate home entertainment system 2) Just plug and play to have fun for TVs 3) Without copyright problem Inner packing: 1pc/window box Outer packing: 48pcs/ctn Carton dimensions: 80 x 45 x 81cm
[Related Categories: Games, Games ]
[Related Keywords: 25-in-1, TV, Games, Games ]
30 in 1 TV Games 30 in 1 TV Games
Features: 1) Ultimate home entertainment system 2) Just plug and play to have fun for TVs 3) Without copyright problem Inner packing: 1pc/opening window box Outer packing: 48pcs/ctn Carton dimensions: 86 x 36 x 53cm
[Related Categories: Games ]
[Related Keywords: 30, in, 1, TV, Games, Games ]
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