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Educational Toy (How To Account) Educational Toy (How To Account)
Features: 1) Made of fabric 2) Safe to babies, washable 3) Assorted designs available 4) Suitable for babies to learn and play
[Related Categories: Educational Toys ]
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Peridot Vs To Vvs Luxture Peridot Vs To Vvs Luxture
Specifications: These are vs to vvs peridot very luxture and parrot green clr. Price:15$/cts Pls contact for the wt of the lot We are paypal member
[Related Categories: Semi-Precious Stones ]
[Related Keywords: Peridot, Vs, TO, Vvs, Luxture, Peridot, Vvs, Luxture ]
Sterling Silver Bead (Save Picture To View Correctly) Sterling Silver Bead (Save Picture To View Correctly)
Specifications: Ashok Exim is based in Jaipur, India. We manufacture jewellery with beads of Sterling Silver (925) and Semi Precious Gem Stones. These beads are also available for sale in an uncombined form. We also manufacture artifacts made of Silver and Semi-Precious Stones. The products that are available with us are: * Necklaces * Bracelets * Earrings * Anklets * Silver Beads * Semi Precious Gem Stone Beads * Silver Artifacts To view the products please visit ashok Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,D/D,CASH,D/P
[Related Categories: Silver & Sterling Silver Jewelry ]
[Related Keywords: Sterling, silver, bead, (Save, Picture, TO, view, Correctly), Sterling, silver, bead, save, Picture, view, correctly ]
16, 18S/2 to 120S/2 Worsted Wool Fabrics 16, 18S/2 to 120S/2 Worsted Wool Fabrics
Specifications: 1) Pure wool 2) Yarn count: 20S/2 - 120S/2 3) Weight: 200 - 450gsm 4) Width: 1.47 - 1.52m 5) Good quality, competitive price and excellent service offered Packing: Single frame straight roll Other Price Terms: FOB Payment Terms: T/T
[Related Categories: Wool Fabrics ]
[Related Keywords: 16,, 18S/2, TO, 120s/2, Worsted, wool, fabrics, 18S/2, 120s/2, Worsted, wool, fabrics ]
Grey Fabrics 200tc To 1200tc Grey Fabrics 200tc To 1200tc
Our average count is no.40/1's & 60/1's combed 100% cotton and we can run all counts ranging from 6/1's to 60/1's. Our fabric width ranges from 36'' to 130''. To maintain consistency in our fabric quality we follow up 5-s house keeping, quality circles & other qc tools. The company is presently manufacturing fabrics ranging from 300 TC to 1200 TC and selling fabrics to big corporate sectors like Bombay dyeing, alok industries, ashima dyecots ltd. Bharat vijay mills ltd. Etc. Our groups production capacity is estimated at 5 million meters per annum approximately. Thanks to theour groups production capacity is estimated at 5 million meters per annum approximately. High quality standards, maximum utilization & continuous supply of yarn to meet our high speed preparatory machines, paramount has emerged as a world class textile showcase for grey fabrics well received and accepted both in the global and local markets. Our preparatory machines are state of art high speed syncro 4 machine with multi cylinder and double sow box giving complete versatility to size coarse and finest delicate construction, up to 24000 ends which makes beams perfect for high level efficiency compared to the commercial preparatory machine on which power looms depend. We have imported japanese leasing machine, which very few mills have because of capital cost. Beams are leased, to prevent cross ends which commonly occur. Warehouse is fully equipped with electronic measuring systems for accuracy of cloth length to 0.001 mm accuracy and fully fledged for both roll and bale packing as the market demands. We follow the American 4 point system in checking which even to date, only a handful of mills in India follow.
[Related Categories: Grey Fabrics ]
[Related Keywords: grey, fabrics, 200tc, TO, 1200tc, grey, fabrics, 200tc, 1200tc ]
Spandex 15D to 2000D Spandex 15D to 2000D
Spandex is a synthetic specialty fiber with the highest stretch worldwide. It is called the "monosodium glutamate" of the textile industry. With only 2 - 5% spandex, common garments can have a very stable size and a comfortable feel of high stretch, good softness and drapability. It can well meet modern people's chase of nature, leisure and random. New Star spandex is well known for its diverse types, complete specifications, even fiber texture and stable quality. It is widely used for various applications in textile industry. New Star Other Price Terms: FOB, CIF, CFR Payment Terms: T/T in advance, L/C at sight Certification(s): ISO9001, TESTEXSupply Ability: 20,000MT/year
[Related Categories: Spandex Fabric ]
[Related Keywords: spandex, 15D, TO, 2000D, spandex, 15D, 2000D ]
Free To Air Satellite Equipment And Support Free To Air Satellite Equipment And Support
Specifications: Free to air cardless receiver, up to 3000 channel capability, no montly programming fees, international programs, dolby audio, ntsc and pal compatibility, legal way to get programming you want Payment Terms: CASHSupply Ability: determined on amount, national supplier
[Related Categories: Others ]
[Related Keywords: free, TO, air, satellite, equipment, and, support, free, air, satellite, equipment, support ]
9xstream 900mhz To Ethernet 9xstream 900mhz To Ethernet
Specifications: Description: The Maxstream 9XStream 900MHz Ethernet RF Modem is MaxStreams longest range, low power wireless OEM module developed for worldwide use, coupled with an Ethernet interface board and mounted in an aluminum enclosure. This radio modem is optimized for mobile applications, allowing MaxStream customers to quickly test, monitor and control their wireless systems through a laptop or PC. Features: Plug and communicate default mode - no configuration required. Range: Indoor 750ft. Outdoor Dipole 3mi. High gain 12mi. True peer to peer network no need to configure a Master radio. Transparent mode supports existing software applications and legacy systems. Addressing capabilities provide for point to point and point-to-multipoint networks. Uses Standard AT commands and or fast binary commands for changing parameters. Retry and acknowledgements of packets provides guaranteed delivery of critical packets in difficult environments. Networking features allow up to 7 independent pairs networks to operate in close proximity. Multiple low power modes including shutdown pin, cyclic sleep and serial port sleep for current consumption as low as 26 A. Host interface is RJ45 10 100M Ethernet. Signal strength register for link quality monitoring and debugging. Source & destination addressing Modbus support DCD support Field upgradeable firmware Includes: Quick start guide, CD,1 2 wave dipole antenna,6 ft Ethernet cable
[Related Categories: Wireless Phone/Radio & System ]
[Related Keywords: 9xstream, 900mhz, TO, Ethernet, 9xstream, 900mhz, Ethernet ]
Wireless Intercom Up To 1000 Channels Wireless Intercom Up To 1000 Channels
Specifications: CORDLESS MASTER SLAVE INTERCOM: You can communicate between master and slaves, but no between slaves. Slaves up to 1000 numbers, Complete secrecy no over hearing Also transfer telephone call with extra cost Ideal for: Multistory Building, House, Hotels, Lodges, Offices, Shops, Hospitals, Banks, Factories, etc. Product Features: Both way communication like a telephone. No "Push and Talk" one way communication like cheapest model wireless intercom Long range (up to 2KM in same Phase only on rural area) Slaves up to 1000 numbers. (If you require more than one slaves, you can purchase extra slave up to 1000 numbers. ) Cordless Operation Easy Installation Works on 230V AC Power Line (in Same Electric Transformer) Frequency Modulated (FM) Technology Different channel and Different Security code High quality electronics circuit (long lasting) Loud and pleasant Ringing Original Ring back tone (no duplicate ring back tone) Both party ring cut off system Rx Tx visual indication Simple Operation (Just plug and talk) Light weight Handset One year Warranty No Mechanical switch (hook switch)
[Related Categories: Wireless Phone/Radio & System ]
[Related Keywords: Wireless, Intercom, up, TO, 1000, channels, Wireless, Intercom, 1000, channels ]
Wifi Client Device Up To 1km Wifi Client Device Up To 1km
Very strong wifi client device (cpe) 802.11g up to 1km This client device can also be programmed by the user as access point or bridge or repeater
[Related Categories: Wireless Networking Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: WIFI, client, device, up, TO, 1km, WIFI, client, device, 1km ]
Wifi Access Point Up To 10km Wifi Access Point Up To 10km
This wifi access point can go up to 10km and can be configure as: Access point or bridge or cpe or repeater.
[Related Categories: Wireless Networking Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: WIFI, access, point, up, TO, 10km, WIFI, access, point, 10km ]
Able To Receive Signals From All Bands (FM, VHF and UHF) Able To Receive Signals From All Bands (FM, VHF and UHF)
Specifications: Several models are available are designed to be compact and easy to use Application: VHF 2-12/UHF 21-69/FM Frequency range: VHF 47-230 MHz/UHF 470-862 MHz Channel: 2-69 Rotary switch: 12 positions Output impedence: 75 Ohm FM/VHF Telescopic rods: 7 sections chrome plate with swivel UHF: 360 degree signal received
[Related Categories: Wireless Networking Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: able, TO, Receive, Signals, from, All, Bands, (FM,, VHF, and, able, Receive, Signals, All, Bands, VHF, UHF ]
FCT Fixe To GSM Gateway FCT Fixe To GSM Gateway
Multicell allows to make GSM calls through a standart telephone or PBX exchange.In practice,PTSN to GSM calls are more expensive than GSM to GSM calls.Muticell enables to make GSM to GSM call through the fix telehones , making about %50 saving.It is possible to send SMS message through Multicell.Multicell is connected to an external line of a PBX (FXO).If the exchange that Multicell is connected has the voice call attendant it is possible to make inward dialing by keying MF tones.
[Related Categories: Wireless Networking Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: FCT, Fixe, TO, Gsm, Gateway, FCT, Fixe, Gsm, Gateway ]
Prodelin Vsat Antenna 0.47 M To 4.5 M & Gabriel Radio Antenna Prodelin Vsat Antenna 0.47 M To 4.5 M & Gabriel Radio Antenna
Specifications: Prodelin corporation(part of general dynamics c4 systems satcom technologies) is the worlds largest manufacturer of rx/tx vsat antennas. Prodelin offers the broadest product line in the industry including receive only, rx/tx and rural telephony antenna systems. Prodelin is the leader in obtaining type approvals and certifications of intelsat, eutelsat, asiasat, etc. Gabriel is the world leader in producing point to multi point, point to point, and spread spectrum antennas.
[Related Categories: RF/Microwave/Wireless Component & Assembly ]
[Related Keywords: Prodelin, Vsat, Antenna, 0.47, M, TO, 4.5, &, Gabriel, Prodelin, Vsat, Antenna, Gabriel, Radio, Antenna ]
Reception Range 54-230 MHz With Reflector To Eradicate Overl Reception Range 54-230 MHz With Reflector To Eradicate Overl
Specifications: Antenna wings are made of A-grade aluminium, enhancing both Gain Rate and Picture Signal Antenna Boom are Anodize coated, preventing the surface from oxidation The matching box is made of quality ABS-plastic and connection parts are featured with rubber seal to prevent moisture danger Durable, safe and easy to install SAMART antenna's are available in a wide variety of models and capabilities SAMART antenna's are awarded with ISO9001:2000 Certificate
[Related Categories: Telecom Parts ]
[Related Keywords: Reception, range, 54-230, MHz, with, reflector, TO, Eradicate, Overl, Reception, range, 230, MHz, reflector, Eradicate, Overl ]
Dtmf To Fsk Adaptor Dtmf To Fsk Adaptor
Specifications: Dtmf to fsk adaptor, match the international standard completely, in keeping with north america nation etc.
[Related Categories: Related Products ]
[Related Keywords: Dtmf, TO, FSK, adaptor, Dtmf, FSK, adaptor ]
PC To Phone Calling Card PC To Phone Calling Card
Specifications: -- support PC to PC and PC to phone interface -- competitive rates -- various face values -- ODM is welcome -- small quantity is welcome -- with billing system -- online top up We are looking for resellers from any country and we offer attractive remunerations to our resellers.Telefirst
[Related Categories: Phone Cards ]
[Related Keywords: PC, TO, Phone, Calling, card, Phone, Calling, card ]
International Cards From Iran To Any Country International Cards From Iran To Any Country
Specifications: We have a limited quantity of telephone cards from iran to any other country at good rates Other Price Terms: FOB  UAE
[Related Categories: Phone Cards ]
[Related Keywords: international, cards, from, Iran, TO, ANY, COUNTRY, international, cards, Iran, ANY, COUNTRY ]
ETalk 5.0 PC To Phone Calling Card ETalk 5.0 PC To Phone Calling Card
Specifications: Specifications: -support PC to phone -competitive rates -various face values (USD10/20/50) or any face values -ODM is welcome -small quantity is welcome -with billing system -wholesales/retailers/agents are welcome
[Related Categories: Phone Cards ]
[Related Keywords: ETalk, 5.0, PC, TO, Phone, Calling, card, ETalk, Phone, Calling, card ]
Provide Solution - No Cost To Make IDD Or DDD Provide Solution - No Cost To Make IDD Or DDD
Specifications: Our revolutional solution can help you - None cost to make IDD or DDD, It's easy You need change nothing, the only change is your money was saved, If you have some interest on our product, please do not hesitate and contact us now. For the more information, please visit our website wait your message.
[Related Categories: Network Communications ]
[Related Keywords: provide, solution, -, NO, cost, TO, make, IDD, or, DDD, provide, solution, cost, make, IDD, DDD ]
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