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360 PC Premium Magnetic Building Sets 360 PC Premium Magnetic Building Sets
Specifications: Description: Intelligence toy made with magnets which provides unlimited ways and funs to play. You can build whatever you want, buildings, math models and molecules etc. The stick color varies. Features: There is a steel bar molded inside the magnetic sticks, which greatly increases the magnetic strength and also makes the stick strong. This is one of the major advantages of our products comparing to other cheaper items. CMS Magnetics Payment Terms: T/T
[Related Categories: Educational Toys ]
[Related Keywords: 360, PC, premium, Magnetic, Building, sets, 360, premium, Magnetic, Building, sets ]
Magnetic PC Notebook Magnetic PC Notebook
Product size: 40 x 30.7 x 6.5cm Packing: 18pcs/ctn Volulme: 0.164cbm Payment Terms: L/C, T/T Certification(s): CE
[Related Categories: Educational Toys ]
[Related Keywords: Magnetic, PC, notebook, Magnetic, notebook ]
AC/ PC lenses AC/ PC lenses
Specifications: Good quality and fast delivery. Verious sizes and coatings. Please contact us for more information.
[Related Categories: Eyeglasses Lenses ]
[Related Keywords: AC/, PC, Lenses, AC/, Lenses ]
Cotton / PC Bleach Yarn Cotton / PC Bleach Yarn
We are one of leading textile waste and open end yarn manufacturer in Indonesia. We produce open end and Dreff yarn with specification as follows: Cotton yarn Ne 0.5s,1s,1.5s (Raw white colour) P/C yarn ne 0.4s,0.5s,1s,1.5s (Raw white colour) TC/Polyester yarn Ne 0.5s,1s,1.5s (White Synthetic). Colour Blend Ne 0.5s,1s,1.5s(Blue blended, red etc) Our products has been exported to many countries like malaysia, canada, india, portugal, greece, south africa and over the world. If you interested with our products please do not hesitate to contact us. Other Price Terms: FOB Surabaya Port Indonesia Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,CASH,D/PSupply Ability: 800 MT/Month
[Related Categories: Yarn ]
[Related Keywords: cotton, /, PC, bleach, yarn, cotton, bleach, yarn ]
Oe Recycle Yarn Pc Oe Recycle Yarn Pc
Specifications: We are the completest and biggest oe yarn recycle spinning in indonesia, and we would like to offer you: Oe yarn recycle pc charcoal for knitting gloves and weaving towels. That's our best seller and we have it in b and b+ grade. We already export it into more than 14 countries all over the world with competitive price.
[Related Categories: Yarn ]
[Related Keywords: OE, recycle, yarn, PC, recycle, yarn ]
100% Cotton / PC Carded And Combed Yarn 100% Cotton / PC Carded And Combed Yarn
Specifications: It is our pleasure to inform you that we are in the position to Supply the following: 100% cotton caded and comed yarn ne 16/1,20/1,24/1,28/1,30/1,36/1 and 40/1 100% polyester yarn ne 16/1,20/1,24/1,28/1,30/1,36/1 and 40/1 P/c 48:52,52:48 or 50:50% ne 16/1,20/1,24/1,28/1,30/1,36/1 and 40/1 and cvc yarn P/v yarn ne 16/1,20/1,24/1,28/1,30/1,36/1 and 40/1
[Related Categories: Yarn ]
[Related Keywords: 100%, cotton, /, PC, Carded, and, Combed, yarn, 100, cotton, Carded, Combed, yarn ]
Oe Recycle Yarn Pc Colors Oe Recycle Yarn Pc Colors
Specifications: We are the biggest oe yarn recycle spinning in indonesia, and we would like to offer you: 1. Oe yarn recycle pc, for knitting gloves in raw white, bleach and colors. We have many beautiful colors with the qualification of band b+ grade. We already export it into more than 14 countries all over the world with competitive price. I hope we can work hand in hand to fullfil the need, please feel free to send us any enquiries. I'm looking forward to hear from you very soon.
[Related Categories: Yarn ]
[Related Keywords: OE, recycle, yarn, PC, colors, recycle, yarn, colors ]
PC Sheet (Polycarbonate) PC Sheet (Polycarbonate)
Features: 1) Stable and durable 2) High weather resistance 3) Ideal for decorating and marking 4) Can meet individual requirements 5) Variety of colors, sizes and thickness Inner packing: Thickness: 1.0-10.0mm Outer packing: Protective paper Weihao Other Price Terms: FOB or C&F, CIF price Payment Terms: T/T or L/C at sight
[Related Categories: Polyester Fabric ]
[Related Keywords: PC, sheet, (Polycarbonate), sheet, polycarbonate ]
PC Satin Metallic Fabric PC Satin Metallic Fabric
Features: 1) With metallic yarn in weft 2) With memory function 3) Used for fashion clothes, functional apparels and leisure clothes FLYING Other Price Terms: CIF, FOB, CFR Payment Terms: T/T, L/CSupply Ability: 150,000m/month
[Related Categories: Metallized Fabric ]
[Related Keywords: PC, satin, metallic, fabric, satin, metallic, fabric ]
O2 Unlocked Mda Ii(Xda Ii) Pocket PC Phone O2 Unlocked Mda Ii(Xda Ii) Pocket PC Phone
Specifications: Details: Modes GSM 900 / GSM 1800 / GSM 1900 Weight 6.53 oz (185g) Dimensions 5.12 x 2.76 x 0.75 (130mm x 70mm x 19mm) Form Factor Bar Internal Antenna Battery Life Talk: 3.50 hours Standby: 130 hours (5.4 days) Battery Type LiPolymer 1200 mAh Display Type: LCD (Color) Size: 240x320 pixels transflective TFT / 64,000 colors Platform / OS Windows Mobile for Pocket PCs 2003 version Phone Book Capacity shared memory FCC ID NM8HIMALAYAS (Approved Oct 7, 2003) Features Alarm Yes Bluetooth Yes Calculator Yes Calendar Pocket Outlook Camera Type: Built-In - Video Clips VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels) Custom Graphics Yes Custom Ringtones supports WAV format ringtones Data-Capable Yes E-Mail Client Yes Expansion Card Card Type: MultiMediaCard (MMC) / Secure Digital (SD) supports SDIO Games Yes Headset Jack (2.5 mm) Yes High-Speed Data Technology: GPRS class 10 Infrared (IR) Yes Integrated PDA 400 MHz Intel XScale processor MMS Yes MP3 Playback Windows Media Player Multiple Numbers per Name Yes PC Sync Microsoft ActiveSync Polyphonic Ringtones Chords: 16 Side Keys Yes Speaker Phone Yes Streaming Multimedia Windows Media Player Text Messaging 2-Way: Yes To-Do List Yes Touch Screen with handwriting recognition USB Yes Vibrate Yes Voice Memo Yes Wireless Internet Browser Software: Pocket Internet ExplorerO2 UNLOCKED MDA II (XDA II) Pocket PC Ph Other Price Terms: FOB  550 Payment Terms: T/T Certification(s): CQN-WRT-INA-XDAII-WATERSTONESSupply Ability: 20000
[Related Categories: Others ]
[Related Keywords: O2, unlocked, MDA, Ii(Xda, II), pocket, PC, Phone, unlocked, MDA, Xda, pocket, Phone ]
802.11b Wireless Cardbus PC Card 802.11b Wireless Cardbus PC Card
Specifications: INTRODUCTION The 802.11b Wireless 32bit CardBus PC Card is a device that lets you connect yournotebook to a wireless local area network (LAN). A wireless LAN is like a regularLAN, except that you can share information without looking for a place to plugin, and augment networks without installing or moving wires. Based on radio frequency (RF) technology, a wireless LAN transmits and receives dataover the air, along with the guarantee to provide privacy and noninterference by the use of separateradio frequency. Payment Terms: T/T Certification(s): CE, FCC
[Related Categories: Others ]
[Related Keywords: 802.11b, Wireless, CardBus, PC, card, 802, 11b, Wireless, CardBus, card ]
22Mbps Wireless PC Card 22Mbps Wireless PC Card
Specifications: Product Overview The 22Mbps Wireless PC Card is an improved 802.11b CardBus network adapter featuringPBCC modulation. It provides quick and easy-to-use wireless networking and isfully compatible with the IEEE 802.11b standard. Compared to existing 11Mbps products,it offers twice the transmission speed, greater range, and better areacoverage. By using Packet Binary Convolution Coding (PBCC) modulation with 256-bitWEP encryption, users receive enhanced performance and security. When connectedto standard 11Mbps 802.11b devices, data transfer rates can be up to 20% higher. Key Features and Benefits Industrial IEEE 802.11b Standard Compliant .Fully interoperable with existing 802.11b devices .No changes to the existing network and no additional cost for enjoying faster speed .Auto fallback data rate 22/11/5.5/2/1 Mbps for longer distances 22Mbps Transmission Speed .Provides up to a 20% performance increase on regular 802.11b 11Mbps networks .Greater performance can be achieved when the PBCC modulation option is enabled .Transmission speed is up to 22Mbps - twice that of most wireless products .Superior receiving sensitivity enhances weak data signal pickup at longer distances Longer Range and Coverage .Additional 30% range improvement versus competitive CCK-only solutions .Enables generous broadband coverage from a single access point .Better area coverage than conventional 11Mbps wireless products Easy Installation and Seamless Roaming .User-friendly interface and step-by-step instructions make the 22Mbps Wireless PCCard quick and easy to install. .Roam freely from Access Point to Access Point with uninterrupted network connectivity. Secure Transmissions and Site Survey Tool .256-bit WEP encryption: Advanced wireless security for stronger privacy protection .Site Survey Tool: Scans for and displays access points by Domain Access Name andMAC Address ID. Shows WEP status and signal quality. Product Spec Standards Compliance IEEE 802.11b, Wi-Fi compliant RF Spread Scheme Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) Frequency Band 2.4GHz Data Rate 22Mbps with auto fallback to 11,5.5, 2, and 1 Mbps Modulation Type 22Mbps PBCC, CCK, BPSK, QFSK RF Frequency Range Japan: 2471MHz ~ 2497MHz North America, Europe & Extended Japan Band: 2400 MHz~2483.5MHz Spain: 2445 MHz ~2475 MHz France: 2446.5MHz ~ 2483.5 MHz Transmitter RF Output Power: 15 dBm (typical) Frequency stability: Within ?25ppm Receiver Sensitivity: -82 dBm (Typical) 11Mbps @ 25?°C ?5?°C Antenna Type Diversity patch antenna Interface Type PC CardBus Type II Security 64 / 128 / 256-bit WEP encryption
[Related Categories: Others ]
[Related Keywords: 22Mbps, Wireless, PC, card, 22Mbps, Wireless, card ]
Cisco Aironet 802.11b PC Card With Dual MMCX Connectors Cisco Aironet 802.11b PC Card With Dual MMCX Connectors
Specifications: Wireless client adapters are the key to adding mobility and flexibility to an enterprise - increasing productivity by enabling users to have network and Internet access anywhere within a building without the limitation of wires. The Cisco Aironet 350 Series Client Adapters are a complement to Aironet 350 Series infrastructure devices, providing an enterprise-ready solution that combines mobility with the performance, security, and manageability that people have come to expect from Cisco. Wireless client adapters connect a variety of devices to a wireless network either in ad hoc peer-to-peer mode or in infrastructure mode with APs. Available in PC Card (PCMCIA) and Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) form factors, Cisco Aironet 350 Series Client Adapters quickly connect desktop and mobile computing devices wirelessly to all network resources. With this product, you can instantly add new employees to the network, support temporary workgroups, or enable Internet access in conference rooms or other meeting spaces. AIR-LMC352 features two MMCX connectors (antennas are optional, they are not supplied with the units).Cisco Other Price Terms: FOB  New Jersey Payment Terms: T/T,CASH Certification(s): New original - Sealed box MFG warrantySupply Ability: 60
[Related Categories: Wireless Networking Equipment ]
[Related Keywords: Cisco, Aironet, 802.11b, PC, card, with, dual, MMCX, connectors, Cisco, Aironet, 802, 11b, card, dual, MMCX, connectors ]
Hp IPAQ Pocket PC H4100 Series Hp IPAQ Pocket PC H4100 Series
Specifications: Technical data Integrated wireless : Integrated WLAN 802.11b, Bluetooth, IrDA Operating system: Powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 Premium software for Pocket PC Pocket versions of Microsoft software are included (Outlook, Word, Excel and Internet Explorer for Pocket PC) Processor: 400 MHz Intel Xscale technology-based processor Display: 3.5 transflective TFT display with 64K colors Memory: 64-MB SDRAM, 32-MB Flash ROM Memory (55- MB user accessible)(Up to 2.8-MB iPAQ File Store (varies by SKU)) Dimensions: 4.47 in x 2.78 in x 0.5 inches (113.6 mm x 70.6 mm x 13.5 mm) Weight: 4.67 oz (132 g) Interfaces/Notification Systems: Alarms: Solid amber LED (right) - battery in unit fully charged , Flashing amber LED (right) - battery in unit is charging, Flashing green LED (right) - event alarm/notification, Flashing green LED (left) - WLAN active, Flashing blue LED (left) - Bluetooth active; Notification: Sound and message on the display Battery: Battery - Removable/Rechargeable 1000 mAh Lithium-lon user swappable battery. Optional extended 1800 mAh Lithium-lon battery available for purchase. AC Power: AC Input: 100~240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, AC Input current: 0.2 Aac max; Output Voltage: 5Vdc (typical), Output Current: 2A (typical) Expansion: Integrated SD slot - Supports SD/MMC type standard, SDIO ready Audio: Microphone, speaker, one 3.5 mm headphone jack, MP3 stereo (through audio jack) HP exclusive applications: Bluetooth Manager; iPAQ File Store: non-volatile storage in flash ROM (not available in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean versions); iPAQ Backup: utility for Backup/Restore to Main Memory, Memory Card or iPAQ File Store; iPAQ iTask Manager: access and launch programs easily; iPAQ Image Zone: view images and create slide shows; Utilities: Self Test, iPAQ Audio, Power Status Ergonomic design features: Instant-on/off and Backlight Power button, 5-Way Navigation button, Touch-sensitive display for stylus, Built-in speaker and microphone, Record button, 4 programmable application launch buttons - Calendar, Contacts, Inbox, iTask What's in the box: HP iPAQ Pocket PC h4155 series unit, USB Desktop cradle/charger, AC Adapter, Slip cover, stylus, battery, Getting Started poster, charger adapter, and HP iPAQ Pocket PC Companion CD
[Related Categories: Related Products ]
[Related Keywords: HP, Ipaq, pocket, PC, H4100, series, Ipaq, pocket, H4100, series ]
PC To Phone Calling Card PC To Phone Calling Card
Specifications: -- support PC to PC and PC to phone interface -- competitive rates -- various face values -- ODM is welcome -- small quantity is welcome -- with billing system -- online top up We are looking for resellers from any country and we offer attractive remunerations to our resellers.Telefirst
[Related Categories: Phone Cards ]
[Related Keywords: PC, TO, Phone, Calling, card, Phone, Calling, card ]
ETalk 5.0 PC To Phone Calling Card ETalk 5.0 PC To Phone Calling Card
Specifications: Specifications: -support PC to phone -competitive rates -various face values (USD10/20/50) or any face values -ODM is welcome -small quantity is welcome -with billing system -wholesales/retailers/agents are welcome
[Related Categories: Phone Cards ]
[Related Keywords: ETalk, 5.0, PC, TO, Phone, Calling, card, ETalk, Phone, Calling, card ]
None PC Base VOIP Phone None PC Base VOIP Phone
Specifications: NICSTEL 2080 is one of best and easiest Voice over Internet Protocol base telephony device for new age communication. Features: Supported Protocol: H.323/SIP/MGCP Voice Codec: G.711a/G.711/G.723.1/G.729 Call transfer, Call holding, Voice message Network: Static, DHCP, PPPoE Specification: Protocol:H.323ver.4(ITU)/ SIP(RFC3261) / MGCP(RFC 3435) Codec:G.711a/G.711/G.723.1/G.729 Port:1 LAN Interface(RJ 45) & 1 Console Network Port:10/100M Base-T Internet :Broadband Connection (ADSL /Cable Modem/ Leased line etc.) Virtual IP:Support for SIP Proxy/STUN Management:Web browse/telnet/Keypad/Software tools Communication:PSTN to IP, IP to PSTN & IP to IP Auto IP :Auto IP assigned by DHCP QoS: Dynamic Voice Administration (VAD) Comfort Noise Generation (CNG) Echo Cancellation( EC) Power Supply:DC 9V-12V power: 2.7W (max.) Power Adapter:Input AC 220V, output DC 9V-12V Dimensions:20mmx18mmx4mm Function & Characteristic: Phone book with 100 numbers Fast dial Call transfer and call holding Volume adjusted conveniently Full-duplex and freehand IP to IP Communication High fidelity and low delay of network voice communication LCD screen background display Self-IP and self-number lookup Un-answered call,received call and dialed call query Included time display of each time zone.
[Related Categories: Network Communications ]
[Related Keywords: none, PC, base, VoIP, Phone, none, base, VoIP, Phone ]
PC Based Paging System PC Based Paging System
Introduction: 1) PC LAN paging system operates on Windows based platforms and has wide functionality including signal paging, group paging, and time paging for service, security, maintenance or fire alerts. Time paging can pre-set messaging and reminders of regular maintenance and other tasks whether daily, monthly, or annually 2) Any user can edit his message (English, Chinese, numeric text) and send to some one (or ones) from any networked computer which installed paging software. The system has a function allow users to customize their own common phrases, thus avoid typing the same text again and again later 3) The system allows the instant transmission and receiving of urgent of specific instructions, let you fully contact with your staff wherever they are System components: 1) HY-3500 host 2) Paging software 3) 5W, 25W or 100W transmitter 4) Numeric pager 5) Alphanumeric pager System features: 1) Single paging 2) Group paging 3) Common phrase setting 4) Comprehensive task manager module 5) Full message logging and reporting 6) Contact list 7) Administrator password restrictions 8) Supports up to 9999 alphanumeric pagers System benefits: 1) Instant communication: messages delivered immediately 2) Increased productivity: get more accomplished instead of searching for coworkers 3) Descriptive messaging: be specific with messaging 4) Professional atmosphere: silent messaging 5) Low communication cost: once instrument investment, no other cost later MMCall Other Price Terms: FOB Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: 800 sets/month
[Related Categories: Network Communications ]
[Related Keywords: PC, based, Paging, System, based, Paging, System ]
PC Software Phone PC Software Phone
Specifications: PC software phone with rm 100 (usd 27) air time pin number. Call to any one, any where through internet. Easy setting up, no configuration - just buy airtime. Min qty order (usd 27 x 200) = USD 5400 Benefit: 1. Start your own VOIP company selling online. 2. Print your custom own prepaid-card with own name, your own brand 3. Sell or award to your loyal customer as loyalty program gift. International call rate (in ringgit Malaysia about 1usd-rm3.8) Call to country: Singapore------------->rm0.05 Malaysia--------------->rm0.13 Australia--------------->rm0.12 New zealand---------->rm0.13 Usa-------------------->rm0.08 Uk---------------------->rm0.09 China------------------->rm0.09 Hong kong------------->rm0.09 Taiwan----------------->rm0.10 Netherlands------------>rm0.10 Germany -------------->rm0.09 France------------------>rm0.10 Ireland----------------->rm0.10 Italy-------------------->rm0.10 Tt in advance or western union Delivery fax or email FOB Malaysia PC2phone Payment Terms: T/TSupply Ability: unlimited
[Related Categories: Network Communications ]
[Related Keywords: PC, Software, Phone, Software, Phone ]
Make Skype Calls Without A PC Make Skype Calls Without A PC
Specifications: Make Skype calls wirelessly. No PC required, just a wireless point to activate the phone. Wi-Fi WLAN VOIP Wi-Fi phone, compatible with IEEE 802.11b wireless standard, is a perfect solution for Voice over IP applications. It allows users to make or receive phone calls as long as they are in the coverage of IEEE 802.11b or 11g wireless Access Points. By using the WLAN, users no longer have to pay expensive communication fees and can enjoy the convenience of wireless mobility. The brand new application is developed to support open standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), which interoperates with major SIP-based call servers, IP-PBXs and various VOIP client devices. It is not only an ideal alternative for ITSPs (IP Telephony Service Providers) to deploy their VOIP services; it can also be the wireless handset, which is applied in corporate IP-PBX centric VOIP environment. Interestingly, it allows users to configure with LCD screen menu or web browser. Meanwhile, with the smart auto-provisioning mechanism, ITSPs can easily deploy and manage the VOIP services. Easy-to-use and convenient, the WLAN delivers high quality voice functionality in a cost-effective way. Works with Skype and other web based VOIP software services Order now from Nissi Bulk discount available!
[Related Categories: Network Communications ]
[Related Keywords: make, skype, Calls, without, a, PC, make, skype, Calls ]
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