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Frozen Kiwi Frozen Kiwi
Features: 1) Color: bright green 2) Flavor: original 3) Size: dice: 8 x 8 x 8mm, 10 x 10 x 10mm, 12 x 12 x 12mm, and 15 x 5 x 15mm 4) Nutrition content as following: a) Soluble solid: >19.6% b) Content of acid: 150mg/100g d) Heavy metal: As
[Related Categories: Frozen & Dried Fruit ]
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Kiwi Fuit Kiwi Fuit
Specifications: The production include slice and dices. The spcification of the slice is Dia.4-6cm, thickness 6-8mm. The dices is 10x10mm.
[Related Categories: Frozen & Dried Fruit ]
[Related Keywords: Kiwi, Fuit ]
IQF Kiwi IQF Kiwi
Specifications: IQF kiwi slices, dices
[Related Categories: Frozen & Dried Fruit ]
[Related Keywords: IQF, Kiwi ]
IQF KIWI Fruit Slices IQF KIWI Fruit Slices
Specifications: Our frozen factory in shanxi will start produce IQF kwiw fruit like following: Color: green or yellow Specificatin: whole or slices Qualtiy: Peeled, Packing:1x10kg Quantity:1000mt Please contac for more
[Related Categories: Frozen & Dried Fruit ]
[Related Keywords: IQF, Kiwi, fruit, Slices ]
Dried Kiwi Fruits Dried Kiwi Fruits
Specifications: We export original Chinese grade A kiwi fruit, dried kiwi fruit and other fruits at large quantity. Please feel free to contact us for detailed information. You may send email to exporter at
[Related Categories: Frozen & Dried Fruit ]
[Related Keywords: dried, Kiwi, fruits ]
Kiwi Plant Kiwi Plant
Specifications: We deal in imported kiwi plant.... Our plant of kiwi is of world class.. We sell kiwi plant at very competative prices......... We generally deal in bulk order...
[Related Categories: Flowers & Plant ]
[Related Keywords: Kiwi, plant ]
Chick Peas, Kiwi Fruit Chick Peas, Kiwi Fruit
Specifications: We are exporting iranian goods like chick peas, green moong beans, red lentil. We are also owner of kiwi fruit gardens&exporter fresh kiwifruit. We can supply jute productes such as hessian cloth, twill cloth, jute bags, jute yarn, raw jute and we can supply you coconut powder, black tea and rice. Also we can supply other iranan products.
[Related Categories: Beans ]
[Related Keywords: Chick, Peas,, Kiwi, fruit ]
Kiwi Fruits Kiwi Fruits
Specifications: Per year we produce 70 to 80 tons of Kiwi fruits Hayward variety.Z. GOULA Other Price Terms: FOB  Igoumenitsa Payment Terms: CASH
[Related Categories: Agriculture Product Stocks ]
[Related Keywords: Kiwi, fruits ]
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